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2013-10-02 06:33 4152924 Anonymous (blkte2864_1_2.jpg 1326x889 479kB)
And if you gaze for long into 4chan, 4chan gazes also into you. In this thread, we share philosophical insight regarding 4chan, in honor of its tenth birthday.

4 min later 4152932 Anonymous (Adya-Geisha.jpg 600x364 43kB)
>>4152924 >philosophical insight regarding 4chan >mfw

12 min later 4152945 Anonymous (9.gif 300x100 16kB)

1 hours later 4153113 Anonymous
4chan is a reflection of the Internet itself. As Internet culture grows and permeates into other areas of life - into the "real world" - we see this very culture become tainted with the affects of the outside world. In other words, reality and the Internet, or digital reality, are two completely separate and distinct spheres. They are incompatible. The anonymous nature of 4chan represents the true nature of the Internet: a free, nameless, infinite marketplace of information and ideas, where nothing is taboo or sacred. Website such as reddit, twitter, Facebook - these are all perversions of the Internet's true purpose, its unifying aim. Everyday we see users of these sites deleting their profiles or statuses, apologizing to those other personalities they have offended, or posturing themselves in such a way as to receive praise from the masturbatory masses (karma whoring and circlejerking). Any system which requires real life identification created on this superhighway of information is like an off-ramp that only admits cars of a certain size or shape. Not everyone is happy driving a Prius, and we lose a valuable opinion once we disregard those of us who drive SUVs. Such is the reason why these others are bound to fail. It is not capitalistic competition which will destroy Facebook (as Facebook destroyed MySpace), but rather the inevitable self-correction inherent in the Internet. Hence 4chan's longevity. It was the first, and shall be the last. The current generation, guinea-pigs all, will eventually see the error in attaching their ego to a digital representation of themselves. One hopes that true human connection and sharing will resume, and that when we desire the Other, the Unknown, which isn't permitted us in reality, we may come to the unindividuated and ego-less Internet. Perhaps it will be in the form of anonymous forums or open encyclopedias; regardless, the information will be out there, while the Truth remains hidden and still in need of a thorough and personal search by the self, by YOU. As we have it, there are too many demagogues on the Internet whose sole occupation is to agree with each other without providing and further insight, without challenging to individual to think for themselves. Long live memetic memory and open forums! Long live the truest democracy the world has ever known! Long live 4chan!

1 hours later 4153119 Anonymous
Uh huh. Calling it. NSA detected.

1 hours later 4153135 Anonymous
hey OP! Your thread sucks dicks.

2 hours later 4153148 Anonymous
>>4153113 >where nothing is taboo or sacred Except for racism.

2 hours later 4153174 Anonymous
>>4152924 If you give into 4chan, 4chan gives into you; what happens when you wanted 4chan to give into you Belief moves mountains... Or at least it increases your already huge capacity a millionfold over time, like some sort of beast that comes along a certain network, it gets its ass beaten at first, but then it just begins devouring parts, and then it becomes part of the network, gives it shape, purpose, even if its a constant arms race against the beast Something changes, change is good, evolution is good, right?

2 hours later 4153175 Anonymous
>>4153148 Ahh, nostalgia for the good ole days. Right in the feels, anon. To back up >>4153113 though: there are other places on the web where racism IS allowed. Maybe those places have an ego, unlike the above anon's point suggests, but freedom of expression still abounds on the net.

2 hours later 4153193 Anonymous
4chan is mostly just a bunch of assholes really.

2 hours later 4153196 Anonymous
4chan doesn't actually have much that isn't stupid bullshit honestly

3 hours later 4153202 Anonymous
>>4153113 Hegel pls get off the interwebs

3 hours later 4153203 Anonymous
>>4153196 >>4153193 Are you claiming being better than this? Oh sorry, I think I'll just stick around with the commies, you know, I think I can smell a lot more of intelligence in anybody except the two people who made these buttravaged posts, in fact, I have said in the past and I have even more reasons now to believe That I'd rather the morons who spam sonichu and the faggiest of all faggy autistists, and even the reddest commietard to a bunch of pretentious fucks

3 hours later 4153204 Anonymous
I wish I could quit you 4chan...

3 hours later 4153206 Anonymous
Is OP really a faggot?

3 hours later 4153207 Anonymous
>>4153203 You sound pretty pretentios anon. What are you hiding?

3 hours later 4153209 Anonymous
>>4153203 Ok you have fun with that!!!!!!!

3 hours later 4153214 Anonymous
>>4153207 What am I hiding? More like what do I have left to hide by now >>4153209 No anon, its ogre now... one of us... one of us...

3 hours later 4153221 Anonymous
>>4153214 It's nothing wrong about being asshole, just admit it. We're all friends here. Be honest.

3 hours later 4153225 Anonymous
>>4153221 I would be a lot less pissed off if the electricity stopped going low or whatever it is that fucks up my main computer's hdd... I guess I'll need to get a battery or something like I have for my laptop

3 hours later 4153228 Anonymous
>>4153225 Go on.

3 hours later 4153232 Anonymous
>>4153228 B-beg your p-pardon?

3 hours later 4153243 Anonymous
>>4153232 I'd like to hear more. I'm really interested.

3 hours later 4153245 Anonymous
>>4153243 Does this look like a chatroom?

3 hours later 4153249 Anonymous
>>4153245 Maybe...

3 hours later 4153254 Anonymous
>>4153245 What are you wearing right now anon? Fedoras really turn me on

3 hours later 4153264 Anonymous
Sometimes I wear a fedora but only hanging off my erect dick

3 hours later 4153265 Anonymous
>>4153254 Aaaanon, pls! I know you're reading this.

3 hours later 4153267 Anonymous
>>4153265 Not her but I'm naked :3

3 hours later 4153271 Anonymous
>>4153267 Me too.

3 hours later 4153273 Anonymous
I'm not naked.

3 hours later 4153274 Anonymous
>>4153273 Time to get with the program dude.

3 hours later 4153276 Anonymous
>>4153274 OK, now I'm naked.

3 hours later 4153277 Anonymous
I'm not naked any more.

3 hours later 4153278 Anonymous
>>4153276 Not kidding, btw: I actually got naked to make this post.

3 hours later 4153279 Anonymous
>>4153278 Fuck, I did it too now

3 hours later 4153280 Anonymous
>>4153277 But then I got not naked again to make this one.

3 hours later 4153281 Anonymous
Everybody is getting naked!!

3 hours later 4153287 Anonymous

3 hours later 4153288 Anonymous
not me, but saved this by some anon claiming to do an analysis of 4chan: " Somehow kinship and safety is provided by the anonymous identity. It appears as if the "anon" is feeling like a part of the whole "hivemind", most likely due to what is known as "board culture" and the lack of opposing identities. It's as if "anon" is one big entity comforting itself with these session of self-induced therapy-- very intriguing The phenomena lends itself to certain clues, however. For example, as you mention, this endless "toppling" of the previous "anon"-- sometimes to negative end of the spectrum, but in almost as many cases to the "positive" (self-aggrandizing) end. In some cases the one of the ends even manifests itself in a tripcode user (I am sure you have some around here that come to thought) that disconnects itself from the mass and grounds an identity, and is in turn rejected by the mass (like a tumor)-- however, if the "will" of this identity is strong enough the mass quickly encompasses this identity into itself by simulating it in a mimetic manner, for instance the way the identity writes (its "voice"). In other cases the identity simply fades out. The narcissistic tendencies, that you mention, is very much a feature of this entity-- due to the disassociated voices internal to the entity. "

3 hours later 4153290 Anonymous
>>4153288 That guy is a faggot

4 hours later 4153297 Anonymous
>>4153281 Under all my clothing i'm always a bit naked.

4 hours later 4153299 Anonymous
>>4153297 Fucked up if true.

4 hours later 4153301 Anonymous
>>4153297 Even when I'm naked I'm wearing a sweater.

4 hours later 4153305 Anonymous
>>4153290 i thought it was interesting, but I just realized this was a shitposting thread

4 hours later 4153308 Anonymous
My problem with 4chan is that it ain't constructive in a positive sense.

4 hours later 4153312 Anonymous
>>4153308 But it's definitely constructive in a /negative/ sense, or you could say DEconstructive..........

4 hours later 4153315 Anonymous
>>4153312 It constructs things though. Like le shiggy donatello and whatnot.

4 hours later 4153317 Anonymous
4chan memes never seem to last. I wonder how many people here remember Happy Negro

4 hours later 4153328 Anonymous
>>4153308 Swimming in the void. It's fun, i strongly recommend it.

4 hours later 4153329 Anonymous
>>4153328 Doing that will kill you, as there's no air and it's very cold.

4 hours later 4153331 Anonymous
>>4153328 I think this might be the most faggoty thing a person could possibly say, by thw ay

4 hours later 4153332 Anonymous (no spoon.png 1200x1200 274kB)
>>4153329 there is no no air

4 hours later 4153333 Anonymous
>>4153331 stabbing in the hole?

4 hours later 4153334 Anonymous
>>4153332 There's plenty of air on the planet Earth.

4 hours later 4153335 Anonymous
>>4153333 Now that's what I'm talking about. That hole needs to get damaged.

5 hours later 4153367 Anonymous

5 hours later 4153394 Anonymous
>>4152924 Do not try and bend 4chan. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. There is no dubs. Then you'll see, that it is not the 4chan that bends, it is only your sides.

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