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2013-02-14 07:11 3469266 Anonymous (do-androids-dream-of-electric-sheep.jpg 794x1275 394kB)
ITT: Books that actually weren't as good as the movie. Pic related.

0 min later 3469268 Anonymous
>>3469266 some say the godfather.but i liked the book better

1 min later 3469270 Anonymous
>>3469266 k.dick is the master of this thread.

2 min later 3469272 Anonymous
>>3469270 but minority report sucked in both formats

2 min later 3469273 Anonymous
>>3469266 But Blade Runner was shit.

3 min later 3469278 Anonymous
>>3469272 Eh, Minority Report was a simple story. I enjoyed what the movie brought to the story. Still sucked though.

3 min later 3469279 Anonymous
Fight Club. I am a big fan of the movie, so I read the book some time later and it was pretty bad compared to the movie.

4 min later 3469284 Anonymous
>>3469273 Even if it is all that says is that Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is even shitter.

4 min later 3469285 Anonymous
Completely agree, OP. I liked Blade Runner more.

6 min later 3469287 Anonymous
>>3469279 >Fight Club. I am a big fan of the movie I bet you're a big fan of riding the flesh obelisk, too.

7 min later 3469293 Anonymous (jaws_book.jpg 292x480 22kB)
A staple to used bookstores' $0.50 bins!

9 min later 3469298 Anonymous
>Dick Ha!

10 min later 3469301 Anonymous (papillon.jpg 982x1600 242kB)
The movie is actually believable. Cherriere's book makes himself sound like superman.

11 min later 3469304 Anonymous
The Silence of the Lambs. Anyone who says it's a better book is a moron.

12 min later 3469310 Anonymous
The Shawshank Redeption The Mist (mfw that final twist that ups the ante tenfold, and turns a creature feature into true horror) Eyes Wide Shut Psycho Shutter Island >Blade Runner was shit u wut m8?

21 min later 3469328 Anonymous
>>3469301 Must be the first time I see a mention of this book in over a year. I haven't watched the movie though.

25 min later 3469336 Anonymous
Anna Karenina On a real note, I thought the Atonement movie was better than the book.

30 min later 3469349 Anonymous
American Psycho, Big Fish, Ben Hur

32 min later 3469354 Anonymous
>>3469279 This. I'm pretty sure that Palahniuk is on record somewhere saying that even he thought the movie was a superior distillation of his book. On a separate note, if you thought Starship Troopers was painfully imperialist and jingoistic, then you'll probably love how the movie cranks it up to the point of satire.

33 min later 3469359 Anonymous (1359499098075.png 298x446 106kB)

42 min later 3469382 Anonymous (Fight_Club-205367754-large.jpg 800x1200 231kB)
Pic related Drive Gone Baby Gone Starship Troopers the list could go on... >>3469310 The Shawshank Redemption was a terrible movie. I can't imagine the book being worse.

48 min later 3469395 Anonymous
The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

1 hours later 3469417 Anonymous (WorldMapLiteracy2011.png 1350x625 70kB)
>>3469395 >look mum im trolling on 4chan am i cool yet? XD Not surprising that you thought it was shit, most americunts are too fucking stupid to comprehend great literature.

1 hours later 3469424 Anonymous (books.jpg 128x204 12kB)
>and the movie starred kevin costner...how's dat for an indicator

1 hours later 3469431 Anonymous
>>3469395 >Troll harder faggot. To this day one of my single biggest regrets in life was following the unwashed masses and watching this trilogy. I made sure I didn't make the same mistake the fourth time and didn't watch the hobbit and thereby salvaging what little remained of my childhood.

1 hours later 3469433 Anonymous
>>3469266 I haven't read DADoES, but I have seen Blade Runner, and good God was that movie awful? If the book was even worse I don't see why anyone would base a movie on it. >>3469298 I laughed heartily. Four Lions was the best movie ever made; who agrees with me?

1 hours later 3469439 Anonymous
>>3469285 You are entitled to your opinion, but it's wrong.

1 hours later 3469442 Anonymous (url.jpg 700x297 99kB)
I Am Legend. Has anyone read the book? It's about a third of the length of the movie and it's about vampires. -shrugs-

1 hours later 3469446 Anonymous (King James Bible.jpg 1240x1595 202kB)
>The Passion of the Christ > King James Version

1 hours later 3469450 Anonymous
>>3469442 Please say you are trolling.

1 hours later 3469461 Anonymous
>>3469442 >>3469450 I agree with him. The book aged terribly. The ending was stupid too, and it just all wasn't very well thought out. Poor horror story. The movie is exciting, legitimately scary and emotional. Besides, deserted New York is beautifully shot.

1 hours later 3469462 Anonymous (images.jpg 180x281 6kB)

1 hours later 3469463 Anonymous (1360510311071.jpg 400x316 48kB)
>>3469450 Dost thou have an argument for the book then?

1 hours later 3469464 Anonymous
>>3469382 The Shawshank Redemption was beautiful. >>3469417 >LoTR >great literature >literature You misspellt "pile of shit". At least the films were half decent although they were so dumb and racist, I almost had to stop watching.

1 hours later 3469467 Anonymous
>>3469462 Fuck you twice.

1 hours later 3469469 Anonymous
>>3469461 Agreed; the movie was fantastic.

1 hours later 3469472 Anonymous
>>3469463 Well the movie added a non existant love element. The book was edgier and moodier and ended on the proper note. Drawing something out for the sake of it and adding romance doesn't make it better imo.

1 hours later 3469480 Anonymous
>>3469472 With media, there is always love. In the book, his love had already died from the disease. The scenery was also spectacular. I don't remember everything that happened in the end of the book, so my argument comes to a halt. Also, anyone seen and read Misery? I read it and loved it, and I'm not sure if I want to see the movie. Any recommends?

1 hours later 3469485 Anonymous
>>3469446 greatest frachise reboot ever

1 hours later 3469488 Anonymous
I like Dicks version more

1 hours later 3469511 Anonymous (BR.jpg 200x290 13kB)
Wholly and completely awful!

1 hours later 3469512 Anonymous
>>3469480 I remember I read it before the film, watched the film well afterwards and never connected the two, then reread the book and remember thinking the film is nothing like the book. Will Smith did save it from being a complete disaster because Will Smith but it's a case of any director would have struggled to make it better than the book. Only read spoiler if you never plan on reading the book or have already read it and forgotten the epic ending. > In the book it's the lead character's (Neville)'s neighbour (Ben) who is leading the vampires. The woman in the book is captured but turned out she let herself be captured and Neville had killed her husband. Neville doesn't sacrifice himself, the vampires execute him. Before Neville dies he realizes he has become a legend to the vampires because he was the bad guy to them, killing them every day. That's why he was a legend. Not the way the movie re imagined it.

1 hours later 3469521 Anonymous
>>3469304 no dude you're pretty dumb if you preferred the movie over the book. the Hannibal movies were literally dumbed down versions of the books so that retards could understand them. they were good but the books were better

1 hours later 3469526 Anonymous
>>3469521 no dude the way you write clearly indicates you're not discerning enough to weigh in on this conversation ok dude just do your 8th grade homework dude get off 4chan dude

1 hours later 3469531 Anonymous
>>3469521 Most people agree that the silence of the lambs is one of the greatest thrillers ever made. So most people, myself included would never bother reading the books as they would pale in comparison.

1 hours later 3469535 Anonymous
>>3469531 Thomas Harris is a piss poor writer. His ideas are interesting, but his ability to write prose is Dan Brown tier.

1 hours later 3469540 Anonymous
>>3469535 I've only read The Davinci Code and I didn't think there was anything wrong with the writing. Can someone explain to me why everyone hates on Dan Brown?

1 hours later 3469554 Anonymous
>>3469540 There's nothing wrong. It's just very basic. J.K. Rowling basic. If you like a book that just follows event from page to page until some climatic battle or revelation then stick with them.

2 hours later 3469580 Anonymous
>>3469461 If you think the ending was stupid and that the movie got it better I hate to break it to you but. You have the reading comprehension of a donkey.

2 hours later 3469583 Anonymous
>>3469554 ah, well that would make sense.

2 hours later 3469589 Anonymous
>>3469580 Glad I'm not alone in thinking the book is leaps and bounds more intellectually stimulating than the zombie cash in film.

2 hours later 3469606 Anonymous
>>3469464 >The Shawshank Redemption was beautiful. oh please. It has the stupid Morgan Freeman narration, the story is forgettable, it's only decently shot, decent acting. But there just wasn't much there. It wasn't special.

2 hours later 3469665 Anonymous
>>3469606 has anyone ever let you know how much of a pretentious cunt you are? just curious

2 hours later 3469676 Anonymous
The Prestige. That book is total shit

2 hours later 3469685 Anonymous
>>3469665 I'm the same guy that likes the I Am Legend movie.

2 hours later 3469732 Anonymous
>>3469266 Doesnt count it was only a partial adaption.

2 hours later 3469766 Anonymous
>>3469665 What a great rebuttal. >>3469685 The Will Smith one? That was so awful.

3 hours later 3469788 Anonymous (Roadside-picnic-macmillan-cover.jpg 200x293 17kB)
>>3469279 Agreed, although I prefer the book's ending Pic also related, Stalker is superior

3 hours later 3469796 Anonymous
>>3469417 Did you really have to get THAT pissed over an obvious joke post. I bet 5 dollars you are french or british.

3 hours later 3469811 Anonymous
>>3469442 Idiot "I am legend" doesn't even make sense as the title of that adaptation. in the book, the vampires fear him. It's their world now. He's the monster that kills their children, comes when they sleep. In the end he realizes that. He has become a legend. The book is the opposite of a regular vampire story. the movie is generic post-apocalyptic zombie flick

3 hours later 3469855 Anonymous (Thumbnail-4.jpg 271x452 7kB)
>>3469526 >saying dude makes you stupid >mfw

3 hours later 3469896 Anonymous
>>3469461 you know that the ending is kinda the point of the book,right?

3 hours later 3469905 Anonymous
>>3469811 If you watch the "true" ending all you say applies to the movie as well. But they cut it because it felt too grim

3 hours later 3469909 Anonymous
>>3469512 actually there is some sort of alternate ending,kinda like that,but they discarded it anyway.

3 hours later 3469916 Anonymous
>>3469905 Yeah, I know, I have the dvd, so they cut it because the audience preferred seeing Will smith dying and killing all the horrible bad zompire to the ending where the monsters are actually good people and he and the woman and the boy can escape ? The theatrical ending is much more grim imo

3 hours later 3469934 Anonymous
>>3469788 Stalker and Roadside Picnic seem so different to me that I think it's like comparing apples and oranges, but if I had to choose one I'd agree with you.

5 hours later 3470349 Anonymous
Black Beauty! The movie was beautiful and moving while the book was a little kids book with shallow metaphors about treating people with equality.

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