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2012-09-23 07:20 3002170 Sunhawk Why aren't novelists / poets / non-fiction writers subsidised? (girlinlibrary.jpg 909x713 115kB)
The governments of the world subsidise painters, scuptors, painters, vaudevillians, even playwrights, so why not the people I mentioned at the beginning? I know that a lot of subsidy money is actually for buying materials. I don't know much about painting, but those materials probably don't come cheap. BUT, some of the money is to allow the artist to eschew a day job, and work 24/7 on their art. Explain to me why writers and poets aren't subsidised? Perhaps there's some obvious reason I've missed, and /lit/ can point it out to me, or not. And don't sass me. I know you want to; resist the urge.

8 min later 3002191 Anonymous
didn't JK Rowling live off government grants while writing the first Harry Potter novel?

9 min later 3002193 Anonymous
Fun fact: they are in the EU.

11 min later 3002201 Sunhawk
>>3002191 Link? >>3002193 Also link?

15 min later 3002210 Anonymous
Artists here don't get subsidised as far as I know, but they also don't need to pay taxes.

15 min later 3002212 Anonymous
>>3002170 >why writers and poets aren't subsidised? They are, you fucking tool. sage because I can't believe I'm actually posting in a Shitehawk thread. You fucking bastard.

22 min later 3002233 Anonymous
>>3002170 The insane are subsidised here, works just as well.

33 min later 3002259 Anonymous
>>3002170 lrn2 Arts Grants

41 min later 3002278 Sunhawk
>>3002210 Country? And in my first post, I made it clear that I was talking about all governments. Not just whichever one.

55 min later 3002307 Anonymous
I don't understand. Are you expecting somebody to show up at your door and hand you a suitcase full of cash just because you self-identify as a writer/artist/etc.?

57 min later 3002311 Anonymous
>>3002170 We have poet laureates, you fool.

1 hours later 3002318 Sunhawk
>>3002311 Yeah, rationed out at 1 per country. How do the other 999,999 poets feel about that? Do they 'benefit' from it?

1 hours later 3002324 Anonymous
>>3002318 Shut the fuck up you cunt. Thousands of authors receive funding every year. They usually acknowledge the fact in the dedications. Just shut the fuck up. You know nothing.

1 hours later 3002327 Anonymous
>>3002318 Do the normal workers get paid just to get up from their beds? Don't they just get paid for their work? Why are you assuming an artist (whatever he might be) should be rewarded benefits when there's not a valid reason for it? Jesus.

1 hours later 3002330 βPictorishawk
>>3002324 It'd be better if you actually told him this shit he doesn't know in better and unpretentious detail.

1 hours later 3002339 Anonymous
>>3002318 Why don't you try to publish those 12 novels you wrote, Sunhawk? Are you, like Salinger, writing only for yourself?

1 hours later 3002344 Anonymous
>>3002339 Yeah, an you show us anything, Sunhawk? I'll even pay for it, just Amazon publish it.

1 hours later 3002362 Anonymous
>>3002330 Why don't you shut your whore sock-puppet mouth?

1 hours later 3002371 βPictorishawk
>>3002362 Not a sock-puppet, thought we cleared this up a while ago.

1 hours later 3002447 Anonymous
I actually received a $4000 grant from my state's arts commission for poetry. So I guess I don't exist, Hawkey-poo. Damn.

1 hours later 3002487 Anonymous
Day jobs didn't do Celine, Kafka, Pessoa, or Bolano any harm. It's possible to get up early and write. And you don't have to wear a "state approved lit" badge.

2 hours later 3002493 Anonymous
>>3002371 I've no idea what you cleared up, cunt. You're clearly sunhawk's sock-puppet.

2 hours later 3002498 βPictorishawk
>>3002493 You were around for the hawk thing, right? Can't really disprove that I am, other than with the fact that I post frequently, and maybe in a different style from Sunhawk. Think what you'd like, though.

2 hours later 3002509 Anonymous
>>3002498 >Think what you'd like, though. I will, cunt.

2 hours later 3002513 Anonymous
T.S. Eliot famously kept a 9-5 day job at a bank even after his poetry earned him enough money to quit whenever he wanted, and a lot of authors have drawn settings and ideas from their non-writing related work. Working a normal job and writing large amounts of good work at the same time is demonstrably possible.

2 hours later 3002525 Anonymous
>>3002513 >T.S. Eliot >his It was her pseudonym bro. Have you read the Wasteland, I detected pretty strong indications of penis envy.

2 hours later 3002530 Anonymous
>>3002525 >T.S. Eliot famously kept a 9-5 day job at a bank even after his poetry earned him enough money to quit whenever he wanted, and a lot of authors have drawn settings and ideas from their non-writing related work. Working a normal job and writing large amounts of good work at the same time is demonstrably possible What?

2 hours later 3002534 Anonymous
>>3002487 And, not literature, but fucking Einstein too of all people.

2 hours later 3002537 Anonymous
>>3002525 I chuckl'd

2 hours later 3002550 Anonymous
>>3002513 Not true. Eliot was so desperate to get away from banking that Pound started a collection amongst expatriate US writers to "get Tom out of the bank". He was desperately miserable while working at the bank >Under the brown fog of a winter dawn, >A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many, >I had not thought death had undone so many. and actually had a nervous breakdown as a result >'My feet are at Moorgate and my heart >Under my feet. After the event >He wept. He promised "a new start." >I made no comment. What should I resent?' >'On Margate Sands. >I can connect >Nothing with nothing.

2 hours later 3002593 Anonymous
Grants? No, they get paid like the rest of us, when they produce work. Nobody pays me for accounting I might do. If they are worth their salt they would produce work that sells and make money that way rather than moaning about handouts because they are artists.

2 hours later 3002636 Anonymous (1288929173719.png 324x279 140kB)
Governments should subsidize absolutely nothing. Quit trying to get the government to steal from others to support you and your hobby.

2 hours later 3002649 Anonymous (Space Jimmies.jpg 226x300 15kB)
>>3002636 > right wing poor thinking it's intelligent to be right wing and poor > not realizing the government's taught you to think that way so you'll never accomplish anything of worth in your life /thread

2 hours later 3002661 Anonymous
My mate's a potter in Ireland, and by law he's entitled to any clay found on land a certain distance from his house (the local farmer has shitloads, and helps him dig it up). He also is allowed to claim social security while working as a potter, and because he's an artist, his earning from art are not factored into his social security. And he doesn't pay tax on his pottery. I believe the same thing exists for writers, except for the digging up clay thing. No wonder the country's going bankrupt, I guess.

2 hours later 3002706 Anonymous (dandy.jpg 423x600 114kB)
>>3002487 >Day jobs didn't do Celine, Kafka, Pessoa, or Bolano any harm. >all neurotic half insane depressed and/or addicts >inb4 you need a job to suffer in order to write You don't. Flâner toute la journée, tous les jours.

2 hours later 3002726 Anonymous
>>3002706 >Day jobs didn't do Kafka any harm. Have you read his works? If I was his employer and read some of his stories I would have given him a paid vacation somewhere warm and sunny.

3 hours later 3002815 Anonymous
>>3002706 Wallace Stevens was an insurance executive all his life, pretty cozy. He even turned down opportunities to teach poetry because they would have necessitated his leaving the company.

3 hours later 3002843 Anonymous
>>3002661 The country's going bankrupt because of the fat cats and because of all the scumbags unashamedly living off the dole without any pretension of being artists

4 hours later 3002911 Anonymous
>>3002661 chuckling to myself at the thought of two Irish potters having a turf war over clay.

5 hours later 3003148 Anonymous
>>3002170 The Soviet style societies subsidised publishing authors through their Writer's Union structure.

5 hours later 3003150 Anonymous
>>3002911 Dude, people die for much less out there.

5 hours later 3003174 Anonymous
Mexico here. There are many oportunities for artists to be subsidized here (most are scarcely publicized though). Anyways, there are many oportunities to leech from the government here, if that's what you're into.

6 hours later 3003193 Anonymous
>>3002593 Look, I agree that artist should not be spoiled. I mantain a day job to support my art because my art is not popular enough to sell regularly. But there is clearly an enormous difference between a regular job with a salary and an independent job. Artists don't win a regular salary in most cases, some of those, believe it or not, work ceaselessly.

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