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2012-09-23 10:07 3002669 Anonymous ($RIKT1F7.jpg 768x1024 84kB)
Why do professional writers need editors? Can't they just edit their own work?

0 min later 3002674 Anonymous
in order to appeal to the masses, most edit their own work though

1 min later 3002676 Anonymous
>>3002669 Why do I need a Lithuanian cleaner, can't I just clean my own house? NO [/spoiler[

2 min later 3002682 Anonymous
>>3002676 I mean, writers know what they're doing, so why do even the most successful ones need some guy to look over their shoulder and tell them to add, remove or change some paragraphs/pages?

3 min later 3002684 Anonymous
it's good to get a fresh set of eyes on a piece

15 min later 3002738 Anonymous
Because past a certain point your own work is the last thing you want to see. It just makes you sick. I think it was Orwell who said that's when it's time to publish. Even then, mistakes slip through. Maybe it helps if you get a job as an editor yourself. Maybe. It's so damn tempting to just hand some undergrad $25 and promise $25 more if they find that shit's wrong. When you get a good one, hold on to them and pay more. And if you can afford it - it gets more expensive - a pro will be worth their weight in royalties. First you have to write something. Then you have to rewrite it. Get to it.

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