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2012-09-24 02:06 3003324 Anonymous (coursework-essay.jpg 298x288 26kB)
Maybe this question is a bit stupid but I have no idea so I would like anyone to answer. I should say I am not a native speaker of English. Do poets write poems at one sitting, in one moment? I always supposed that since they are relatively short, they write it down until they finish despite later, once written down 'the thing', it may take days, weeks or months of editing. I always assumed it is like this for 99% poems and for example, only those 'problematic' poems (like really long ones) won't work like this. I always asummed it is something 'of the moment', that it happens, and then you write it down and later if needed, editing comes. Somehow I thought you cannot mix poems as you cannot mix moments. That for writting a poem you cannot write some lines, then try again for another one in 1 hour or the next morning, and then put them together; or that if you stop, it is highly unlikely you will finish it. Am I right or writing poetry just works like writing a novel?

9 min later 3003352 Anonymous
>>3003324 > >Am I right or writing poetry just works like writing a novel? No - it's much more involved than writing a novel. Most poems are the product of endless editing, rewriting and change. That's the reason why so much amateur poetry is unreadable - it just gets dashed out onto the page and the "poet" says "ah, fuck it that will do". Pic related is a late draft of The Waste Land.

11 min later 3003359 Anonymous
it depends on the poet

14 min later 3003369 Anonymous
>>3003352 I'm still waiting for your pic related.

14 min later 3003370 Anonymous (1389548384583.jpg 401x604 77kB)
>>3003359 >it depends if you are a real poet fixed by the way i suggest poe's theory of composition

15 min later 3003374 Anonymous
>>3003352 >No - it's much more involved than writing a novel. whoa whoa whoa nigga, poetry is great and all, but come on.

20 min later 3003396 Anonymous (John-milton.jpg 896x854 87kB)
>Do poets write poems at one sitting, in one moment? So...Tired...

21 min later 3003401 Anonymous
>>3003370 Johnson said of Gray: "As a writer, he had this peculiarity—that he did not write his pieces first rudely, and then correct them, but laboured every line as it arose in the train of composition; and he had a notion, not very peculiar, that he could not write but at certain times, or at happy moments—a fantastic foppery to which my kindness for a man of learning and virtue wishes him to have been superior." So I mean, I do think it depends on the poet and their own process.

22 min later 3003402 Anonymous (wasteland.png 500x287 301kB)
>>3003369 Oh bollocks. Captcha must have eaten it. Here you go.

24 min later 3003411 Anonymous
>>3003374 It really is. With certain notable exceptions, most novelists don't labour over every individual word, endlessly rewriting for effect. On a word-for-word basis, poetry usually takes much longer to write and involves more revision.

27 min later 3003425 Anonymous
Anyone know any good books about poetry? How to compose it, etc.

28 min later 3003429 Anonymous (waste_land_edits.jpg 586x745 110kB)
>>3003402 That wasn't even the one I meant to post. I'm a drunken, fumble-fingered spastic tonight.

29 min later 3003434 Anonymous
>>3003411 >On a word-for-word basis, poetry usually takes much longer to write and involves more revision. But that doesn't mean it's more necesarily more involved. I'm measuring total involvement, not involvement per capita.

29 min later 3003436 Anonymous
>>3003411 That's a pretty bad point of perspective for comparison. A poet edits words. A novelist edits sentences. A poet edits rhythmic structure. A novelist edits paragraphs. Of course a poet is more meticulous. He doesn't have that many words to edit, does he?

32 min later 3003444 Anonymous
>>3003434 >>3003436 Whatever. Pointless argument anyway. Flaubert is probably the most anal novelist ever, took him days to write a single sentence sometimes, seeking le mot juste and all that froggie bollocks. Some poets can get it more or less right first off, others sweat and labour over it like precious flowers. In answer to OP - if you're writing poems in one go, they're only fit for /lit/, and we will be cruel about them.

20 hours later 3005498 Anonymous
I've been working on one poem for the last two years.

20 hours later 3005513 Anonymous
>>3005498 Is it any good?

21 hours later 3005522 Anonymous
So much morons in this thread. OP it's very much like writing a shitty novel. If you want a shitty novel you write in one sitting. If you want a good one you edit until slitting your wrists seems like a reasonable idea in comparison.

21 hours later 3005561 Anonymous (1278460449450.jpg 500x375 58kB)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyZ42tb0HO4 >Keep writing, don't look back, you'll eventually strike gold amidst torrents of crap.

21 hours later 3005577 Anonymous
>>3005513 Not enough. But it fits my expectations otherwise.

21 hours later 3005619 Anonymous
What makes good poetry anyway? Everytime I try to read a poem I feel like I'm missing the point. Am I supposed just to appreciate pointless but beautiful word-weaving?

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