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2012-09-24 03:06 3003542 Anonymous (seizethemeansofproduction.jpg 400x284 30kB)
I know it's hardly "literature" but can anyone suggest good but not quite so famous Tom Clancy novels? The more famous movies are quite old by now and I've seen them all. Curiously, I seem to be on a Cold War binge at the moment. I've recently watched BBC miniseries for "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" and "Smiley's People". The lead me to read "The Honorable Schoolboy", also by John LeCarre. I randomly found myself watching a Michael Palin travel series where he find himself in Russia 2 days before the Soviet Union falls. I have a craving for old Zeitgeist.

7 min later 3003576 Anonymous
Without Remorse is probably my favorite Clancy novel, and it's not generally considered one of his more well known works.

22 min later 3003634 Anonymous
Red Storm Rising starts really well, but gets bogged down in paint-by-numbers Clancy Americawank.

36 min later 3003670 Anonymous
oh, just watch american cinema

41 min later 3003683 Anonymous
>>3003670 Thet 70s-early 80s was decent (The Day of the Jackal). The late 80s got a bit silly. On film it was even worse - all Arnold and Chuck Norris. And if you liked The Jackal with Bruce Willis you ought to be hit with a shovel.

2 hours later 3003936 Anonymous
>>3003683 The Day of the Jackal has nothing to do with anything OP mentioned.

3 hours later 3004087 Anonymous
>>3003576 Without Remorse is great, and its only drawback is that it is tied into the Jack Ryan universe. Executive Orders is interesting because of the plane crash and Clancys envisioning of a proper US govt. and president, but the story sucks. Hunt for Red October I love Rainbow Six is suprisingly good for having been written to give backstory to a video game. The real Jack Ryan mainstays are all eh to me.

4 hours later 3004096 Anonymous
>>3003936 And it isn't even "American cinema".

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