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2012-09-23 11:51 3002962 Anonymous (images.jpg 182x277 8kB)
Where can I read reviews/criticism at online? Amazon and goodreads reviews are awful.

2 min later 3002972 Anonymous
just ask /lit/

9 min later 3002991 Anonymous
>>3002972 Ask /lit/ and get hivemind opinions

10 min later 3003001 Anonymous
>>3002962 Goodreads is good. Just set the filter; if it's a book you like or want to read, click 5 stars. If it's one you hate or don't want to read, click 1 star. Now everyone agrees with you.

4 hours later 3003765 Anonymous
Any real recommendations

5 hours later 3003899 Anonymous (dr_evil_cup.jpg 300x233 17kB)

6 hours later 3003924 Anonymous
reviews: Goodreads, Amazon critical analysis: if classics, download critical editions of the books or, type .pdf on search bar together with the title of the work most of them are star-reviews and college papers. but one gets to find a gem of fucking awesome criticism

6 hours later 3003946 Anonymous
Anon, you're using Goodreads wrong. As a flat-out review aggregator, it suffers from the same terrible mess Amazon does. The trick is to find anons with similar taste, friend/follow them, and then branch out from their own friends. It takes some effort, but I've found some damn good stuff that way. And, as I recall, Goodreads will tell you what your friends/follows thought of a book when you pull it up. Helpful, that. Anyway, here's mine. I've been away for some bit, but just came back to both /lit/ and Goodreads today after locking in my new job. Feel free to poke through my friends; they're all fellow anons. http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/6629142-a-m

6 hours later 3004022 Anonymous
>62 books do you even read? >friends list >fellow anon does anyone on /lit/ read?

7 hours later 3004076 Anonymous
>>3004022 Read the profile. It's just the stuff I've read this year. Not about to go back and list every book I've ever read, especially sine I give them away afterwards and have no massive collection to reference.

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