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2012-09-24 12:41 3003100 Anonymous (jon.png 402x345 165kB)
If you don't have your library card memorized, then you shouldn't be on /lit/

1 min later 3003103 Anonymous
>>3003100 I don't have a library card, motherfucker. Jesus, do librarys still exist?

2 min later 3003106 Anonymous (1345824007115.png 390x470 11kB)
>library card

4 min later 3003108 Anonymous
I live 50 yards from a library and I don't have a card. Faggot.

4 min later 3003111 Anonymous
/lit/ hates a place that lets you read books for free. Go figure

10 min later 3003124 Anonymous
>>3003111 >/lit/ hates a place that lets you read books for free. Go figure The fuck are you talking about? I have to get up, leave my lair, deal with other humans, be in sunlight and fresh air, and expend fucking energy, when I can get whatever i want by typing.

12 min later 3003125 Anonymous
I have mine memorized, OP.

12 min later 3003128 Anonymous
>>3003124 Hey not everybody has an ereader. Or is laughably retarded.

14 min later 3003132 Anonymous
>>3003128 >2012 >not having a home printing press and bookbinding workshop

19 min later 3003140 Anonymous
>handling books that have been in other peoples' homes. NOPE.

24 min later 3003152 Anonymous
I shit you not when I was at my parents house last weekend I saw my brother's girlfriend reading a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey from a public fucking library. The amount of crusted disease-ridden middle aged pussy juice soaked into that disgusting fucking tome must be absurd. She took her hand off the book and scratched her face and I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

24 min later 3003154 Anonymous
<Buying books (helping out our authors). Don't be a cheap faggot.

26 min later 3003156 Anonymous
>>3003152 ROFL so true.

26 min later 3003157 Anonymous
>>3003154 >2012 >reading living authors

28 min later 3003159 Anonymous
>>3003124 OMG I feel you

30 min later 3003162 Anonymous
>>3003157 <Buying books <Helping out our local book stores. <Don't be a cheap faggot

33 min later 3003168 Anonymous
>own books >own Kindle >still go to the library Pirating books is nice as for as English language books go, but if I want to read The World as Will and Representation in my own language I'd rather read it from the library than spending 50 to 100 euro's on it without any idea yet if would like to read it more often. Also, libraries are nice places.

34 min later 3003176 Anonymous
>>3003124 >not being a flâneur

38 min later 3003184 Anonymous
>being so poor you have to share piss covered books with homeless people and students

51 min later 3003214 Anonymous
My library has nothing worth reading.

53 min later 3003226 Anonymous
>>3003184 >>3003184 >>3003184 >>3003184

58 min later 3003242 Anonymous (nechaev.jpg 334x489 50kB)
>>3003184 >being too bourgeois to ever really feel the feels of the suffering artists who wrote those books

59 min later 3003244 Anonymous
>>3003214 I find that very hard to believe. What is there like 5 books in the whole library or are you just very close minded

1 hours later 3003246 Anonymous
>>3003184 Homeless people don't read.

1 hours later 3003309 Anonymous
>>3003214 You know most libraries are part of a greater system and you can loan books from a whole bunch of establishments in your general area, right?

1 hours later 3003355 Anonymous
What's a library card, i steal all my books.

1 hours later 3003409 Anonymous
>>3003246 >not going to libraries and listening to a homeless bookworm lecture you during your lunch break about the wonders of the universe

1 hours later 3003445 Anonymous
My number is 584, OP.

2 hours later 3003617 Anonymous
>>3003409 And they wonder why they can't write about wonderful things.

3 hours later 3003774 Anonymous
If you don't have a three page manifest justifying your favorite fonts then you shouldn't be on /lit/

3 hours later 3003784 Anonymous
I don't like reading books that aren't mine. I have a problem with essentialism.

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