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2012-09-24 12:20 3003051 Anonymous (photo.jpg 236x250 42kB)
So am I the only one waiting for a novel written entirely in >greentext? Pic unrelated.

6 min later 3003068 Anonymous (1348317383077.jpg 136x186 7kB)

22 min later 3003104 Anonymous (150px-BrightLightsBigCity.jpg 150x235 11kB)

25 min later 3003114 Anonymous
>>3003104 You are reading this book. You only picked it up to see what a book written in second person was like. You found it strange at first. By the second page it just seemed gimicky, and 'You' starts to feel like the name of a third person character in a badly written book. You want some cocaine now.

35 min later 3003133 Anonymous
>>3003118 one of them has autism, the other hasnt posted here in years

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