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2012-09-24 06:20 3003982 Anonymous (HighSchool1.jpg 500x375 48kB)
How often does /lit/ read? How many books does /lit/ read per year?

5 min later 3003990 Anonymous
>implying I read 4chan takes too much time

5 min later 3003993 Anonymous
I'm pretty, super fast. I read about 1.5 creepy stories on /x/ in a night.

8 min later 3003998 Anonymous
Fairlly often. A few books per week. About 150 a year. Mostly shorter ones though.

8 min later 3003999 Anonymous
Bump for the bump god

12 min later 3004011 Anonymous
100-150. and many mini readings in between why? what is this for?

18 min later 3004021 Anonymous
>>3004011 >Answers question like oh, you know, just this many >Then asks what the question is for, a question that is actually a disguise to show that not only does he read a fuck ton of books but that the mere question of how many is absurd and somehow misplaced on the forum about books, /lit/

24 min later 3004033 SadCat
>>3003998 >>3004011 How does one read as much as almost 0.5 books a day, every day, in average? Wish I could read that much/fast without going insane.

26 min later 3004038 Anonymous
>>3004033 By reading short books and having a lot of free time.

29 min later 3004053 Anonymous
I will read about 75-85 this year, but I read huge books, often massive non-fic tomes. Here is my goodreads user challenge. Inb4 >needs a challenge I dont, its just something stupid to do, and it counts the total pages youve read in a year.

30 min later 3004056 Anonymous
>>3004053 http://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/423733 Doh

32 min later 3004062 Anonymous
>>3004033 much of that are thin books, around 50 pages. some are poetry books, easier to skim. also, i read 2-4 books at the same time. also, i read faster on laptop and devices also, i read while commuting also, my job requires me to read that much

33 min later 3004067 Anonymous
>>3004062 For the last 4 years I had a 1 hr commute on NYC subways and busses. Pretty much was killing two books a week no problem

35 min later 3004068 Anonymous
Who is in a liberal arts education and doesn't basically read 24/7

38 min later 3004081 Anonymous
>>3004068 Everyone but me at my state school. I would say that /lit/ tier readers (at least the ones who arent lying) are 1/250 people or so, with deviations for populations that are around certain universities or trendy cultures. I bet in Williamsburg or the village that number is way lower.

38 min later 3004082 Anonymous
>>3004068 Me I masturbate, go on 4chan or Facebook and sleep instead

11 hours later 3004938 Anonymous
Another bump, no one has said how often they read yet.

12 hours later 3004952 Anonymous
I read every day, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. Read about 30-100 pages average, finish a book or two a week if they aren't really long. If a book isn't interesting me much or is hard to read it might take me a few weeks to read it.

12 hours later 3004954 Anonymous
About three books a week. Up this week is The Sickness Unto Death, 4.48 Psychosis and The Trial. I'll probably have room for one or two more, since those are all short. I only have one day off during the week.

12 hours later 3004963 Anonymous
Read every day; finish about 60 or 70 books per year (finished 63 last year, on course for ~70 this year). That's including big books, which I love, and I don't speed read or skim.

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