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2012-09-23 10:14 3002699 Anonymous (9915[1].jpg 292x450 39kB)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujzIgm_wvKE&feature=plcp good recommendations?

1 min later 3002709 Anonymous
It has always shocked me how can people that read so much (and good stuff) be so stupid.

3 min later 3002716 Anonymous
>>3002709 >It has always shocked me how can people that read so much be so stupid You must read a lot.

5 min later 3002727 Anonymous
>>3002716 Not really. But great use of logic there.

7 min later 3002736 Anonymous
>>3002727 Your sentence didn't make sense and you were calling people stupid.

18 min later 3002770 Anonymous
I always ignored Rose, but I've only just realized how "hurr edgyyy" she was.

22 min later 3002780 Anonymous
What is the second book she says?

28 min later 3002796 Anonymous
>>3002770 How is she edgy

35 min later 3002814 Anonymous
>>3002796 >blue hair >lip piercing >bret easton ellis

36 min later 3002822 Anonymous
>>3002814 Those things aren't inherently edgy,it's just the whole "yeaahh cool rape scene in this book guys" comments.

39 min later 3002832 Anonymous
>>3002822 Yeah that too. I've read the book, and though yeah it's really good, the rape scene isn't even notable, it's one of the least interesting bits of the whole thing so going out of your way to mention it is definitely trying too hard.

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