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2012-09-24 04:40 3003789 Anonymous (heartofdarkness.jpg 510x680 89kB)
Hey, /lit/- I'm getting ready to read Heart of Darkness. My brother is an English major and says it's possibly his favorite book. What should I keep in mind/look for while reading?

7 min later 3003808 Anonymous
images of white and black, keep those in mind. Pay careful attention to the representation of Europeans and Congolese, how they're treated and described. Hopefully your edition has annotations, if anything is confusing go look it up, the first thing that comes to mind is the colored map (don't worry you'll get it). It's dense as fuck, there's going to be shit you won't get. Race plays a big role, so does imperialism. Never forget those two. Conrad is saying a lot of shit here, so take notes if you can. Look for stuttering, breaks, and lies.

8 min later 3003810 Anonymous
Oh god, that book. One day my dad showed up with a load of books he thought I should read, that being one of them, and I hated every page of it.

9 min later 3003812 Anonymous
It was 2deep4me. I didn't really take anything from it, Conrad's writing style is really weird to me

10 min later 3003815 Franz
It's dense, but it pays off in the end. You may find it agonizing, but it will pay off in the end (and rereads will be quite fun, actually).

10 min later 3003817 Anonymous
>>3003810 this isn't one of those threads anon remember: >What does /lit/ think of [x] is not >What should I keep in mind/look for while reading?

15 min later 3003831 Anonymous
>>3003808 >Look for stuttering, breaks, and lies. Not sure what you mean here- elaborate for my dum hed? Your post number is gorgeous, by the way.

17 min later 3003835 Anonymous
>>3003831 While you're reading it, you can tell someone's lying, 'cause when they're replying, they stutter-stutter-s-s-stutter-stutter.

26 min later 3003844 Anonymous
imagine humid day, hot and wet, mosquito, wet shoes, dark water, dark green foliage. imagine being thirsty all the time and the nearest water potable is has floating insects and dirt in the bottom

34 min later 3003857 Anonymous
I recently read an article by Teju Cole related to that book, somewhat. http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2012/09/natives-on-the-boat.html

39 min later 3003866 Anonymous
Watch the decay, the descent into the black. Amazing fucking book. Apocalypse Now didn't do it justice.

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