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2012-09-23 09:08 3002452 Anonymous (2049014_62042315.jpg 400x266 141kB)
How do you hold up in a discussion? Are you sharp in your rhetoric? Do you have good people to talk about deep shit? Do you get mad easily or are you able to learn and teach even when one disagrees with the other? I feel good discussing things and I've been getting progressively more joy from it when I realized there is no winning or losing. I do have problems listening sometimes, as I'm too anxious and I go all over the place, I always have to hold myself a bit. I don't get mad ever though. I prefer to discuss one on one, rather than in a group. I mostly listen when a group is discussing something. PS: I love stock photos, I find them funny looking as hell and I'd like to invite you to use them more often.

4 min later 3002471 Anonymous
I struggle to be as authentically myself as possible and then I forgot what "I" am really like at all, and so I become angry and taxing on small points. When I see that I am annoying you, I generally make a joke, which is, I say something utterly absurd, so I've taken you in two different direction: one where I care enormously about the conversation and will become emotional, the other where I care so little I am willing to turn it all into a joke. But all that doesn't hide the fact that I still can't remember how I am. I feel penitent for my inauthenticity after conversation.

22 min later 3002526 Anonymous
It depends on the discussion itself, in some areas no one can move me from my point and in others where I'm not informed enough I'm open for criticism. I don't have a lot of people to talk about deep shit, most people around me are Wikipedia informed and with that they try to engage in a deep discussion (I'm not implying that I'm better but I learned to be silent when I don't know enough) I don't get mad fast, most of the time I remember some things I read that lower my temperament. Now to the first question: I shut up when the other person speaks and I expect the same from the other person. I hate when someone interrupts me, when that happens I slower the discussion and tell them that I have things to do. I have no problems with speaking my mind even though I had problems with that back in the day cause of private shit that belongs to /r9k/.

25 min later 3002542 Anonymous
It is impossible to discuss with women. Don't try. It's not that they are inferior or anything, they just speak a completely different language and men and women are from different planets, except some people don't know about that yet.

27 min later 3002547 Anonymous
Having spent 6 years studying at the seminary college in rome, I am well versed in all manners of discourse and rhetoric.

31 min later 3002557 Anonymous
>>3002452 >stock photos, What's the girl at the back doing? She's all like "hey, bitches, check out my bunches" and the guy at the table's like totally "check this bitch, she's so fucking stoked about her bunches, it's like she tries or something. What is this, 1997 or whatevs". and the blonde's like "totes, brah".

37 min later 3002582 Anonymous
>>3002452 I feel like I always get destroyed in conversation. I don't really get it. I'm well read, more so than most, at least, but my debate skills are trash.

40 min later 3002597 Anonymous
>>3002557 >What's the girl at the back doing? She's air lifting, moron. Do you even lift?

42 min later 3002609 Anonymous
>>3002597 >Do you even lift? no. I'm very, very sorry. Shall I go kill myself now, or can I have a cup of tea first?

43 min later 3002615 Anonymous
>>3002597 >Do you even lift? I had a chest surgery at the age of 13, I can't even lift a book.

48 min later 3002642 Anonymous
ITT: pig disgusting people that think they know anything about arguing, instead they ruin every discussion by being an autismal circlejerk

50 min later 3002648 Anonymous
>>3002642 You are just jelly.

50 min later 3002652 Anonymous
>>3002642 Hey, cunt. I was just here to talk about the girl with the hair/weightlifting thing going on. Don't drag me into your shitstorm.

1 hours later 3002675 Anonymous
>>3002609 >>3002615 I've never thought I'd ever speak to people who don't even lift. It's a strange world we live in. >>3002642 Hey faggot, check your butt, I can hear it hurting from here.

1 hours later 3002683 Anonymous
>>3002675 > >I've never thought I'd ever speak to people who don't even lift. I have no AAAAAAAARMS!

1 hours later 3002692 Anonymous
>>3002675 >I've never thought I'd ever speak to people who don't even lift. I can't believe that I'm conversing with one of the strange, bulky gentlemen that lift heavy things for pleasure. If I want something lifted, I pay someone to do it.

1 hours later 3002700 Anonymous
>>3002675 >>3002652 >>3002648 pig disgusting, this is what i meant. replying to cancer. do you even into fourchan?

1 hours later 3002704 Anonymous
>>3002700 No John, you are the cancer.

1 hours later 3002714 Anonymous
>>3002692 What's the matter with you non-lifters? Can't you see the magic in lifting? To elevate something high, to defeat the rigidness of gravity, and then to let it fall again. The sea of possibility. Don't fuck with me. One does not simply not lift.

1 hours later 3002717 Anonymous
>>3002704 say my name again u faggot, i'll come down to ur place and get ur face punched. ill have u bant by mooty

1 hours later 3002728 Anonymous
>>3002700 David, let me tell you, a study suggests that replying to cancer on an imageboard has extremely positive effect on eliminating the parasites responsible for labeling cancer itself on said imageboard. I don't know if you're following, David.

1 hours later 3002742 Anonymous
>>3002717 Calm down John.

1 hours later 3002746 Anonymous
>>3002742 It's quite obvious that John doesn't even lift. Do you, John? Do you even lift? I don't think you do, John.

1 hours later 3002754 Anonymous (john_in_beijing.jpg 320x240 24kB)
>>3002746 Here is John See John lift. Lift john, lift

1 hours later 3002764 Screwtape (1345129609411.jpg 500x373 55kB)
I tried to discuss feminism with my brother once and now he thinks I'm going to kill people

1 hours later 3002765 Anonymous
>>3002764 Why would 2 guys discuss feminism?

1 hours later 3002773 Anonymous
>>3002714 >Spending numerous hours lifting heavy things. S ᴴᴵᴳᴳᵞ H ᴵᴳᴳᵞ Y ᴵᴳᴳᵞ G ᴵᴳᴳᵞ D ᴵᴳᴳᵞ D ᴵᴳᴳᵞ T ᴵᴳᴳᵞ

1 hours later 3002785 Anonymous
>>3002754 That's not how you lift, John, come the fuck on! >>3002773 You don't get it, do you? Lifting is not something I choose to do. Lifting is a way of life. I don't think about it, really. I close my eyes, and let go, and when I opened them, I just lift. You'll only get it when you lift.

1 hours later 3002792 Anonymous (cafe.jpg 450x379 37kB)
I've discussed the shit out of everything forever, I still engage in a bit of it but a lot of the discussion that I deemed serious and important once now seem vain and useless. Philosophical discussions often fall apart rather soon when scepticism rears it's head. As far as that goes, I'm done with the grand questions. Arguing is pretty much useless if you think you actually need to convince each other or take the subject matter seriously. Language, beyond practical use, is mostly a game as far as I'm concerned. A fun one, but a frivolous one. And one that falls apart once you go beyond certain boundaries. Of course sophism is always a source of entertainment. That said, realising the futility of serious discussion, I'm starting to appreciate witty banter and pleasant small talk all the more, something I used to hate for it's frivolity. I guess I'm starting to appreciate the game more now that there is no way of winning beyond both getting a pleasant conversation out of it.

1 hours later 3002794 Anonymous
>>3002765 >Why would 2 guys discuss feminism? You have much to learn, grasshopper. It is crucial for men to know how to talk feminism. There are loads of feminist bitches at my uni, and If you can nod and say "Yes, yes, the media is to blame for the rape culture... I think, at least a few first wave principals are still relevant to third wave" You can have that little teenage feminist in doggy style, learning just how hard you can thrust your male privilege in no time.

1 hours later 3002820 Anonymous
I'm terrible at discussing anything in a group. I just sit and observe. I'll occasionally chime in when someone says something completely retarded. Also I have a friend that tells me to "calm down" whenever he is losing an argument. It grinds my gears.

1 hours later 3002833 Anonymous (1346032192653.jpg 300x277 38kB)

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