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2012-11-24 01:18 6003424 Anonymous (MLP-FIM[1].jpg 813x606 96kB)
Applejack is on steroids Twilight Sparkle is on Adderall / Ritalin Rarity is on cocaine Fluttershy is on shrooms Rainbow Dash is on Speed Spike is on weed Princess Celestia is on LSD

0 min later 6003437 Anonymous (132926284015[1].jpg 307x307 63kB)
Pinkie pie is on Ecstasy

2 min later 6003453 Anonymous
it makes so much sense right now

3 min later 6003480 Anonymous (cmc.png 864x415 399kB)
The CMC sniff glue

4 min later 6003483 Anonymous
The zebras are smoking rock. Obviously.

4 min later 6003488 Anonymous (mlfw1830-YyGgp.gif 600x338 129kB)
>>6003424 >>6003437 Rarity - Xanax/Muscle relaxers Applejack - Alcohol/Weed Rainbow dash - Alcohol/Steroids Pinkie pie - Cocaine/Ecstasy Twilight Sparkle - Adderall/Weed Fluttershy - Weed/Shrooms

5 min later 6003501 Anonymous
Shining Armor is on heroine , ofc

8 min later 6003547 Anonymous (3304a1292387371.gif 120x120 181kB)
>>6003480 They are children, get with the times pops, realistically, if they are to be compared with children today.. the CMC would be taking large quantities of motion sickness pills.

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