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2012-09-24 04:17 3003734 Stunfisk (Perks.jpg 318x445 10kB)
Hey, /lit/. This is my first time here. Probably will be my only time here, since I don't read too too much. But I come here out of curiosity. This is my favorite book. And it has been for four years now. I read it in my Freshman year of high school, and have proceeded to read it 1-2 times each following school year. I've hit my Senior year now and have finished another reading of this. I simply wish to know /lit/'s opinions. On the book. I don't care about the movie. Not a bit. So, /lit/, what do you think? Any questions for me? What do you think of Chbosky's The Perks Of Being A Wallflower?

7 min later 3003748 Anonymous
It's a terrible book and you should feel terrible. The writing is barely on par and it in no way presents any interesting characters, themes, or plot points at an time throughout the book. Not only is the main character completely socially retarded, but he stays that way and learns absolutely zero from his experiences. To compound the fuckery even further, the author repeatedly shoves his only inspired, pseudo-deep idea of "I feel infinite" down the readers throat repeatedly because he couldn't come up with anything more quotable. As YA this is passable but anyone over the age of sixteen who enjoys this is a complete and utter retard who probably also thinks that the hunger games are the greatest action-adventure books of our time.

11 min later 3003757 Anonymous
>>3003748 Basically this. I really liked it when I was an overly angsty 9th grader, but I reread last year and hated it.

19 min later 3003775 Anonymous
>>3003734 Most people here on /lit/ hate it. For the same reason people hate their high school self. Perks is one of those types of books you can only read when you're in your teens, because you can relate to the book so well. But as you age, you lose that feeling, and Perks of Being a Wallflower will begin to lose that "magic" it once had because you can no longer relate to it. To be completely honest though, the book does capture that horrible feeling of being a teenager pretty well imo.

20 min later 3003781 Anonymous
I'm glad this will probably be your only time here OP

22 min later 3003785 Anonymous
I hated how the kid was supposed to be this literary genius, but writes like an autismal 3rd grader

26 min later 3003800 Anonymous
>>3003785 That didn't bother me. I've read plenty of my own stuff that my English teachers described as being absolutely great and wondered what they were smoking. He's a literary genius relatively speaking. It's all the other faggotry in the book that ruins it.

32 min later 3003813 Anonymous
completely contrary to what the OP is looking for: has anyone seen the movie? I don't live in NYC or LA so I can't. I didn't particularly like the book but I'd be interested to see opinions.

36 min later 3003822 Stunfisk
Alright, well, thanks for the opinions, guys. I'm un-surprised that you didn't like it. But I was curious to see if anyone had some kind of sentimental tie to it like I did. Feel free to let this die now. Thanks.

46 min later 3003841 Anonymous
>>3003822 I have a sentimental tie to it. That's why I refuse to read it again, because I know I'll hate it the second time around.

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