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2012-09-24 05:50 3003920 Anonymous (sadface.jpg 264x306 12kB)
>be professor at a good university >have many papers published >find out another professor has been assigning his class to critique my a chapter in one of my books > tells me he gets more negative then positive critiques. >wont tell me what their actually writing what is wrong with it? please tell me. I worked very hard on it. I'm only human. http://books.google.ca/books?id=8ZTBawkiwBgC&pg=PA136&lpg=PA136&dq=The+Metis:+Genesis+an d+Rebirth!+Jennifer+S.H.+Brown+chapter+10&source=bl&ots=_3gNbZ846a&sig=C43rNyZcX6aQwBa8u yqDIIHE1Zg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8-deUKK_F-qLyAHRpIGwCw&sqi=2&ved=0CB4Q6AEwAA#v=onepage& amp;q=The%20Metis%3A%20Genesis%20and%20Rebirth!%20Jennifer%20S.H.%20Brown%20chapter%2010&f=false

1 min later 3003922 Anonymous
>wont tell me what their actually writing >their > tells me he gets more negative then positive critiques. >then Gee, I fucking wonder.

5 min later 3003932 Anonymous
Go to bed, Bruce.

7 min later 3003938 Anonymous
>be a loser >write some shitty book >want people to critique it but no one's interested >try and invent some story to make it more interesting >still not interesting >get called out on it

9 min later 3003943 Anonymous
Are you Jeniffer Brown? Well, the writing is dull, and the content matches. I'm not an anthropologist or whatever you are though. Are you seriously a professor though? Your writing, on this post and in-book, is very mediocre.

9 min later 3003944 Anonymous
>>3003920 An incredibly unsubtle attempt to get someone to do your homework.

11 min later 3003948 Anonymous
>go onto /lit/ >pretend to be a professor >can't even fucking spell Patethic.

13 min later 3003951 Anonymous
>Published in 1987 >OP can't into grammar Nice try. This is a carefully disguised homework thread. Critique the chapter yourself asshole.

19 min later 3003955 Anonymous
>people saying it's a carefully disguised hw thread >someone realized it 2 posts in No.

19 min later 3003956 Anonymous
Even if this was true, which it isn't, no Professor in the entire history of academia has ever given a single fuck about what undergrads think.

20 min later 3003958 Anonymous
>>3003943 Yes I am, and its not anthropology, I dont understand what makes it dull, I find it quit interesting. How do you think I could improve it so its more engaging and interesting for students?

21 min later 3003960 Anonymous
>>3003948 I'm not at work right now.. why write formally? I'm tired and really dont care.

22 min later 3003961 Anonymous
>>3003958 Turn it into a powerpoint bro.

23 min later 3003963 Anonymous
>>3003956 You do when its about 200 of them and another professor is poking fun out of the whole situation.

23 min later 3003964 Anonymous
Why must you continue to reply to this obvious homework thread, /lit/.

24 min later 3003966 Anonymous
>>3003961 Well I could for my lectures. although I don't assign this reading to my class, it is another professor who is.

24 min later 3003967 Anonymous
>>3003963 Typical tenureless, insecure faggot detected. Worry about what your editors and peers think. Don't get sucked into petty politics why am I responding seriously lol

25 min later 3003969 Anonymous
>>3003966 How many a chapters exactly do you have to write?

26 min later 3003971 Anonymous
>>3003967 Thanks, I guess this helps. it just bothers me getting made fun of, and honestly I never had much peers through out my life, so I guess this is why its made me feel the way I do.

27 min later 3003973 Anonymous
>>3003963 You're obviously lying, but just in case you're not (you are) why the fuck would you care since it was published in 1987? Why the fuck are you even on 4chan, you've got to be at least in your 40s?

28 min later 3003977 Anonymous
But... Why would woman come to /lit/ of all places? Why would a serious academic who is an old lady come to this place of angry permavirgin males and tell us her name? I call bullshit.

29 min later 3003978 Anonymous (1346292814021.jpg 640x960 324kB)
>>3003920 >wont tell me what their actually writing. >Confusing then with than. You're not a real professor if you teach at a community college, loser. Holy fuck, this is ridiculous.

29 min later 3003979 Anonymous
>>3003969 I dont have to write anything. I was thinking about writing a bit of an edit on the article in the link which I have written years ago.

30 min later 3003981 Anonymous
>>3003971 >and honestly I never had much peers through out my life rofl wow. Don't think this thread could have been worse OP

32 min later 3003983 Anonymous
>>3003978 I'm writing about the misconceptions of what the term metis actually is. why dont you do some research it will tell you past university's that Ive worked for

35 min later 3003988 Anonymous
OP might not be trolling. If she is who she said she is she probably doesn't know how to internets.

37 min later 3003994 Anonymous
>>3003988 OP definitely is trolling, if she is who she said she is her mannerisms wouldn't be so immature or well-articulated in a way that suggests she is intimate with board culture.

40 min later 3004005 Anonymous
>>3003994 I am some what familiar with this site, one of my fellow colleagues made a comic about her forgetting math quizzes at home for her discreet math course.

41 min later 3004006 Anonymous
>>3003994 Maybe she's a friendly and charismatic professor on /lit/ yet somehow also assertive and perky in her tone. >>3003983 Maybe even a seducing dominatrix after class?

44 min later 3004014 Anonymous
>>3004006 No, I have a husband, but I do like chatting with students after class.

48 min later 3004019 Anonymous
>>3004014 See. A troll would be too cunning to reply to >>3004006

52 min later 3004026 Anonymous
>>3003994 I do think OP is trolling, but the reason you're using to deduce that is faulty, I think. There's no reason that an academic couldn't have familiarity with boards culture. It would be a little more odd, I think, for them to come and post here and be so blithely unconcerned about the likely results of that - to be familiar with this specific board and yet so unfamiliar with the way the board operates. But having a familiarity with the language of boards culture is not in itself proof that OP is not a professor.

53 min later 3004029 Anonymous
All I wanted was a younger perspective on how I should go about writing my next paper, but since you don't believe me ill find another outlet to do so, goodnight /lit/ it is getting late.

56 min later 3004036 Anonymous
>>3004026 I feel like OP is just an old lady who dosnt really no much, and has just been on 4chan a few times.

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