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2012-09-24 01:52 3003278 Anonymous (netochka[1].jpg 324x500 25kB)
ITT: unfinished great books

1 min later 3003286 Anonymous
>inb4 The Pale King

26 min later 3003361 Anonymous (51SE8AD387L._SL500_AA300_.jpg 300x300 19kB)
Titus Awakes

28 min later 3003371 Anonymous

30 min later 3003382 Anonymous (Titus_Livius.png 400x484 124kB)
Ab Urbe Condita

40 min later 3003418 Anonymous
the trial. sort of.

1 hours later 3003660 Anonymous
>>3003418 also The Castle most definitely

1 hours later 3003668 Anonymous
Dead Souls. Book ends in midsentence.

1 hours later 3003669 Anonymous
For Whom the Bell Tolls

1 hours later 3003675 Anonymous

1 hours later 3003676 Anonymous
The Good Soldier Svjek, of course.

1 hours later 3003679 Anonymous
>>3003660 The Castle, definitely. I knew it wasn't finished before starting it but I still wept a few salty tears after finding it ends mid-fucking-sentence. Still a very good read though, and I'm glad Kafka at least hinted towards the ending before dying.

1 hours later 3003682 Anonymous
>>3003668 >Dead Souls. it was finished, but gogol chose to burn the parts he didn't like. pushkin lost some onegin chapters in a game of cards so niko thought it was fancy thing to do

1 hours later 3003685 Daniel Day-Lewis (1328260701426.png 325x326 195kB)
The Hideous Pale Men with Curious Brooms.

1 hours later 3003688 Anonymous
>>3003682 I thought I had read somewhere that Gogol had completed a second part and was working on a third part, but decided to burn them instead.

2 hours later 3003694 Anonymous
Sein und Zeit.

5 hours later 3004091 anonymous
The book of disquiet

5 hours later 3004097 Anonymous
The Man Without Qualities

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