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2013-12-11 05:22 4358628 Anonymous (1476150_705079409511135_1314984830_n[1].png 450x450 125kB)
Tesla telling it how it is

1 min later 4358632 Anonymous
So when that prick broke into my house and stole my tv, he was displaying intelligence? Right.

3 min later 4358634 Anonymous
tesla was a worthless autist who happenes to be very good at electrical engineering

4 min later 4358635 HashtagSLAF
>>4358632 Yes. You had what he needed, so he took it without having to pay money. Also Anti-social behaviour is a moral panic caused by the powerful in an attempt to keep down the proletariat. #yearonecriminology.

4 min later 4358636 Anonymous
>>4358632 Tesla stole your TV, dude?

4 min later 4358639 Anonymous
>>4358632 >tv consumerist conformist detected you should thank your thief

4 min later 4358640 Anonymous
>>4358632 the man that stole your tv managed to obtain a television which he would have had to work at least a few weeks in order to afford. instead, he let you do the work, choose the television, order it and pay for it. seems like he did a bit better than you, m8.

5 min later 4358641 Anonymous
>anti social idiot doesn't understand the difference between criminal behaviour and a-social behaviour otherwise he's right

6 min later 4358647 Anonymous
May be true. But in the end, what does it matter? Your success in life/knowledge will mean nothing once you die. All you can do is enjoy the time you have- which for me, mean have lots social behavior/sex.

6 min later 4358648 Anonymous
wrong antisocial behaviour is a personality disorder

7 min later 4358651 Anonymous
>>4358648 upon hearing these, tesla was visibly shaken

8 min later 4358652 Anonymous
>>4358641 “Crime does not exist. Only acts exist, acts often given different meanings within various social frameworks." Nils Christie

9 min later 4358653 Anonymous
>>4358648 diagnosed by people with social behaviour hmmm

10 min later 4358658 Anonymous
>>4358653 >they can be diagnosed by people with antisocial behaviour too dummie

11 min later 4358660 Anonymous
>>4358632 The things you own end up owning you... etc.

11 min later 4358663 Anonymous
>>4358648 As said by someone who doesn't know how the 'personality disorder' works or feels like. Nice try, anon.

12 min later 4358664 Anonymous
le protofedoric autistic scientist face

12 min later 4358666 Anonymous
>>4358663 go on

13 min later 4358668 Anonymous
>>4358658 >diagnosed by anti-social people who believe they are ill after being convinced by social sciences

14 min later 4358670 Anonymous (kant.jpg 533x589 132kB)
I like to think that way, but I know I'm only fooling myself. It's quite comfortable, though.

15 min later 4358672 Anonymous
>>4358668 >tfw the social sciences try to tell everyone they are discriminated against despite being white, middle class and male... then shout at them for being white middle class and male. It's fucking confusing.

17 min later 4358677 Anonymous
>>4358632 it is impossible to take conscious action without displaying intelligence

17 min later 4358678 Anonymous
>>4358635 >>4358640 Careful with those edges, m80s.

18 min later 4358682 Anonymous
>>4358668 >>>/x/ it's just a name for a set of traits

19 min later 4358683 Anonymous
>>4358640 >high risk, small gain >intelligent

21 min later 4358690 Anonymous
>>4358683 >high risk if he didn't get caught he probably thought this through

24 min later 4358698 Anonymous
>>4358690 Nah, I did get it back. I'm not sure what the police did, they probably only slapped his wrists. But still, my windows were broken.

25 min later 4358703 Anonymous
>>4358690 At the very least he knew a white faggot who probably was too scared to fight back lived in that house.

27 min later 4358706 Anonymous
we live in the 21st ce. being anti-social is conformist as fuck. look at 4chan.

33 min later 4358719 Anonymous
>>4358706 >implying the reason for hate against conformism is that it means aggression against anything else. you can see it on 4chan too: few bother to hate you because you're wrong and a huge faggot. they just give you shit because they can and it's what everyone else is doing. they aren't against people. they are against every idea except theirs.

34 min later 4358721 Anonymous
>>4358706 how is 4chan conformist

47 min later 4358748 Anonymous
>>4358721 4chan is conformist because edginess, apathy and a semi-misanthropic worldview is pretty common among people aged 14-23 (or so) 4chan is the most interesting collection of conformists by far, and it's conformism isn't to be derided or whatever, but it's conformism nonetheless.

52 min later 4358756 Anonymous
>>4358748 4chan is pretty anti-edginess nowadays though. (see all the edgy images/memes) misanthropy is also usually laughed at (see 'autism') 4chan is inconsistent behavior wise, as everyone here is p individualistic

1 hours later 4358773 Anonymous
Anti-social behavior blocks you off from sharing or enhancing ideas with other people. If anything it's anti-intellectual, and conformity has nothing to do with the problem.

1 hours later 4358800 Anonymous
>>4358773 not true, i share and enhance my ideas all the time with the internet/university magazine, etc.

1 hours later 4358816 Anonymous
No one here seems to know what anti-social means (including Tesla).

1 hours later 4358819 Anonymous
>>4358748 m8 have you not been to /pol/ lately social conservatism and family values is the new edgy

1 hours later 4358823 Anonymous
>>4358800 do you discuss them with anyone? 4chan doesn't count, it's a cesspool of stupidity

1 hours later 4358837 Anonymous
>>4358800 Reading != Understanding. Additionally, your enhanced ideas may be faulty or redundant. Ramanujan was considered to be a master mathematician, but never really provided much to the world because of his seclusion from it.

1 hours later 4358838 Anonymous
It depends. Anti-social behavior in niggers is expected, it's only it's displayed by white people that it is notable.

1 hours later 4358842 Anonymous
>>4358683 >high risk >community service, couple months in prison, probably even just a couple years of parole wow it's fucking nothing

1 hours later 4358850 Anonymous
>>4358842 >for a TV

1 hours later 4358853 Anonymous
>>4358756 not to mention the huge resurgence in spiritualism, against all odds considering the rise of atheism in popular culture over the past decade or so

1 hours later 4358859 Anonymous
>>4358850 for a poor person with little education a big tv is a holy shrine

1 hours later 4358863 Anonymous
>>4358838 how are "niggers" anti-social. they congregate together often

1 hours later 4358875 Anonymous
>>4358756 >4chan is inconsistent behavior wise, as everyone here is p individualistic kek

1 hours later 4358892 Anonymous
>>4358875 >an individual shows scorn for a comment on individualistic nature of 4chan top kek

1 hours later 4358899 Anonymous
>>4358863 anti social means criminal. the definition has been distorted.

1 hours later 4358907 Anonymous

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