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2012-09-24 02:30 3003408 Anonymous (waterhouse_hylas_and_the_nymphs3.jpg 600x357 46kB)
Could you suggest a good anthology of Greek and/or Roman mythology covering the majority of myths? If not, could you recommend some good authors and translators?

5 min later 3003437 Anonymous
Bettermyths.com Trust me on this one.

24 min later 3003504 Anonymous
Interesting site, but I feel like I have come across many of these stories already. I want the original stuff... well the translated original stuff.

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1 hours later 3003710 Anonymous
Thomas Bulfinch's Mythology is a pretty thorough anthology. It goes beyond Greco-Roman, but i thought it was decent when i read it back in the day.

1 hours later 3003728 Anonymous
>>3003437 >>3003437 Couldn't stop the tears of laughter after reading the hercules one. Much appreciated anon

17 hours later 3005094 Anonymous (satyr.jpg 300x510 24kB)
>>3003710 Not bad - seems like good armchair reading, which is essentially what I am interested in with regards to this. Though, I have another question and perhaps you could answer it: do you think Bulfinch's background prevents him from truthfully depicting all the naughty bits? To be honest, the naughty bits interest me the most. I'm convinced my Catholic education hid them all from me. Cheers

17 hours later 3005114 Anonymous
Hesiod - Theogony (Pseudo-)Apollodorus - Bibliotheca Ovid - Metamorphoses Bibliotheca is so badly written, but maybe you won't feel this in a translation.

17 hours later 3005125 Anonymous
>>3005094 > I'm convinced my Catholic education hid them all from me. Oh my. Dat historical ignorance!

17 hours later 3005157 Anonymous
Theogony The Homeric Hymns That is all.

18 hours later 3005209 Anonymous
>>3005114 >>3005157 I think I'll start with the Hymns and move on to Ovid afterwards. Thanks for the help.

18 hours later 3005228 Anonymous
Edith Hamilton's Mythology is pretty good

18 hours later 3005238 Anonymous (Hero_1000_faces_book_2008.jpg 187x300 26kB)

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