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2012-11-19 07:38 5872543 Anonymous (mlfw4279-pinkie-friendship-goes-where.png 720x720 235kB)
Holy shit that thread got deleted when i revealed this piece of information >You know what..that makes me think....what if....what if moot actually watches /mlp/ but either a) hes the ponychan type of brony b)he cant admit it because 4chan stability would go fucknuts everybody would be hating everybody, nobody ever listens to moot, and a great war happens on the internet or C) hes teling the truth and dislikes us

3 min later 5872616 Anonymous
Or this; >>>/q/290843

3 min later 5872623 Anonymous
Let's face it, we're the Discord of 4chan. Why not embrace it? They can't take us out as much as they'd like to. He's nuts if he think clop's going away.

4 min later 5872652 Anonymous
this motherfucker stole my comment >>>/q/290901

5 min later 5872672 Anonymous
>>5872616 what a faggot

6 min later 5872679 Anonymous
>>5872623 No we're more like the Chrysalis of 4chan.

6 min later 5872680 Anonymous
>>5872672 A furfaggot

8 min later 5872736 Anonymous
>>5872652 i dont know if feel flattered or fucking insulted

9 min later 5872749 Anonymous
>>5872736 Probably flattered. At least it garnered a response from mootykins.

9 min later 5872752 Anonymous
>>5872679 i like being discord better, you know because of the discord we cause? can we retake the topic we where having last time?

10 min later 5872769 Anonymous
>>5872736 You should feel bad because it was a bad comment. You basically asked moot if he can make a /clop/ board.

10 min later 5872781 Anonymous (eat a dick.gif 805x444 774kB)
Hours of arguing, to just be 404'ed by Moot himself without even reading it. Screw this, I'm going to bed. Pic related, it's how I'm feeling towards Moot right about now.

14 min later 5872844 Anonymous
>>5872781 I'm pretty happy he didn't read it. It was just a bunch of furries asking for this to become their next porn board inadvertently. He doesn't need 100+ posts of furries saying they hate him and they want to post more porn and not get it deleted because they can't spoiler shit.

15 min later 5872856 Anonymous (WTFAMIREADING2.png 480x360 109kB)
>embracing clop on 4chan. You guys. You guys x1000000000

15 min later 5872868 Anonymous
>>5872769 well i didnt wanted moot to see that so it wasnt my fault, my comment was correct though, using logic and shit, i kinda agree now with >>5872749 >>5872781 well, he is kinda angry, i mean, we ARE breaking his rules and thats what pissess him off, and of course, there are all those guys begging for mlp being NSFW in the Q&A and thats not helping, hell he can even remove /mlp/ from his anger

17 min later 5872895 Anonymous
>>5872844 again with this shit..calling this guys furries...i dont agree with them, but still, i have no problem with porn existing, if /MLP/ was NSFW i wouldnt give 2 shits! the only people who care are inmature faggots that cant filter or hide, or at least grow a couple of balls and Moot, that is just mad because we are disobeying him

18 min later 5872908 Spaghetti remains undropped.
I still have the thread open. I could screencap it all. All for you guys. Although the spoilers would still be unreadable. Should I do it?

19 min later 5872939 Anonymous
I better leave, i dont want moot to be pissed off, and erase /mlp/ that would make everyone so happy, and us so sad dont lie to yourselves faggots, you know thats true lets all agree with moot, and continue the board as it is

19 min later 5872952 Anonymous
>>5872908 why dont you screen cap the archive?

20 min later 5872954 Anonymous (1352339266743.jpg 554x536 58kB)
>>5872895 >the only people who care are inmature faggots that cant filter or hide, or at least grow a couple of balls

21 min later 5872980 Spaghetti remains undropped. (1352501891440.gif 500x275 459kB)
>>5872952 Because I can't into archive.

23 min later 5873031 Anonymous
>>5872980 dont you use 4chanx? send me the link of the thread if you want me to send you to the archive >>5872954 Yes, why?

24 min later 5873054 Anonymous (pissed.png 550x400 114kB)
>>5872895 wow. I can only ignore things so much. THERES TOO MUCH PORN, STOP IT

26 min later 5873114 Anonymous
>>5873031 Okay. Number one making the board nsfw would open the floodgates to more porn than we have already meaning any real thread would be flooded by porn. There's so many other places for porn that it has no point being here when the point of /mlp/ is discussion, not fap material. Hiding threads doesn't solve anything because I shouldn't have to hide half the fucking board ever time I want to talk about something.

27 min later 5873123 Spaghetti remains undropped.
>>5873075 https://boards . 4chan .]/spoiler]org/mlp/res/5870275 Sorry. Just get rid of the spaces.

27 min later 5873147 Anonymous
>>5872895 >if /MLP/ was NSFW i wouldnt give 2 shits! I would. The porn is a total 180 from what makes the the show appealing to begin with. Watching the show makes me forget that the world is a fucked up place full of death and deviancy. And the porn just ruins that.

28 min later 5873162 Anonymous
>>5873147 >>>/ponychan/

28 min later 5873165 Anonymous
I personally don't mind pony porn, but I have to agree that allowing it on /mlp/ would shit up the board. Porn dumps should be banned. NSFW that isn't porn could stay if it isn't all too spammy or cancerous. I still don't like moot's policy on 4chan Cup threads.

29 min later 5873172 Anonymous
>>5873162 >le buzzwords

29 min later 5873175 Anonymous (1336028047581.gif 400x360 1090kB)
"So from all this I have discerned that the only people who would want this place to become NSFW are furries because they would be the only ones to benefit from this." I'll post this as many times as I need to.

32 min later 5873230 Anonymous
http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/5870275#p5870275 heres the archive, sorry, i was on the Q&A lurking

32 min later 5873237 Anonymous (1342508611696.png 951x841 242kB)
Also I have derived from most of /mlp/ that a common defense mechanism is that if someone disagrees with you you call them autistic, a faggot, tell them to go to ponychan or all three rather than an actual response.

34 min later 5873263 Anonymous
>>5873172 >le >not knowing what a buzzeord is

35 min later 5873279 Anonymous (PostInCaseOfPornDiscussion.png 1897x488 100kB)
>>5873237 >>5873175 This fag knows a thing or two... Also, posting this over again to reinforce...

36 min later 5873295 Anonymous (1352563300913s.jpg 250x250 8kB)
>>5873263 Ponychan is a buzzword on /mlp/. I know because of my learnings

36 min later 5873296 Anonymous
>>5873263 >Implying I'm not using le mockingly >implying the people here use the word ponychan doesn't fall under the category of buzzword.

36 min later 5873298 Anonymous (1339511445742.jpg 777x666 174kB)
>>5873237 It's what most people do.

36 min later 5873302 Anonymous
>>5873175 you are still a faggot...may be right, you have a point. >>5873237 i think calling people >>>ponychan is when you discover they really dont belong here, i didnt say >>5873162 though. meh, maybe if the porn stayed in one thread..but....its harder than that i think...i still dont care about the porn, i see it, i dont care, i continue lurking, why cant you do that? are you as a pussy as mister >>5873147

37 min later 5873312 Anonymous
>>5873165 Yes. The 4chan Cup bullcrap needs to go post-haste. Of course, it's a /sp/ thing, and you know how much power that board has on 4chan.

37 min later 5873313 Anonymous
I want to have actual content on my /mlp/. Not just porn dumps over and over again.

39 min later 5873343 Anonymous
>>5873302 Disregard that..you know what? the porn will be here you want it or not..its not on my control, and i dont care, so i will be happy, you will be suffering for nothing, you will report, you will be mad, but what good is that doing to you? im leaving, thanks for everything. Good night

39 min later 5873352 Anonymous
>>5873312 the fucking cup is awesome...what the fuck are you talking about

41 min later 5873375 Anonymous
>>5873312 The 4chan Cup was one of the things that tied all of 4chan together. I loved to read about other boards' cultures. Escpecially /mlp/'s wiki page was a nice and fun read.

43 min later 5873419 Anonymous (1353093572053.png 552x467 295kB)
>>5873302 >>5873343 It doesn't bother me right now, one or 2 threads are easy to hide. If i see it randomly I scroll past it. I am fine with /mlp/ the way it is. I appreciate when it's under spoilers. I never report it, I don't care. I just don't want to have to hide 4 pages because you want want a my little pony porn forum.

46 min later 5873449 Anonymous
>>5873419 nothing would change...i swear /mlp/ will never change, because its not the label SFW that makes us who we are, the people posting here knows what they want, yes, we may have a couple of porn threads, but there is a shit ton of variety, sometimes theres even a thread worthy of gods. /mlp/ will never change never change /mlp/ remember, you must always cum inside thank you, now seriously for real, good night.

48 min later 5873495 Anonymous (1352243673966.jpg 358x500 26kB)
>>5873449 That was fucking retarded . You're little romanticized bullshit ain't gonna change the rules.

54 min later 5873576 Anonymous
>>5873495 >implying the rules are going to change /mlp/ And really, that's about all there is to it. This board's never going to be officially NSFW, but moderation will never make it completely SFW by a long shot.

55 min later 5873597 Anonymous (1336017365748.jpg 340x382 24kB)
>>5873449 Your argument is contradictory. If you don't want /mlp/ to change, you promise it not to change, and you ask for it not to change, why are you supporting the idea of change? You might just be having trouble though because you are obviously tired. Maybe we can revisit this in the future when you are more capable. Until then, good night.

57 min later 5873622 Anonymous
>>5873419 Same here, I do what Moot told us to do and IGNORE IT it's not a problem at all, it's just a few threads a day Porn shitposting needs to be banned yes, but a few clop threads aren't worth getting into a shitfit over It's like the /b/read fiasco all over again, but cloppers aren't going to give up as easily

57 min later 5873624 Anonymous
>>5873162 I'd prefer /co/

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