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2012-09-23 09:58 3002647 Anonymous (photo.jpg 182x277 39kB)
Hey /lit/, can you help me out here? I've found that I'm really interested in the idea of a group of people being stuck in an enclosed space and may or may not have to solve a common dilemma. Book-wise, I'm thinking Under The Dome by Stephen King, and movie-wise, something like Saw II or Nine Dead. Would you guys be able to help me out in recommending some books with the characters in that same kind of enclosed space situation?

6 min later 3002666 Anonymous
>>3002647 Has anyone got a .mobi of Under the Dome in their mediafire stash? I wouldn't mind reading it, but Stephen King's already got enough money.

9 min later 3002671 Anonymous
joke answer: simpson's movie real answer: have you read Lord of the Flies yet?

12 min later 3002685 Anonymous
>>3002671 I have, actually. I had to read it in high school, and even though I know that's why most people hate it, it's in my top five favorites. I actually think it may have sparked my interest in this kind of genre.

13 min later 3002691 Anonymous
The Mist - Stephen King

20 min later 3002725 ╬▓Pictorishawk
12 Angry Men, Gilligan's Island, The Metamorphosis.

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35 min later 3002771 Anonymous
There is some book about an invisible wall that suddenly encompasses a small american town in the middle of nowhere. Then theres also some intelligent flowers who travels across space, and something about naked birdpeople. I never really understood what went down, but it was quite good. The name of book and author is forgotten though.

38 min later 3002778 Anonymous
>>3002647 must be tons of books about people in jail

40 min later 3002781 Anonymous
You could read And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Also titled Ten Little Indians.

48 min later 3002802 Anonymous
>>3002685 I will always remember Lord of the Flies as the only good book I had to read in high-school. Thank you William Golding. OP might be interested in Das Boot (supposedly, the novel is even more bleak than the movie) On the movie side there's Apollo 13 which is mainly about 3 guys in a (broken) spaceship the size of a minivan. It's also a really good movie in general.

49 min later 3002805 Anonymous
>>3002666 >Has anyone got a .mobi of Under the Dome in their mediafire stash? Here you go. The file is K's, because I can't be bothered to download and extract the rar, find King, and ru-up one file, but it's there: http://www.mediafire.com/?smbjkt8u5bqv861

14 hours later 3004477 Anonymous
>>3002805 Jesus fucking K, there's every single author beginning with K in there. Have you got any more letters to share?

15 hours later 3004491 Anonymous
if you want to be literary, read jose saramago's blindness. otoh, there are tons of sci fi books about this kind of thing, like any planet colonization book. kim stanley robinson's red mars is one.

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