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2012-09-24 04:54 3003826 VindicatedVigilante Book Grab!!! (th_1593_pile-books.jpg 220x220 26kB)
Whats the 7th sentence, on page 49, of the closest book to you? Grab the closest book to you... dont grab something to try to make yourself look... however it it you wish others to perceive you... Grab the closest book hard or digital copy... "The Adversarial contest between Jesus and Lucifer that had its genesis in the First Estate was once continued down here in a desert battle [Matthew 4:1]; with that inflated bag of hot air -- Lucifer -- claiming the lead role and challenging prominent Personages, nothing changes on this stage either, because the bouts that Lucifer's imps and Jesus once exchanged as Adversaries are now being handed down to us all as Lucifer's imps throw one good Tort drubbing after another at us, with many folks having no sensitivity even to the existence of the drubbings or their origin." - Invisible Contracts, Mercier

2 min later 3003834 Anonymous
From off his face he fanned that unctuous air, Waving his left hand oft in front of him, And only with that anguish seemed he weary.

4 min later 3003836 Anonymous
The inclusion of images in a document can dramatically enhance its appearance, although images slow the document-download process.

25 min later 3003867 Jeff Mangum Died For Your Sins
And now our political digression is ended, and we are ready at last to answer the question with which we began - What is justice?

30 min later 3003877 Anonymous
Words are the only weapons we are using now; and they will not get us anywhere, however long we stay and talk.

31 min later 3003879 Anonymous
"The people, those entitled to vote by virtue of meeting the property and residence requirements, chose their own representatives by giving their votes--their voices--to candidates for office."

32 min later 3003885 Anonymous
Kindle....so i can't flip pages. but anyway, "He had created what's called a retrieval structure, a way of connecting the data to concepts he already possessed" Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else

34 min later 3003888 Anonymous
wow look at all these quotes taken out of context, with no reference given to their name or author sure makes me bored

35 min later 3003890 Anonymous
"Mirin dem gains, brah."

35 min later 3003891 Anonymous
>>3003888 i kind of tried :-(

36 min later 3003894 Anonymous (4678946573456234.jpg 248x249 13kB)
>>3003888 >mfw autismal gets trips

36 min later 3003895 Anonymous
On one occasion, returning after the regular day of publication, he found the number unfinished, and Poe incapable of duty.

1 hours later 3004020 Anonymous
"Common sense is what tells you that the world is flat."

1 hours later 3004040 Anonymous
When I played the jester men did not go on laughing indefinitely.

1 hours later 3004047 Anonymous
In his book _Cricket Punch_ Frank Worrell tells that his being suspected of conceit as a youthful cricket prodigy made his life so miserable that he ran away from Barbados as soon as he could.

1 hours later 3004057 Anonymous
It's three months since I left home

1 hours later 3004058 Anonymous
And then I perscipts gave her, That she should lock herself from his resort, Admit no messengers, recieve no tokes.

1 hours later 3004061 SadCat
"I will let you know when it happens."

2 hours later 3004090 Anonymous (1335127322534.jpg 1920x1080 466kB)
Sordid Sam, a dour decent deblancer, the unwashed, haunted always by his ham, the unwished, at a word from Israfel the Summoner, passed away painlessly after life's upsomdowns one hallowe'en night, ebbrous and in the state of nature, propelled from Behind into the great Beyond by footblows coulinclouted upon his oyster and atlas on behanged and behooved and behicked and behulked of his last fishandblood bedscrappers, a Northwegian and his mate of the Sheawolving class.

2 hours later 3004100 Anonymous
On this trick all the arts of persuasion, all the more subtle sophisms, really depend; for the logical sophisms, such as mentiens, velatus, cornutus, and so on, are obviously too clumsy for actual application.

2 hours later 3004102 Anonymous
"He stands, as an effigy, at the apex, eager to swallow whole the world and begin life anew -- rendt betwixt the corporeal and ethereal." Treatise on Critical Logic and Modern Thought Sir Julian MacLemore, c.a. 1357

2 hours later 3004119 Anonymous
If the Bible is read with only the natural understanding, its deepest truths will never be grasped, and the result may only be confusion and difficulty.

2 hours later 3004133 Anonymous
"Nous entrons dans l'avenir à reculons."

2 hours later 3004150 Anonymous
"You know that?" 'that?' in this case is italicized.

2 hours later 3004156 Anonymous (as-i-lay-dying.jpg 304x475 55kB)
"Overhead the day drives level and gray, hiding the sun by a flight of gray spears." it's all in italics, from As I Lay Dying. it's Darl's chapter this time

2 hours later 3004162 Anonymous
He sang it, as he blissfully proclaimed, "free of charge", just as nuttily as Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five did on the record he obliged all the Daredevils to listen to whenever, for whatever refractory purpose ( to play dollar-limit seven-card stud, to examine for the millionth time the drawings in his TIllie the Toiler "hot book," on rare occasions to hold a circle jerk), we entered his nefarious bedroom when nobody else was home.

2 hours later 3004166 Anonymous
>>3003826 "open your mouth." he said. i opened my mouth. Quentin hit the match with her hand and it went away.

2 hours later 3004167 Anonymous
>>3003826 The fuck? The most boring sentence on the page. "There he was, without bread and in the street with his wife and children." Les Miserables, Signet Classics translation.

2 hours later 3004168 rangaha
Yet all they who heard or redelivered are now with that family of bards and Vergobretas himself and the crowd of Caraculacticors as much no more as be they not yet now or had they then not-ever been.

3 hours later 3004233 Anonymous
"The Completists, on the other hand, a relative but articulate minority, are convinced that the footage is comprised of snippets from a finished work, one whose maker chooses to expose it piecemeal and in nonsequential order."

4 hours later 3004254 Anonymous
>>3004168 > Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

4 hours later 3004256 Anonymous
"I want to sleep." I said.

4 hours later 3004258 Anonymous
Fust time I ever laid with a girl was there.

4 hours later 3004263 Anonymous
"What is the point of these threads?" Meursault said quite Frenchly.

4 hours later 3004267 Anonymous
He shot a questioning glance at each of us, placed his shiny top hat upon the sideboard, and, with a slight bow, sidled down into the nearest chair.

4 hours later 3004271 Anonymous
"When the ultimate Mediterranean light fell on the world around me, I could see it was supremely beautiful; but when it touched me, I felt it was hostile." - The Magus, John Fowles

4 hours later 3004284 Anonymous
>>3003826 Journal of Social History Winter 1978 12(2) has no page 49

5 hours later 3004312 Anonymous
Society of the Spectacle, by Guy Debord, doesn't actually have page numbers, so i had to count. It is known how much the scientific application of insane ideology has cost the Russian economy, if only through the imposture of Lysenko.

5 hours later 3004332 Anonymous
"Pour la première fois, il découchait." Emile Zola, Germinal

5 hours later 3004335 Anonymous A People's History of the United States
>>3003826 A letter to Peter Zenger's New York Journal in 1737 descrubed the poor street urchin of New York as "an Object in Human Shape, half starv'd with Cold, with Cloathes out at the Elbows, Knees through the Breeches, Hair standing on end....From the age about four to Fourteen they spend their Days in the Streets...then they are put out as Apprentices, perhaps four, five, or six years...."

5 hours later 3004347 Anonymous
>>3004271 Goddamn Fowles you don't disappoint.

5 hours later 3004348 Anonymous
"Several of them would have protested if they could have found the right arguments."-George Orwell

5 hours later 3004351 Anonymous
"The concept of agency contains two elements, and when we separate them clearly, I think we shall see that the present analysis has not left anything out." - The Essential Donald Davidson. My one wasn't very fun, was it?

5 hours later 3004352 Standard Toaster
"The peace of all this is painful and oppressive." The Book of Disquiet, by Fernando Pessoa

6 hours later 3004374 Anonymous
No less an authority than the former director of Central Intelligence, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter admitted to a cover-up in a letter to the New York Times in 1960, shortly before publication of the report.

6 hours later 3004407 Anonymous
This thought gave me a certain satisfaction.

7 hours later 3004433 Anonymous
"I can't have bacon. I'm a vegetarian." -pharamakon by Dirk wittenborn

7 hours later 3004436 Screwtape
"But from another point of view, nothing could be harder." Plato, "Laws" (cited in Women's Life in Greece and Rome) the rest of the section is about incest and homosexuality tho

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