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2012-09-24 01:14 3003170 Anonymous (che vs fag.jpg 979x387 62kB)
the two main idols of left and right wing after ww2 choose wisely -one of them is successful, leads men, enjoys the good life, dies the death of a hero -the other is a poser, works out in a gym, is not taken seriously by anybody except by his boyfriends, kills himself out of shame

6 min later 3003185 Anonymous
>implying anyone will defend Mishima's politics I'm reading his fiction now, he's a fantastic writer but he lived in a fantasy world of samurai myths and bygone eras that didn't actually exist. Killing himself was ironically a way to preserve that mythology. So Che I guess.

9 min later 3003195 Anonymous
Both their politics were shit but atleast Mishima made up for it by writing good books.

11 min later 3003197 Anonymous
>>3003195 speaking of which, was Che's motorcycle diaries any good?

12 min later 3003202 Anonymous
Che was a cretin compared to Mishima.

14 min later 3003207 Anonymous
>>3003202 What is the value of being a patrician if it involves no conception of social justice or a vision of the world that is just about hierarchy and order? I'd rather support a cretin with a heart than serve under a heartless patrician.

16 min later 3003211 Anonymous
I'm not sure if Mishima was really a main idol of the right. He was way too into his feudal dreams to attract the kind of admiration someone like Ayn Rand garnered.

19 min later 3003224 Anonymous
>>3003211 Rand is "admired" more than Mishima because her beliefs are useful to significant interests, i.e. republicans and right wing libertarians who wield significant power as a political base. Mishima's ideology was not useful at all, it was an impediment to modernisation and thus was rejected.

19 min later 3003225 Anonymous
Fidel Castro is cool, but Kurosawa is the better musician

26 min later 3003243 Anonymous
>>3003170 Che was a failure of a domestic leader (who paradoxically garnered fame from the same people he would have executed) and Mishima never had any power. If Mishima went fascist without going back to feudal japan I would choose him, even with his anti-modernization policies I choose him compared to a communist.

35 min later 3003270 Anonymous
>>3003195 How does it feel being so brainwashed by capitalist propaganda?

35 min later 3003272 Anonymous
I'm on the very far left and I think Mishima was awesome. Che? Eh... he was ok

36 min later 3003276 Anonymous
I'm on the very far left and I think Mishima was awesome. Che? Meh... I kinda think if you're on the right (especially if you're on the right in the west) and you idolise Mishima you've really misread his philosophy.

37 min later 3003277 Anonymous (image.jpg 400x505 59kB)
>>3003270 How does it feel being so brainwashed by communist propaganda?

38 min later 3003280 Anonymous
>>3003170 Is there also an idol of not giving a fuck?

40 min later 3003289 Anonymous
>>3003280 The Buddha, to some extent.

45 min later 3003307 Anonymous (eat poopoo.jpg 537x560 146kB)
>>3003277 We all know the US has violently intervened in every single democratic movement in South America and spewed every lie about those who've fought against their imperialism. The fact that you still believe the capitalist lie is hilarious at best.

47 min later 3003313 Anonymous (billy_idol.jpg 460x589 44kB)

51 min later 3003321 Anonymous (image.jpg 412x582 51kB)
>>3003307 Never said I agreed with western coercion on South America. I also don't believe violence and coercion are compatible with an actual free market system.

15 hours later 3004810 Anonymous
This thread gave me lols. Thank you.

16 hours later 3004824 Anonymous
They were both terrible. But as a Latino Che is especially abhorrent to me because he killed so many of my people.

16 hours later 3004841 Anonymous
>>3004824 is it true that you are planning to create a latino nation consisting of california and new mexico when SHTF in USA?

16 hours later 3004846 Anonymous
>>3004841 No. Latinos will naturally integrate with other Americans because Latinos have always been a mongrel race. Eventually our people will become one.

18 hours later 3005100 Anonymous
>>3003197 > speaking of which, was Che's motorcycle diaries any good? Yes, surprisingly good. Che was somewhat a buffoon (and a dangerous one) IRL, but his diaries are honest, sincere and emotionally engaging.

18 hours later 3005145 Anonymous (ded.jpg 668x409 52kB)

18 hours later 3005147 Anonymous
>>3005145 They both look preety satisfied.

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