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2012-11-24 01:22 6003472 Anonymous (Fluttershy Crying.png 994x559 480kB)
Why is it that none of the fillies in the show have cried, whereas the adults (including 2 princesses) have nearly all cried at least once? Are they trying to teach children that they shouldn't cry or something?

5 min later 6003560 Anonymous (1331956074175.png 346x348 159kB)

7 min later 6003594 Anonymous (vlcsnap-246150.png 1280x720 895kB)

7 min later 6003599 Anonymous (1206667649.jpg 1563x936 241kB)

8 min later 6003615 Mohammed Al Zawhar Bin Fishwrap
Or that adults can be just as emotional and hysterical as children given the opportunity. This is good lesson. Most adults are just big children with back problems and sciatica.

8 min later 6003621 Anonymous (142542__UNOPT__.png 500x711 93kB)
Sweetie teared up during Sisterhooves Social.

10 min later 6003649 Anonymous
>>6003472 Because adults cry too? If anything, adults have more things in their lives that have the potential to upset them.

13 min later 6003684 Anonymous
This just proves that children do not have souls.

15 min later 6003705 Anonymous (9387c3.jpg 1563x936 215kB)
Technically a filly at this point.

16 min later 6003716 Anonymous (angel tells the best jokes.gif 1200x720 627kB)

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24 min later 6003792 Anonymous (Rarity_lay_down_crying_S2E3.png 1366x768 536kB)

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28 min later 6003839 Anonymous (vlcsnap-323016.png 1280x720 766kB)

29 min later 6003847 Anonymous
>>6003472 Fillies = female ponies Little Fillies = female pony children

32 min later 6003903 Anonymous
>>6003847 Actually, mare=female horse/pony filly=young female horse/pony

33 min later 6003912 Anonymous
>>6003847 what, no. female ponies are mares young ones are fillies

39 min later 6003988 Anonymous (1353157913971.jpg 838x464 111kB)

3 hours later 6006419 Anonymous
>>6003472 They feel like crying.

3 hours later 6006617 Anonymous
Aaaand there we go.

3 hours later 6006828 Anonymous
Sweetie cried about 5 minutes ago

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