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2012-09-23 09:07 3002445 Anonymous Coherence theory vs. Foundationalist theory (epistemology.jpg 800x545 48kB)
Anyone have any strong thoughts on two ideas of epitemological thought: coherence theory and foundationalist theory? I'm currently going over them in a class of mine and it's hard to meet people outside of my own class that have an interest in epistemology. So far what we've covered is: "The Problem of the External World" by Barry Stroud "The Myth of the Given" by Roderick Chisholm "Does Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation?" by Wilfred Sellars "Can Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation?" by Laurence Bonjour "A Coherence Theory of Truth and Knowledge" by Donald Davidson "The Raft and the Pyramid" by Ernest Sosa

6 hours later 3003702 Anonymous
Get some Husserl and Frege into you.

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