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2012-09-24 04:54 3003825 Anonymous (images.jpg 201x251 11kB)
I'm linguistically retarded but I want to impress people with my prose. Recommend me some books with high quality prose that I can study and mimic.

2 min later 3003833 Anonymous
Finnegans Wake

23 min later 3003861 rangaha
Finnegans Wake

31 min later 3003878 Anonymous
Finnegans Wake

32 min later 3003883 Anonymous
Anything by Dostoevsky. Great Gatsby is an obvious one. Lolita by Nabokov. Finnegans Wake

33 min later 3003886 Anonymous
Finnegans Wake

36 min later 3003892 Anonymous
Try Finnegan's wake. Use this punctuation though.

39 min later 3003901 Anonymous (autism.png 580x461 85kB)
Lol, this thread.

1 hours later 3003935 Anonymous
Finnegans Wake

1 hours later 3003939 Anonymous
>>3003883 >The Great Gatsby I don't want to sound pretentious even though I am

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