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2012-09-23 08:09 3002299 Anonymous (Along_Came_a_Spider_Alex_Cross_Novels-119187517033449.jpg 329x500 26kB)
Anyone read/enjoyed this series? I unwittingly read Double Cross and enjoyed it very much albeit was a little chessy and unrealistic at some points. Whats your opinion on the series?

8 min later 3002312 Anonymous
>>3002299 >chessy Why is that bad? There's not enough chess in literature.

10 min later 3002317 Anonymous
I read a lot of his books when I was younger. Grew out of them, though. Good enough to read once, wouldn't bother rereading them.

12 min later 3002320 Anonymous
>>3002312 that funny, last time i laughed so hard i fell off my dinosaur... But yeah i did laugh.

13 min later 3002321 Anonymous
James Patterson is a terrible author. He doesn't even write his own books

16 min later 3002326 Anonymous
>>3002321 What makes him terrible and who does write his books? Genuine question.

28 min later 3002356 Anonymous
lol James Patterson

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