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2012-09-24 03:19 3003603 Anonymous (awkward family photo.jpg 395x500 21kB)
do you think if nietzsche lived today he would wear goth clothes?

1 min later 3003606 Anonymous

1 min later 3003607 Anonymous
He'd be wearing hiking and mountain climbing gear, and generally be closer to Ray Mears or Les Stroud.

11 min later 3003641 Anonymous
He would be on the dole and have a blog.

15 min later 3003650 Anonymous
if nietzsche was a 16year old middle class amerifat suffering all the same ailments but having no access to classical philology as it was practiced in the second reich he would most probably be one of those nasty nietzsche fanboys online, indeed. the do like that only what they can readily understand - the fw nietzsche attitude, caused by little more than chronical pains.

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