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2012-09-23 09:41 3002563 Anonymous (books1.png 300x300 58kB)
What is the best book of all time?

0 min later 3002565 Anonymous
The bible?

1 min later 3002569 Anonymous
>>3002565 It must be. What would one expect of a book called "THE BOOK"? Too bad it isn't the only one...

1 min later 3002572 Anonymous
>>3002563 Almost certainly one that hasn't been written yet. /thread.

2 min later 3002575 Anonymous
The Mahabharata

3 min later 3002579 Anonymous
>>3002565 It is a bestselling fiction book. Don't know why, though, given the shitty character development.

4 min later 3002585 Anonymous
let's get these two out of the way The Great Gatsby and Ulysses

6 min later 3002594 Anonymous
>>3002585 How do u do the uncover thing?

7 min later 3002596 Anonymous
I thought Great Gatsby was retarded. LOTR is better

8 min later 3002600 Anonymous (working class scum.png 987x766 512kB)
>>3002585 >The Great Gatsby

9 min later 3002607 Anonymous
>>3002594 You need to type [cover text] And write what you want to cover. At the end you write [/hide text] to make it perfect. See, like this

10 min later 3002613 Anonymous
Les Miserables. Unabridged.

10 min later 3002614 Anonymous
>>3002585 Are you Stephen Fry?

11 min later 3002624 Anonymous
cover text hello/hide text

12 min later 3002628 Anonymous
>>3002614 have you just come from the stephen fry thread>

12 min later 3002631 Anonymous
[cover text} hello [/hide text]

13 min later 3002635 Anonymous
>>3002579 It's not fiction.

13 min later 3002637 Anonymous

16 min later 3002644 Anonymous
>>3002635 Neither is Mein Kampf, but that doesn't mean it's worth using as an instruction manual to life.

18 min later 3002653 Anonymous
Finnegan's Wake. 2deep4u deal with it

19 min later 3002657 ╬▓Pictorishawk
>>3002653 Finnegans*

19 min later 3002658 Anonymous
>>3002575 My nigga. Those powerful fucking passages. >Yadayada hi dharmasya glanirbhavatibharata, abhyutthanam dharamasya, tadatmanam srijamiaham/ >That based Danveer Karna, >that helpless Abhimanyu, >that righteous anger of Bhima >that Krishna being a clever sunovabitch >that Draupadi washing her hair with the blood of the crown prince who molested her

19 min later 3002659 Anonymous
the catcher in the rye suck my dick bitches

21 min later 3002664 Anonymous
>>3002653 no. 600s plus pages of incomprehensible word games with no structure or plot is not a good book

28 min later 3002680 Anonymous
>>3002624 >>3002631 You're not being very funny. It would have been better if you'd asked how to make the text green.

29 min later 3002686 Anonymous
>>3002658 >>that Draupadi washing her hair with the blood of the crown prince who molested her How does that even work?

31 min later 3002693 Anonymous
>>3002644 Indeed, with that I agree.

35 min later 3002711 Anonymous
>>3002686 One of her five husbands tore open the chest of the prince in the battlefield with , drank his blood(which he had vowed to do) and siphoned some in a bowl for Drupadi to wash her hair with.

55 min later 3002779 Anonymous
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

2 hours later 3003056 Anonymous
Hunger Potter and the Fifty Shades of Twilight

2 hours later 3003067 ILIAD ILIAD

3 hours later 3003107 Anonymous
Don Quixote. It was empirically proven

3 hours later 3003143 Anonymous (1325049805034.jpg 323x323 33kB)
>>3003107 >empirically proven lel

3 hours later 3003149 Anonymous (image.jpg 300x450 31kB)
THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV Why has no one said it yet?

3 hours later 3003151 Anonymous
Thick Face Black Heart.. great book

3 hours later 3003175 Anonymous
>>3003149 < Notes from Underground

3 hours later 3003194 Anonymous
house of leaves haters gonna hate

3 hours later 3003206 Anonymous
The Idiot.

4 hours later 3003253 Anonymous
>>3002607 [amidoingitrite]

4 hours later 3003265 Anonymous
>>3003253 retry, seriously tho guys been on 4chan for a year and i dont know how to do this. i know its something simple like a slash or some shit {did it work} [/whataboutnow/] //no?// [{[still no?]}]

4 hours later 3003273 Anonymous
>>3003265 fuck /faq/

4 hours later 3003291 Anonymous
>>3003265 Then check the box below that says "spoiler image?"

4 hours later 3003297 Anonymous
>>3003291 Well shit.

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