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2012-09-23 11:40 3002931 The Illusive Man (MajorGeneral-GadiShamni-MicroTavor.jpg 400x298 18kB)
I'm writing a story and using real life guns. How should I go about it? Do I simply say what they are and not bother using a name for a specific gun (It doesn't really matter what they are)? Should I say the name a of a certain gun and what it is? Or name the gun, give a brief description and what it is? >Assault rifle >Tavor assault rifle >Tavor, sleek and compact in design, assault rifle

13 min later 3002971 Anonymous
>>3002931 It depends if you want the stigma of having /k/ommandos enjoy your books or not

16 min later 3002975 Anonymous
It all depends. Do you have a character who is supposed to be a gun expert? If so, don't say "Hubert was a gun expert." SHOW that he is an expert by making him know about the guns he's working with: the names of the guns, the types of guns they are, where they were made, etc etc. If the name of the gun doesn't aid the story in any way, don't bother unless your audience is the NRA or something.

16 min later 3002977 Anonymous
You should have your characters name their weapons and then refer to the weapons using those names "He clutched at Esmerelda's sculpted haft, felt the pleasing weight of her body in his hand, and discharged the full fury of her roar at the onrushing morass of sandniggers" That sort of schtuck.

26 min later 3003014 The Illusive Man
>>3002971 >>3002975 Thanks. Yeah, I think I'll just go for simple gun types then. It's not really a big thing of the story. >>3002977 "The spent bullet casings fell upon the ground as she unloaded her ecstasy onto whoever was lucky enough to be caught in her sights. Her temporary loves fell to the ground, letting out yells of passionate intensity, their eyes rolling in the back of heads as they reached nirvana."

29 min later 3003021 Anonymous
>>3003014 Lol. Name at least one gun though. At least one.

34 min later 3003030 Anonymous
>>3002931 >I'm writing a story and using real life guns. How should I go about it? Semi-automatic small arms fire. I know using a Chicago typewriter and cursive script might seem like you'll be able to write faster, but trust me, it is illegible as hell. It's best if you use a dark target for contrast with the bullet holes. Also of course make sure it's a large target, and you may want to use shorthand.

36 min later 3003036 OP
>>3002931 >I'm writing a story and using real life guns. I'm eating ice cream and riding a real life goat.

38 min later 3003044 Anonymous
Use vernacular. Actual combat personnel won't refer to their weapons using their full names casually unless that amount of technicality is pertinent. Describing the weapon beforehand and then referring it to predominantly as "rifle" afterwards would be sufficient.

40 min later 3003050 The Illusive Man (1337574422937.jpg 877x509 167kB)
>>3003036 >I'm writing a story while firing off my AK-47. How should I go about it? Every time I pull the trigger, I keep typing fklea;jfeiowapfjieowpafjieof Ha.

41 min later 3003054 Anonymous
>>3003036 I'm using a story and writing real life guns.

43 min later 3003060 Anonymous
>>3003050 >Once I went to Africa and brought my hunting rifle >I found so many different animals >I got a lot of these exquisite creatures, called nahmees >What? What are nahmees? >I don't know, but when I pointed the gun at them, they all shouted NAHMEE NAHMEE

49 min later 3003078 Anonymous
It depends. You really shouldn't bother too much with the details unless you absolutely have to. I don't know, because it seems like it would be unnecessary but I'm autistic so in car movies I like to hear how high the numbers on certain cars are.

58 min later 3003096 Anonymous
>>3003078 That's movies, that's completely different. If you do that in a book, you'll end up with an inventory. OP, you can do it only exceptionally, I mean, when you are about to change the subject and you add that little bit of information to make it richer. For example, "I would never think such low caliber weapon could wipe out so many motherfuckers", you know what I mean?

1 hours later 3003122 The Illusive Man (samuel-l-jackson1.jpg 218x150 11kB)
>>3003096 Yeah, I get what you're saying. I'll only refer to a weapon when it's necessary to know what it is. Also, whenever I see the word "motherfuckers," I immediately reread the whole thing in Samuel L Jackson's voice.

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