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2012-09-24 06:34 3004016 Anonymous (1336206308657.jpg 500x329 212kB)
So recently I've been questioning / doubting every single thought I have, like how can I trust anyone or anything including myself or whatever, surely everything I think has been determined not by my creativity but by previous thoughts right down to the first one I ever had, which was determined by the influence of other people, and that the same thing applies to them, and the people before them, too, this having repeated all throughout human history so that all thought today is the arbitrary result of some insane chaos which we futilely try to make sense of, and that no one actually has any fucking idea what's going on, there is no such thing as true sanity just culturally dictated norms, the Left is as retarded as the Right, that dichotomy is false, any other dichotomy is false, too, and any effort to create a truthful one is misguided and psychotic, humanity is psychotic, I am psychotic, etc. etc. What I want to know is: are there any books that deal with this type of mental breakdown, wherein I can't even fucking make a single decision because it makes no more sense than any other, but doesn't end with some stupid sentimental bullshit conclusion of like honour or empathy or 'growing up' (because clearly that's just some sort of brainwashing) or you know what I mean. Thanks.

13 hours later 3005126 Anonymous
Philip K Dick loves this theme. Read "A scanner darkly" or "UBIK".

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