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2012-09-23 11:47 3002948 Anonymous (meth not even once.jpg 400x400 22kB)
good art should be able to be enjoyed by anyone. discuss

1 min later 3002954 Anonymous
>>3002948 why does art have to be enjoyed?

1 min later 3002955 Anonymous
I disagree.

2 min later 3002956 Anonymous
enjoying good art is an acquired taste.

3 min later 3002960 Anonymous
>>3002956 >enjoying good art is an acquired taste. acquiring good art is an enjoyable task

3 min later 3002961 Anonymous
Good art is able to be enjoyed by anyone. Not everyone is able to enjoy good art.

4 min later 3002966 Anonymous
bad threads can be made by any faggot

9 min later 3002976 Anonymous
>>3002948 Should good food be able to be enjoyed by anyone? No, because some people have shitty taste. You can't dismiss a nice salad as not being a good dish because Billy-Joe likes his lettuce deep fried.

10 min later 3002981 Anonymous
>>3002960 good acquiring is an enjoyable art

12 min later 3002989 Anonymous
good art shouldn't be anything art is just function of the human organism philosophizing about what it should be is silly

41 min later 3003072 Anonymous
>>3002961 This.

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