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2012-09-23 09:30 3002524 Anonymous (Sem título.jpg 1532x589 238kB)
Wasn't suppose to be "people"? Foregeinfag here.

16 min later 3002588 Anonymous
Now that you mention it, I have heard some very well versed speakers use 'persons'. I'm not sure if it's grammatically correct or not, but it is used sometimes.

19 min later 3002599 Anonymous
Persons is an acceptable plural of person. It's just not commonly used in everyday conversation.

19 min later 3002602 Anonymous
>>3002524 "persons" is often used in formal writing. Persons is a countable noun, people is an uncountable. The implication of "persons" in the OP is that a specific, known, number of individuals are being represented.

22 min later 3002616 βPictorishawk
>>3002602 And "peoples" can actually work, if I'm not mistaken, to mean different groups of people.

24 min later 3002629 Anonymous
>>3002616 Yeah, as in "the peoples of Africa". It sounds shit though. Now shut the fuck up, shithawk.

25 min later 3002638 βPictorishawk
>>3002629 Are you going to shadow me now?

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