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2012-09-23 10:56 3002837 Anonymous (Explain To Future Generations.jpg 500x307 132kB)
Sup /lit/ I'm a student at university in Scotland and have just finished writing and editing a short story which I'd quite like to have published but I have no idea where to start looking for a publisher. Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks.

5 min later 3002850 Prole

9 min later 3002859 Anonymous
>>3002837 >at university in Scotland Which one?

10 min later 3002862 Anonymous
Abertay Dundee.

13 min later 3002870 Anonymous (lastcrusade-knight.jpg 300x225 44kB)
>>3002862 You chose... poorly.

15 min later 3002872 Anonymous
>>3002850 Does TAR mention the contributors' works anywhere else, or is it just pointless?

27 min later 3002892 Prole (smiling-cat.jpg 463x299 35kB)
>>3002872 Erm. Realistically speaking, not really. Marketing-pitch speaking, YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!! (Submit now and receive not just one, but TWO DIGITAL ISSUES OF TAR THIS NEXT RELEASE) We list submissions on the website, so theoretically they can be reached by google search. If you want us to advertise something, we can do this by social media as well. TAR can't exactly make anyone a bestseller overnight, but work does get an exposure to a fairly large audience ('bout 500). Not to mention we're working on a paper circulation to distribute right now. So that has to count for something

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