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2012-09-23 10:44 3002797 Anonymous (1335307540742.jpg 682x1024 294kB)
Sup /lit/. I'm informed but unknowledgeable about modern art and want to get right into a few artists and discover what they're about. I'm particularly interested in people from the last 10 or 20 years with very distinct, iconic constructed personas, like Warhol, Beuys or Duchamp. The trouble is I know fuck all about contemporary art and was hoping you people may be able to give pointers tl;dr: suggest artists from the last two decades

3 min later 3002804 Anonymous
>>3002797 >iconic constructed personas >like Warhol, Beuys or Duchamp. So you want to know about the art business and not actual art.

5 min later 3002811 Anonymous
At first I thought you were trying to troll the art history majors but then it clicked.. Shoo. This isn't a homework board

5 min later 3002812 Anonymous
Emin, lol

6 min later 3002816 Anonymous
>>3002804 >>3002811 quit being babies, you're making the board look bad

7 min later 3002823 Anonymous
>>3002812 And the guy who did the shark thing

7 min later 3002824 Anonymous
also, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9lmvX00TLY

8 min later 3002828 Anonymous
And of course, Lady Gaga

10 min later 3002834 Anonymous
>>3002804 Creating a persona isn't art?

13 min later 3002839 Anonymous
>>3002812 Thanks. I'd forgotten about her.

31 min later 3002876 Br0
Alex Bag, Tom Moody, etc... Check out rhizome or artfagcity or something...

33 min later 3002878 Anonymous
>>3002876 Much appreciated. Those sites are new to me. Cheers.

42 min later 3002899 Anonymous
>people from the last 10 or 20 years >Duchamp >informed about art try Jeff Koons or Andres Serrano. They're both garbage

45 min later 3002906 Anonymous
>>3002899 >that last clause you greentexted >did not refer to Duchamp >retard >but thank you for the >suggestions anyhow

52 min later 3002923 Anonymous (tumblr_lllwslqLUn1qh8ra2o1_400.jpg 391x480 27kB)
try Tim Hawkinson- definitely my favorite contemporary sculptor. pic related. it's a desk that signs his name.

58 min later 3002937 Anonymous
>tl;dr: suggest unscrupulous and egotistical conmen and conwomen from the last two decades. fixed so it applies to the contemporary art world.

1 hours later 3002957 Anonymous
>>3002899 Duchamp died fifty years ago bro. On top of that he pretty much stopped making art after the 20's.

1 hours later 3002996 Anonymous (duchamp.jpg 524x706 332kB)
Bonjour, Chan de Quatre

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