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2012-09-24 06:31 3004007 Anonymous (image.jpg 960x720 290kB)
What's your favorite book and why?

2 min later 3004012 Anonymous

2 min later 3004013 Anonymous
the firemen of 451 would have a field day with that room

5 min later 3004018 Anonymous
The pic was taken in a bookstore at Salem, the whole place is just fucking FULL with books

24 min later 3004069 Anonymous
What the fuck am I suposed to do if I want one of the bottom books

26 min later 3004075 Anonymous
>>3004013 Haha, clever. Also my fav would be a draw between The Sound and The Fury and Catch-22.

38 min later 3004095 I am in a name (edit for 4chan.jpg 1038x960 177kB)
Thought this was funny, and I should share.

45 min later 3004112 Anonymous
Ugh UGH >all paperback fiction Doing it wrong

2 hours later 3004268 Anonymous
Lord of the Flies, The Count of Monte Cristo, Metamorphoses

3 hours later 3004290 Anonymous
The Qur'an. It solves all of my problems in life.

3 hours later 3004305 Anonymous
>>3004290 Yes, by ending all intelligent life

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