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2012-09-24 06:43 3004030 Anonymous (book_burning.jpg 480x362 43kB)
Would you burn a book?

0 min later 3004032 ktz (1347600820410.jpg 365x214 79kB)

2 min later 3004037 Anonymous
>>3004032 What about if it was just a publication or journal?

3 min later 3004039 Anonymous
I would burn a shitty magazine

3 min later 3004041 SadCat
Like most normal people, I like burning things, but I wouldn't burn a book for no reason.

3 min later 3004043 ktz
>>3004037 Non-peer reviewed or just plain retarded publications and journals are fair game.

5 min later 3004049 Anonymous
>>3004030 Yes. Upgrade to an e-reader already, for fuck's sake.

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