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2012-09-23 07:41 3002226 Anonymous (e3c3c8f14aingway.jpg.jpg 485x628 39kB)
Maybe we could go hunting, with my favorite shotgun!

6 min later 3002246 Anonymous
>tfw even if you could hang out with Hemingway, he'd probably think you're an unmanly waste of space

13 min later 3002260 Anonymous
>>3002246 >implying he didn't go out drinking with wimpy James Joyce

15 min later 3002267 Anonymous
>>3002260 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbMOhRL6wsA Never gets old.

20 min later 3002279 Anonymous
>>3002260 Joyce used to start fights for Hem to finish. There's always one.

26 min later 3002297 Anonymous
>>3002246 Hemingway was a tryhard poser. Probably why he killed himself.

47 min later 3002331 Anonymous
>>3002267 Deal with him, Hemmingway! Deal with him!

1 hours later 3002482 Anonymous (Francis_Scott_Fitzgerald_1937_June_4_(1)_(photo_by_Carl_van_Vechten).jpg 1074x1506 268kB)
>>3002297 He knew he could never be as good as pic-related, and that motherfucker died eating a chocolate bar.

1 hours later 3002536 Anonymous
>>3002267 We can't even get close to a story like that in the 21st century.

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