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2012-09-23 10:16 3002705 Anonymous (10197774.jpg 250x250 55kB)
>Getting an English degree Lmao enjoy your no jobs

1 min later 3002712 Anonymous (dandyhorse.jpg 520x516 44kB)

2 min later 3002718 Anonymous
>>3002705 -10/10 You're not even trying, see me after class.

2 min later 3002719 Anonymous
I will. I'm smoking pot and drinking lemonade right now. My foot is on the table. The bitch is taking a shower after I fucked her all over the place. How is your job going? Working too much? Yawn! I think I'll take my afternoon nap right now.

2 min later 3002722 Anonymous
Do people actually think subject matters??

14 min later 3002762 Anonymous
>getting a job

16 min later 3002768 Anonymous
>>3002719 >not having your second afternoon nap do you even degree

18 min later 3002774 Anonymous
>>3002768 >Getting up early enough to have an afternoon nap Seriously man, what are you, like a Stock market dude or something?

14 hours later 3004481 Anonymous
>getting a degree in something "practical" >probably law or business >SURPRISE, NO JOBS enjoy being a walmart associate

14 hours later 3004485 Anonymous
connections > everything else

14 hours later 3004492 Anonymous
>having a job can you even be more plebeian?

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