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2012-09-24 01:17 3003182 Anonymous (images.jpg 178x282 10kB)
Has anyone read this?

4 min later 3003189 Anonymous
stone nine tailed fox

4 min later 3003190 Anonymous (tumblr_luz1vhNaST1qb0jas.png 500x500 102kB)
I did: pic related. But dont read middlesex, its shit.

32 min later 3003271 Anonymous
good, boring middlesex is good. need to read the new one?

3 hours later 3003768 Anonymous
The Marriage Plot has being getting mixed/bad reviews on Amazon so it's probably good.

3 hours later 3003845 Anonymous
Virgin Suicides and Wonder Boys make up my fave rave Better Than The Book (Which Was Also Pretty Good) contemporary-lit-based-film double feature. I genuinely wish someone would make a really funny and visually rich Oscar-bait Franzen adaptation so I could expand it into a triple threat.

5 hours later 3004025 Anonymous
I read about half of it, then I stopped because I was bored.

5 hours later 3004054 Anonymous
Oh cool it's /v/'s biography, might look into this.

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