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2012-11-04 05:25 3115487 Anonymous (Russell-Brand-006.jpg 460x276 34kB)
Where does the ability to articulate both creatively and eloquently as well as the ability to make artful cultural references? I think these are the integral component parts that, together, engender this ability. -good old intelligence. (need to be able to make comparisons and identify oppurtunities) -well read (you have to have the knowledge to make references/good vocab) -confidence (very important) -charisma -drug use can also unbridle creativity and engender a flourishing of intellectual and creative enegy what do you guys think?

0 min later 3115488 Anonymous
I can't stand looking at that cunt

2 min later 3115492 Anonymous
>>3115488 Same. He's the least funny man on earth.

8 min later 3115504 Anonymous
>>3115487 >Where does the ability to articulate both creatively and eloquently as well as the ability to make artful cultural references? That question is incomplete OP. Where does it come from? Reside? Take us? How inarticulate.

18 min later 3115526 Anonymous
>>3115492 he's standup isn't very good but he is arguab the number one contender for the best conversationist of his generation. name one conversationist better than him. more clever, more charismatic. >>3115504 sorry i meant to say where does it come from

20 min later 3115532 Anonymous
>>3115526 >name one conversationist better than him. more clever, more charismatic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAKV57mQuls

26 min later 3115546 Anonymous (1305419800296.jpg 225x235 13kB)
>>3115532 >goofy american who clumsily tells anecdotes which invariably involve laughing at something because of its appearance as less intelligent that you are not OP but larry david is shit apart from curb and sienfeld

28 min later 3115551 Anonymous
>>3115546 Larry David is the same on curb and in real life

31 min later 3115556 Anonymous
>>3115487 Being relatively attractive is also important. Whether you like it or not, ugly people get ignored.

32 min later 3115558 Anonymous
>>3115526 >sorry i meant to say where does it come from It's practise. Ultimately, being articulate, eloquent, and make cultural references are decided by other people: it's no good making witty references to Star Wars if who you're talking to is a fantasy obsessed LoTR nut who refuses to know of SW on principle, neither is it any good making highly intellectual insights if they are not evident to the other person. In other words, as far as being well read or intelligent are concerned, you only have to be as much as who you're talking to. A lot of it is presentation and recognising the opportunities to be eloquent etc. Also, being over confident is liable to make you come across as an idiot or arsehole as much as anything else, and charisma is more a side effect of being eloquent and all that, as well as taking an interest.

32 min later 3115561 Anonymous
>>3115526 Stephen Fry

33 min later 3115563 Anonymous
Do u think russell brand does drugs?

33 min later 3115564 Anonymous (stephen_fry.jpg 640x480 112kB)
>>3115526 >name one conversationist better than him. more clever, more charismatic.

34 min later 3115565 Anonymous
>>3115526 >name one conversationist better than him. Louis Theroux.

39 min later 3115578 Anonymous
>>3115563 very funny

1 hours later 3115637 Anonymous
Did OP just click on every word and look for a synonym. I mean seriously: >I think these are the integral component parts that, together, engender this ability

1 hours later 3115656 Anonymous
>>3115561 stephen fry only fulfills a few of those requisite qualities, albeit EXCEPTIONALLY welll. he is primarily an intellectual and, consequently, is far less versatile than russell brand

2 hours later 3115681 Anonymous
>>3115656 >he is primarily an intellectual and, consequently, is far less versatile than russell brand What bullshit. He's an erudite person who can talk about everything from apple computers to Wilde to darts (which is his favourite sport). Given a choice, I'd rather be trapped in a lift all day with stephen fry than with that burned out smackhead for an hour.

2 hours later 3115687 Anonymous
>>3115681 >He's an erudite person who can talk about everything So long as the QI Elves write it on a cue card beforehand. And even then it's only in terms of factoids that lack profundity or insight.

2 hours later 3115688 Anonymous
>>3115687 Whatevs, dude. Believe what you want. If you think a manbaby who's most famous for sticking his cock in women and needles in himself is the more interesting person then that's cool with me. It's a pretty futile argument anyway.

2 hours later 3115690 Anonymous
>>3115681 saying you'd prefer that doesn't validate your point. stephen fry is somewhat dextrous but he brings an unwanted intellectual air to the most trivial matters. he is still an excellent person though

2 hours later 3115697 Anonymous
>>3115688 Knowing full well that much of Fry's appearance of intelligence is smoke and mirrors isn't the same as thinking the twat in the OP is better. The best Brand can aspire to is sometimes showing a modicum of these same attributes, which only seems amazing compared to his usual mindless twattery.

3 hours later 3115746 Anonymous
>>3115697 we are not questioning whether Brand is smarter than Fry. we are talking about social versaility which, unquestionabiltiy, Brand is more adept in.

3 hours later 3115760 Anonymous
>>3115565 he can hardly formulate a sentence without a 20 second forethought of silence. also, he doesnt possess most of the qualities we werre talking about

3 hours later 3115768 Anonymous
Not just well read. That isn't cultured in anything by the literature subculture. You ought to be scientifically literate, to have listened to plenty of great classical and pop music, watched tons of movies, a select few T.V comedies and T.V shows, seen the classics of western art, and lastly you should be up on current events.

4 hours later 3115848 Anonymous
>>3115768 this isn't correct

4 hours later 3115856 Anonymous
Brand is not intelligent/. Listen to what he says, he uses 'big words' for the sake of using them, and half the time get's the meaning wrong.

5 hours later 3115872 Anonymous
Where do you get the impression that he is well read? I remember in some documentary him staring blankly when some academic quoted "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all. Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know". It was all rather embarrassing. I get the impression he has barely read more than the Beats.

5 hours later 3115884 Anonymous
>>3115872 not expressing superficial comprehension at some tawdry quote

5 hours later 3115887 Anonymous
>>3115884 >forgetting le meme arrow >2012 >XD

5 hours later 3115890 Anonymous
>>3115884 But he had literally never heard it which is quite an achievement! I used to listen to his podcast, he is clearly very quick but i never got the impression of someone very knowledgeable or "cultured".

6 hours later 3115922 Anonymous
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfNQ5q4_D2g&feature=related have you seen this OP. he isn't as smart as Stephen fry but his charisma is unmatched

6 hours later 3115941 Anonymous
>>3115890 his podcast is better than anything i've ever listned to. it makes peter cook feel boring

7 hours later 3115972 Anonymous
>>3115922 bloody hell do people actually like other people who behave like that? what a fucking obnoxious tryhard.

7 hours later 3115975 Anonymous
>>3115922 This is the first time I've even heard of this guy, and this video doesn't make me altogether keen on learning more about him. He got more and more obnoxious as it went on.

8 hours later 3116022 Anonymous
>>3115856 This. Half his vocabulary consists of word he found in "Ye Olde English Dictionary 1803" that he thinks sound quirky and eccentric. He's a tryhard faggot who should have offed himself years ago in a Heroin-fuelled haze.

10 hours later 3116237 Anonymous
drugs are for losers op

11 hours later 3116288 Anonymous
>>3116237 Just because some people on drugs are losers doesn't mean that everyone on drugs is.

11 hours later 3116290 Anonymous
>>3115681 If I could choose someone from QI to be stuck in a lift with, I'd go for Ronnie Ancona.

11 hours later 3116295 Anonymous
>>3116237 this is true t. drug addict

11 hours later 3116296 Anonymous
Oh wow, a Russell Brand fan. Now I've seen everything.

11 hours later 3116297 Anonymous
>>3115975 I thought he came across well in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BNNMpkM8AE

11 hours later 3116300 Anonymous
i hate his pseudo-spiritual crap. he can be amusing when he's hitting on chicks and joking about how tiny his penis is, but in "serious mode" he's a total bore.

18 hours later 3117254 Anonymous
>>3116300 this. i think he is quite a clever guy but the whole "we are all one thing" is a rouse

18 hours later 3117305 Anonymous
>>3116297 sounds like preoardained things to say

20 hours later 3117731 Anonymous
>>3115746 >we are talking about social versaility which, unquestionabiltiy, Brand is more adept in. Only when it comes to hambeasts and Katy Perry.

20 hours later 3117740 Anonymous
>>3117731 what is a hambeast?

20 hours later 3117760 Anonymous
>>3115526 >name one conversationist better than him >a man literally no-one can stand in any way, shape or form >good conversationalist Nag

20 hours later 3117784 Anonymous
>>3115760 Have you seen a Louis Theroux documentary ever? The man can talk with anyone, even ask the most difficult kind of questions and still be likeable to all sorts of people. I have never seen him need more than 2 seconds to "formulate" a question, nevermind 20.

20 hours later 3117834 Anonymous
>>3117784 he is not even a worthy contender. his interpersonal skills are nothing worthy of remark

21 hours later 3117923 Anonymous (1320723146051.jpg 423x477 79kB)
>>3115760 >>3117834 I think you really need to stand back and evaluate just what you think you're saying.

21 hours later 3117936 Anonymous
>>3117834 >his interpersonal skills are nothing worthy of remark Between Russel Brand, Stephen Fry and Louis Theroux, he by far has the best interpersonal skills. Both Brand and Fry come across as condescending to many, and have famously upset many people by just being who they are. Theroux can and has talked to anyone without upsetting them, he wouldn't be able to do gonzo style journalism if his interpersonal skills weren't up to it.

22 hours later 3118021 Anonymous
>>3117936 the fact that louie theroux is the only one of the three who isn't a massive twat is definitely a point in his favour.

27 hours later 3118782 Anonymous
>>3117936 he is a fucking idiot. when you're watching him and he's talking a controversial issue or taboo he only covers 1% of what you want him to attack them about. he's not at all articulate and can scarcely formulate a strong repudiation to any of the people he goes after

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