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2012-09-24 04:26 3003749 Anonymous (lungng.jpg 500x400 10kB)
Out of the trunk, the branches grow

1 min later 3003753 Anonymous
that, the longer he considered it, made no sense at all.

2 min later 3003756 Anonymous
>due to excessive tightness or play in the bevel side gears or planet gears. Unfortunately, the nearest book to me is a Fiat X1/9 owner's manual.

4 min later 3003759 Anonymous
day and night, were so exhausting that according to Giacomo one simply could not bear it if one did not sleep on one's feet for a few minutes now and then. ....what

5 min later 3003761 Anonymous
Home, thought Rolfe as well.

8 min later 3003766 Anonymous
Diverse groups asserting diverse theologies based on diverse written texts, all claiming to be written by apostles of Jesus.

9 min later 3003770 Anonymous
"I, I-I'm sorry, what?"

9 min later 3003771 Anonymous
entre dans la cuisine. [enters the kitchen] Am I going to be a married woman?

11 min later 3003776 Anonymous
Come up with something more clever, OP. This is retarded. -Of Mice & Men

12 min later 3003782 Anonymous
He would leave behind this selling of yards of cloth and ever more yards of cloth over a counter.

12 min later 3003783 Anonymous
>No, I don't like work. Heart of Darkness. I shit you not.

14 min later 3003788 Anonymous
Scarcely watched over by a helmeted employee, half god, half robot.

14 min later 3003792 Anonymous
My companions were asleep.

15 min later 3003795 Anonymous
"You may scrape and scrape, as the present owner has done, or plane and plane, as his father did, or scrub and scrub, as his grandfather did, or burn and burn with strong acids, as his great-grandfather did, but, there the blood will still be--no redder and no paler--no more and no less--always just the same." Or, for short, Ymsasatpohdopapahfdosasahgdobabwsaahggdbttbwsbnranpnmanlajts.

17 min later 3003798 Anonymous
"......an artist's model led to many amazing and unusual poses." I like where this is going!

18 min later 3003801 Anonymous
Louder than a cowboy sporting a pair of shiny new silver spurs

21 min later 3003805 Anonymous
"...on the day of the funeral, an hour after she was buried."

23 min later 3003811 Franz (Oliver Sacks.png 466x343 150kB)
and abstract thought

27 min later 3003823 Anonymous
'...the final link in the chain i have forged.' oh

30 min later 3003832 Jeff Mangum Died For Your Sins
To put these threads of argument together, to unite the ideas of Berkeley and Hume with the feelings of Rousseau, to save religion from reason, and yet to save science from skepticism - that was the mission of Immanuel Kant. That musical'd be pomo as fuck

35 min later 3003838 Anonymous
"The bull's eyes were angry and Donald could feel the bull's hot breath on his face." I... is... a... is that supposed to... mean anything? ._.

36 min later 3003840 Anonymous
>Jesus drove out the devil and the dumb man spoke. story of my life

39 min later 3003843 Anonymous
>>3003840 I fuckin lol'd

42 min later 3003846 Anonymous
I remember, I didn't get surprised at all and I didn't ask a thing.

47 min later 3003852 Anonymous
... suction on a straw, so that the movement if the bubble we could see was the flow of the stream of water being sucked through them by the leaves.

49 min later 3003858 Anonymous
>would doff their hats oafishly and totter and grin and make obscene suggestions to the young girls. This is shit.

51 min later 3003860 Anonymous
while the sharpei sniffs a tree, then a garbage bag sitting next to the BMW.

51 min later 3003862 Anonymous
and on how in all three instances i recited them to myself with the words of the different experience of that sainted soul annihilated in the divine vision.

55 min later 3003869 Anonymous
"their individual functions and much more (Lin, Chen, Chiu, Lin, & Ko, 2011.)" Personally, their individual functions and much more, actually sounded kind of good.

55 min later 3003870 Anonymous
The floor of the bathroom had been painted a bright electric blue and on it was Tom's extensive collection of toy boats, sailing on an enamel sea around four white porcelain islands and one white porcelain continent: the legs of the tub, the base of the toilet. The Stand This is fucking stupid there's no way you guys all got pretentious philosophical sentences fuck you

56 min later 3003872 Anonymous
>The rest of the sentence That kinda screwed me over. "smoke a cigar and watch it dissolve while listening to my Walkman, but I want to keep the men's bodies seperate from the women's, and besides I also want to watch Bloodhungry, the videotape I rented this afternoon--its ad line reads "Some clowns makey ou laugh, but Bobo will make you die and then he'll eat your body"--and a midnight trip to Hell's Kitchen, even without a stop at Bellvue's for a small bite to eat wouldn't give me enough time."

1 hours later 3003898 Anonymous
>>3003872 American Psycho, eh? Maybe if you summerised it? "Dissolving bodies & Separating Corpses; Clown Horror Hungry."

1 hours later 3003905 Anonymous
Insights into his soul have been sadly disappointing.

1 hours later 3003906 Anonymous
even Einstein did not completely have special relativity in 1905, and it took Minkowski's 4-dimensional perspective of 1908 to complete the picture; see §17.8.

1 hours later 3003916 Anonymous
>>3003906 It seems I'm a late bloomer, so this makes sense on the second reading

1 hours later 3003919 Anonymous
>[...]not the Duke of -?' replied the mercer. I think I'd rather have an entire sentence.

1 hours later 3003926 Anonymous
I wake up with a gnawing sensation of dissatisfaction

1 hours later 3003929 Anonymous
This seems to be true both at the macroscopic and 'classical-like' level I assume by "the rest of that sentence" OP means we can choose which direction, backwards or forwards to get the rest of the sentence.

1 hours later 3003980 Anonymous
>His oration produced and extremely marked effect. Well, that was fucking pretentious.

1 hours later 3003987 SadCat
'I really don't eat all that much.' Fucking lol'd.

2 hours later 3004002 Anonymous
I just made that up.

2 hours later 3004003 Anonymous
A Taxi.

2 hours later 3004008 Anonymous
"an historical event that was recorded in the bible"

2 hours later 3004009 Anonymous
>"It's a friend of mine--a Cheshire-Cat," said Alice: "Allow me to introduce it."

2 hours later 3004010 Anonymous
"twas told me you were rough, and coy, and sullen"

2 hours later 3004015 Anonymous
The ever-suspicious Markov had sensed a certain hostility behind this joke.

2 hours later 3004024 Anonymous
Export License Not Required.

2 hours later 3004063 Anonymous
...the technique of stammering somehow, almost in a daze, the necessary small talk.

2 hours later 3004065 Anonymous (1334191771430.jpg 1660x1176 890kB)
"Home!, I wash dishes at FUCKING hooters!"

2 hours later 3004070 Anonymous
breathe, gentleman

2 hours later 3004074 LeDeathGripDefener
"My eldest cat, 'Nigger-Man', was seven years old and had come with me from my home in Bolton, Massachusetts." This whole concept is shitty. What if someone pulled out something by McCarthy, where the sentences are miles long? That would just be an awkward title.

2 hours later 3004077 Anonymous
Nullus amor populis nec foedera sunto

2 hours later 3004080 Anonymous
>>3004074 Pretty sure this is lovecraft

2 hours later 3004088 Anonymous
>>3004074 What kind of faggot retard would have McCarthy lying around?

2 hours later 3004107 Anonymous
>>3004088 >not liking McCarthy

2 hours later 3004109 Anonymous
>>3004080 Yeah. I had one of his anthologies lying nearby.

2 hours later 3004118 Anonymous
"[..] nearby, bleached and pasty, arms limp on the orchid-figured comforter, raising her head anxiously."

2 hours later 3004121 Anonymous
>>3004107 >reading contemporary lit McCarthy is as far from ASOIAF as Inception is from Transformers Not at all

2 hours later 3004129 Anonymous (image.jpg 275x183 22kB)
Tiger looked serious....

3 hours later 3004160 Anonymous
>>3004121 >not caring about the evolution of literature You're the literary equivalent of those twelve year-olds who exclusively listen to popular rock recorded before 1990.

3 hours later 3004161 Anonymous
"A poignant chaos was welling within me..."

3 hours later 3004163 Anonymous
>The this, the that, the other, and the next; Pretty cool.

3 hours later 3004206 Anonymous
"dismissed as dreamers."

4 hours later 3004235 Anonymous
preferably purposeful things to unremember.

4 hours later 3004244 Anonymous
>>3004160 Hold on dude, did you just claim that muthofucken McCarthy represents some sort of 'evolution of literature'?? As in, Cormac 'middlebrow pulp' McCarthy?

4 hours later 3004248 Anonymous
"And there was a crush on the bridge itself.'

4 hours later 3004249 Anonymous
>>3004244 I was judging you more on the fact that you denounced contemporary literature as a whole.

4 hours later 3004276 Anonymous
>>3004249 First of all, I'm a different guy than the original guy you're replying to. Second, the original guy pointed out that there is very little difference, artistically, between 'aSoIaF' and Cormac's writing, which is spot-on and very true. (Well, Cormac, at least, has the artistic integrity to not regurgitate the same book five times in a row in an attempt to cash in his accidental popularity.)

4 hours later 3004283 Anonymous
>>3004244 >>3004276 keep on keepin' on dude. i'm sure that if you keep insulting "middlebrow pulp" you'll be cool & popular & everyone will see what great taste you have & you'll make lots of money & your books will be read & you'll be on oprah instead of that hack franzen & you'll have lots of friends who are famous writers & you'll namedrop them casually in interviews & you'll get all the young literati girls to suck your dick & you'll be so so happy & you'll have finally made it & it will all have been worth it & everything will be perfect and beautiful just keep on doing it

5 hours later 3004300 Anonymous
>>3004244 If Blood Meridian and Suttree are 'middlebrow pulp,' then what is high quality American literature? Please list?

5 hours later 3004306 Anonymous (diddly.jpg 106x145 18kB)
Hey, really -- they can sew it back on -- really

5 hours later 3004309 Anonymous
>>3004283 Sweet child, I'm nearing on 32 years old, I have a son and debt I have to pay off. The last thing I care about is looking 'cool & popular' and getting stupid broads to 'suck my dick'.

5 hours later 3004310 Anonymous
>>3004300 'Invisible Man', 'Song of Solomon', 'Moby Dick'. (If you stick strictly to 'American' and 'novel'.)

5 hours later 3004331 Anonymous
"But priests can have no friends."

5 hours later 3004333 Anonymous
Mirror gazing seems to me a very grim act. >my journal

6 hours later 3004354 Anonymous
"the only good human being is a dead one"-page 39 of animal farm by George Orwell somewhat unexpected

9 hours later 3004554 Anonymous
The lesbian is characterised simply by her refusal of the male and her preference of the feminine flesh; but every adolescent female fears penetration and masculine domination, and she feels a certain repulsion for the man's body; on the contrary, the feminine body is for her, as for man, an object of desire.

9 hours later 3004556 Anonymous
Do not fear. Yo, wow. That was a feeling, right there.

9 hours later 3004571 Anonymous
"It was after a night like this that I shocked the community with a queer conceit about the burial of the rich and celebrated Squire Brewster, a maker of local history who was interred in 1711, and whose slate headstone, bearing a graven skull and crossbones, was slowly crumbling to powder." - The Tomb by H.P Lovecraft Eldritch Tales, A Miscellany Of The Macabre, page 141. Oh.

9 hours later 3004580 Anonymous
"The dreamer in his corner wrote off the world in a detailed daydream that destroyed, one by one, all the objects in the world" - House of Leaves, page 333

11 hours later 3004644 Anonymous
>"aproved" black man, created a narcotics cure program as successful as the one conducted under the aegis of the Muslims, why, there would be government subsidy, and praise and spotlights, and headlines. Well shit

11 hours later 3004648 Anonymous (1346534546689.jpg 1024x1024 191kB)
a large coke, a banana milk shake and a strawberry slurry.

11 hours later 3004653 Anonymous
>The End approaches, when Judgement is passed over every living creature, even he, the old man, goes to battle! This guy is far too similar Celine, whom I don't even like. Good title provided a little tidying up though.

11 hours later 3004657 Anonymous
Ahh crap: >Edy Boardman was noticing it too because she was squinting at Gerty, half-smiling, with her specs, like an old maid, pretending to nurse the baby. I just moved, so it's the only book in my flat for now -.-

11 hours later 3004658 Anonymous
"and he stuffed the larger part of the hunk in his mouth." I uh... hm.

11 hours later 3004667 Anonymous
>The incinerator didn't completely reduce bodies to ash, the attendants had to put them through this crushing device to grind down the stubborn skeletal larger bones: the pelvis and the skull Fair enough.

11 hours later 3004671 Anonymous
Had ripping times in the dark. It's a Phillip Larkin collection. I kind of like this.

11 hours later 3004682 Anonymous
Shakespeare comes to what may be described in a modern sense as horror.

11 hours later 3004734 Anonymous
"high ridgeline that connects Deogyu-san's highest southern peak with the highest peak to its north" i am not impressed OP.

13 hours later 3004849 Anonymous
When I'm alone I can come up with endless bon mots, acerbic ripostes to remarks no one has made, sociable flashes of wit exchanged with no one; but all this disappears when I'm confronted by another human being. -The Book of Disquiet Welp

13 hours later 3004871 Anonymous
us >huh

13 hours later 3004880 Anonymous
O Lord, that was a sufficient answer to those men, themselves deceived and deceiving others, dumb yet talking much (for from them your Word did not sound forth) - that was indeed a sufficient answer which long ago, while we were still at Carthage, Nebridius used to propose, and which impressed all of us who heard it. I don't even know..

13 hours later 3004896 Anonymous
Two narratives - x 7, x 8 - lack individual worth; mere juxtaposition lends them effectiveness . . . .

13 hours later 3004901 Anonymous (lovecraft smile.jpg 250x296 19kB)
>...events I will not even begin to describe on paper. From a collection of Lovecraft's short stories, picked with eyes closed. I don't know if I should be happy or horrified.

13 hours later 3004907 Anonymous
That night they rode through a region electric and wild where strange shapes of soft blue fire ran over the metal of the horses’ trappings and the wagonwheels rolled in hoops of fire and little shapes of pale blue light came to perch in the ears of the horses and in the beards of the men. Catchy

13 hours later 3004913 Anonymous
We defined this in our Ethics, and we here state, again, that happiness is an activity and a complete utilization of virtue, not conditionally but absolutely.

13 hours later 3004915 Anonymous
...Senora Fortunata went on to recount the story in so many details that halfway through Quail grew bored and went outside to stretch his legs in the sun. Sure is a wordy title.

13 hours later 3004916 Anonymous
>(He is immediately crestfallen, Guil is disgusted) In medias res, high-brow spaghetti plot in the making.

20 hours later 3005772 Anonymous (I'MOKWITDIS.jpg 299x169 11kB)
>Mrs Levy shouted. "Make fun of this neglected creature". Should be pretty easy to guess what this is out of...

20 hours later 3005777 Anonymous
"These Are Not Intelligence." I'm okay with this.

20 hours later 3005778 Anonymous
it agrees- doxographicaly, as it were- with the thesis of realism in its results.

20 hours later 3005789 Anonymous
"I Can't Wait Here All Day", a slapstick tragicomedy with Brecht influences

20 hours later 3005791 Anonymous
>>3003749 >unified action was in fact possible, what were the mechanisms by which this class translated its will into political decisions? Yeah, that suits. I guess it would be Trotsky in Exile meets Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

20 hours later 3005792 Anonymous
"It was not in delirium, it was in reality!"

20 hours later 3005833 Anonymous
disturbed until it's time to go to sleep

20 hours later 3005838 Anonymous
>Moreover, the fragments that have been used to prove the existence of an assembly at any period have been drawn from late authors far removed from the scene or have referred to events in the Hellenistic era. erm

20 hours later 3005840 Anonymous
"partner with the UN system." Interesting.

20 hours later 3005842 Anonymous
or those superiors be not of stronger parts than themselves, that serve and obey them that are weaker. This thread sucks.

20 hours later 3005861 Anonymous
una pared había una larga mesa con todo tipo de accesoriors y en un rincón se veín un trípode, un gran ventilador eléctrico y un foco. That is from a translated version of College Weekend. Makes no sense.

20 hours later 3005868 Anonymous
'Those are the mystery parts.' Badass.

21 hours later 3005918 Blackbear
>For ever happy: him who disobeys John Milton, Paradise Lost.

21 hours later 3005964 Anonymous
>My past burst its tombs; many a pain that had been buried alive awoke, having merely slept, hidden in burial shrouds. fucking dark and edgy

21 hours later 3005966 Anonymous
"Fuckshitfuckfuck" He said, in English

21 hours later 3005968 Anonymous
>"...this is a tragic case, and various attempts have been made to justify the craniotomy on other grounds". Pretty much sums it up. Conduct & Character: Readings in Moral Theory - Mark Timmons

21 hours later 3005971 Anonymous
"The others in the dorm thought I wanted to be a writer, because I was always alone with a book. , but I had no such ambition" Dunno if good for musical but it pretty much describes my current life perfectly. It simply couldn't have been said more perfect.

21 hours later 3005983 Anonymous
The syrup was for pregnant women.

21 hours later 3006040 Anonymous (450px-Head_Odysseus_MAR_Sperlonga.jpg 450x599 49kB)
>Odysseus as usual was on the sandy shore letting his salt tears flow while he gazed at the empty sea. Okay then.

22 hours later 3006044 Anonymous
>>3005983 Mother Night?

22 hours later 3006057 Anonymous
>>3006044 Close, it's actually from the Kurt Vonnegut section of The Paris Review Interviews, Vol. 1.

22 hours later 3006089 Anonymous
She shook easily out of the T-shirt, arms unfolding full length above her head, and Bill almost turned away.

22 hours later 3006092 Anonymous
and had been known to spend two years in bed reading and writing after which, much refreshed, he went for the first and only time to London, but the weather was foggy, and he could not understand the language, and so went back to bed for another year

22 hours later 3006145 Anonymous (1342040996791.png 386x387 41kB)
"Harness Bells", of course, allude to "Sleighing Song", a popular Christmas tune of the time the poem was written in which the refrain "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!" appears; thus again are we put on the Christmas track.

22 hours later 3006151 Anonymous
"We All Jumped To The Music And Agreed"

22 hours later 3006152 Anonymous
To change metaphors, Ulysses has the mother lode, and I entreat you to pick up your pan, prospect, and get whatever nuggets manage to trickle down the river. Yep.

22 hours later 3006153 Anonymous
"I obscenity in the milk of your mother" Fucking Hemingway

22 hours later 3006167 Anonymous
"the more she drank, the more she shat, but the more she shat the thirstier she grew, and her thirst sent her crawling to the stream to suck up more water"

22 hours later 3006171 Anonymous
"In what circumstances, then, do we come to interpret them?" funderful

23 hours later 3006180 Anonymous
...the nature of the true, against the truer than true (which immediately becomes pornographic), against the obscenity of obviousness, against this unclean promiscuity with itself that we call resemblance, we must remake illusion, rediscover illusion, this power, at once immoral and maleficent, to tear the same away from the same, called seduction. >I shit you not, and what a glorious musical it will be. Jean Baudrillard - Fatal Strategies

23 hours later 3006189 Anonymous
Note that instead of adding new drawable resources for the options menu icons, you use built-in drawable resources from the Android SDK to have a common look and feel across applications.

23 hours later 3006197 Anonymous
"a number of languages" But I can only speak one.

23 hours later 3006259 Anonymous
>>3006197 But I can speak only one.*

23 hours later 3006281 Anonymous
"I'd rather see even you dead in your coffin first." -Faulkner

23 hours later 3006286 Anonymous
...and like the little girl in the story, tumble into oblivion. Well then.

23 hours later 3006292 Anonymous
And now I have no place to build them.

23 hours later 3006303 Anonymous
"Slowly, carefully,' Lake Said, I;m green on the outside..." (Jeff Vandemeer, City of Saints and Madmen, pg 201)

24 hours later 3006324 Anonymous
For a long time she looked after the disappearing bird.

24 hours later 3006328 Anonymous
"of giving me the facts I want." (How to Win Friends and Influence People, pg 94, 1936 edition) accurate

25 hours later 3006439 Anonymous
He wore good and fashionable clothes,

25 hours later 3006442 Anonymous
Hence I limit myself to sharing his tea, his bhang, and his tranquility from time to time.

25 hours later 3006448 Anonymous
The Most Powerful Means There Is

25 hours later 3006470 Anonymous
Two Pianos and Percussion is 433 bars in length, with the recapitulation beginning at bar 274.

25 hours later 3006482 Anonymous
"To perform using a music preset" (page E-50) and select the music preset you want to edit in order to create your user music preset.

25 hours later 3006487 Anonymous
-¡Oh! -Exclamé-. Si eso fuera tan sencillo... Yo me he ocupado bastante de la vida, Dios lo sabe, y no ha servido de nada. I don't feel like translating that for you. Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf.

25 hours later 3006522 Anonymous
"The learned volumes, written and read; the consultations and examinations; the anguish of answering questions and the delights of having one's word interpreted; all the stories told to oneself and to others, so much curiosity, so many confidences offered in the face of scandal, sustained--but not without trembling a little--by the obligation of truth; the profusion of secret fantasies and the dearly paid right to whisper them to whoever is able to hear them; in short, the formidable "pleasure of analysis" (in the widest sense of the term) which threWest has cleverly been fostering for several centuries: all this constitutes something transmitted by confession and the science of sex." 'Tats one arty musical.

25 hours later 3006523 Anonymous
"Alternatively, a single unusual phenomenon is in his presence, and he may (or may not) recognize it without trying." Well, that's unnerving.

25 hours later 3006529 Anonymous
"Like A White Quane," -Eugene O'Neil, The Hairy Ape

26 hours later 3006549 Anonymous
When we reached the table, I saw the boy had been hideously murdered.

27 hours later 3006736 Anonymous
He had plans to do (yah, that's about right)

27 hours later 3006742 Anonymous
While we, even as children, disfigured ourselves forever, you were like bread on the altar before it is changed.

28 hours later 3006751 Standard Toaster
"Art consists in making others feel what we feel, in freeing them from themselves by offering them our own personality." Page 225 of the Penguin Classics edition of Fernando Pessoa's "The Book of Disquiet"

28 hours later 3006788 Anonymous
If I acknowledge their superiority in the material realm, why don't they acknowledge mine in the spiritual?

28 hours later 3006791 Anonymous
bearing report to Angbad

28 hours later 3006805 Standard Toaster
>>3006791 Silmarillion?

28 hours later 3006806 Standard Toaster
>>3006805 >>3006791 No, Children of Hurin, right?

29 hours later 3006850 Anonymous
>>3003749 "[...] that day and night the cave-temple hums with the comings and goings of thousands of pilgrims and echoes with their songs and chants." >from "King, warrior, magician, lover".

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