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2012-09-24 02:16 3003354 Anonymous (45640353.jpg 431x300 49kB)
>Not believing in your soul. What does it feel like to be an accidental meat-machine wandering a desert of futile ego treadmills to oblivion?

6 min later 3003381 Anonymous
For the most part, its quite enjoyable.

8 min later 3003389 Anonymous
>accidental There can't be any accidents if there's no stated purpose. >futile See above >to oblivion You atheists make me laugh

10 min later 3003395 Anonymous
Feels mind-blowing.

10 min later 3003399 Anonymous
Not having a soul is not like being a meat-machine. Listening to soul makes you a sex-machine, though. Also, this: >>3003389 I like the way this guy puts the contradictions in what was said. I'm an atheist though.

12 min later 3003403 Anonymous
What reason do you have to believe in a soul? Or is the fear of the idea of an accidental meat-machine making you seek comfort and reassurance in fantasies? Super edgy, I know.

14 min later 3003412 Anonymous
>they've never invoked a demon before atheists are closed to experience

17 min later 3003428 Anonymous
You mean these souls? 8. A sense of ethnic pride among Black people and especially African Americans, expressed in areas such as language, social customs, religion, and music. 9. A strong, deeply felt emotion conveyed by a speaker, a performer, or an artist. 10. Soul music.

18 min later 3003435 Anonymous
>>3003403 What I live, here and now, is fantasy. Time/Space/World and Self are constructs of my egoic mind. What regards itself as "I" is a dream. A ghost. Nothing is real, this is all a dream/illusion. Imagined by the egoic mind. As I am, I am trapped. Asleep in a prison. Only Soul is real. I must wake up to that Love Reality.

27 min later 3003465 Anonymous
>>3003354 How does it feel like being in complete isolation from the outside world--as a ghost tied to what you see as a shitty mass of flab? I'm part of the universal consciousness. All is one. Suck my dick.

44 min later 3003524 Anonymous
feels great knowing I won't be condemned to exist forever

47 min later 3003535 Anonymous
I don't base my beliefs off of what I want to be or what I want to happen. I base them off of what makes logical sense to me. And as the previous anon said, it's pretty mind blowing.

48 min later 3003537 Anonymous
>>3003535 being "mind blowing" is overrated and no it isn't >logic is overrated and "logical sense" is subjective

49 min later 3003543 Anonymous
Anything less than 100% strict atheist is complete bullshit. Stop shitting yourself over your own insignificance and get a whiff of the real world.

50 min later 3003544 Anonymous
I don't know karate, but I know ka-razy

50 min later 3003546 Anonymous
>>3003543 0/10 fucking retard back to /sci/ >real world you don't make me laugh

51 min later 3003547 Anonymous
>>3003537 It absolutely is. You obviously don't drop acid.

52 min later 3003558 Anonymous

53 min later 3003560 Anonymous
>>3003546 But that is what I genuinely beleive. Telling a religious or spiritual person that they are wrong is like telling a small child that he is a child and he yells "no I'm not!" right back.

54 min later 3003565 Anonymous
>>3003560 >beleive. ATHIESTS CANT SPEL WHO GIVES THE FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU BELIVE YOU SOCIOPATH SCUM Telling a atheist or close-minded person (atheist) that they are wrong is like telling a small child that he is a child and he yells "no I'm not!" right back.

54 min later 3003567 Anonymous
>>3003558 I genuinely don't know what point you are trying to make.

56 min later 3003574 Anonymous
/lit/ sucks. I regret trying it out.

58 min later 3003582 Anonymous
>>3003574 Stay. Help make it better. We're in the fucking dark ages over here.

58 min later 3003586 Anonymous

59 min later 3003591 Anonymous
>>3003582 No. Too much caps. And by that I mean one samefag who keeps using caps.

1 hours later 3003597 Anonymous
>>3003591 No. Too much cocks for me to suck. And by that I mean I'm a huge flaming woman hating faggot.

1 hours later 3003599 Anonymous
>>3003591 That guy just started doing that today. He sucks. There was a different Capsguy, but he was cool. I don't know if he still posts since he stopped doing the caps. thing.

1 hours later 3003608 Anonymous
>>3003599 >There was a different Capsguy, but he was cool. no he wasn't, he was a knob. > I don't know if he still posts since he stopped doing the caps. He was on earlier. He always makes sure to reference the whole "no pre-1950" bullshit so that we all know that he's a special little flower. The man's a tit.

1 hours later 3003612 Anonymous
>>3003608 He's perfectly fine compared to 80% of the sub-literate fucktards who post here.

1 hours later 3003616 Anonymous
>>3003612 Shut up capsguy.

1 hours later 3003620 Anonymous
>>3003354 "Feels" pretty much the same as when I believed in the existence of an immaterial soul.

1 hours later 3003627 Anonymous
I don't get it. Why do religious tards think Literature = religious or rather supernatural? There are plenty of literature dealing with natural world and natural events.

1 hours later 3003652 Anonymous
what's wrong with being a meat machine coded by genes and synthesised from food?

2 hours later 3003737 Anonymous
The only thing that matters is those hits, I need those hits

3 hours later 3003904 Anonymous (13423081_BG1.jpg 200x240 5kB)
>>3003616 Capsguy is my nigga dont you be hating

5 hours later 3004142 Anonymous
>>3003627 Religious != supernatural. 'Religious' means 'pertaining to the meaning of life or lack thereof'.

6 hours later 3004214 Anonymous
>implying the nonexistence of a soul means vulgar materialism What does it feel like to be 15 yo op? I forgot. The only thing you are describing is your ignorance.

20 hours later 3005536 Anonymous
>>3003435 >Time/Space/World and Self are constructs of my egoic mind. Self certainly but time & space are pretty defined, bro.

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