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2012-09-23 09:06 3002443 Anonymous Analysis of books (pilareh-p8300.jpg 2700x2140 321kB)
So what if at all do you guys read after you have read a book to see if you missed any underlying cues etc. I just steamrolled through nearly everything Hemingway has written with the exception of For Whom the Bell Tolls. I Immensely enjoyed all of them, but I can't help but feel I am still not aware of the finer nuances contained in much of his work. I remember in high school and what not I used to read spark notes to get a gist and analysis. But upon trying that again in my post-undergrad years, they said nothing that wasn't already glaringly obvious to me upon my first read of the book. So ask for your good favor and direction to any sort of consistent and high quality site or something that offers some in depth analysis of literature and/or contemporary novels. pic marginally related

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pls respond

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sparknotes and wikipedia plot summary for the details i might have missed. but if your reading classics, you're in luck, there are lots of critical introductory out there: barnes and nobles, penguin, wordsworth, harpercollins, etc. some have comprehensive annotations, further readings, bibliography, chronological events set around the publication of works, inspired works list (radio drama, tv series, film, music, etc). all downloadable for free, if you know where to look. >>2786696

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Sparknotes/wikipedia/critical intro/extro's are fucking horseshit for kikes. The whole point of a book being a "classic" is that when people read it they found something in it that was meaningful and significant to them. Ignoring entertainment that is the point of books. Isn't self-discovery hollow when it is spoon fed to you? Critical analysis by someone else to "get it" is like taking steroids vs working out 5 days a week to earn the muscle- easy but ultimately bad for you. Don't be a faggot...unless it's white guilt self-hate shit for english class; sparknote the shit out of that Remember...the only person's thoughts that actually matter are your own. Everyone else can suck a big fat dick. I don't care what some 60 yr old queerbag lit professor at BYU thinks of some old ass book, I care about what I think.

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>>3003970 Also, don't forget that learning how to think from others equals a loss of originality, which, according some philosopher dude, might as well be suicide.

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