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2012-09-23 07:20 3002169 Anonymous (Jellyfish.jpg 1024x768 775kB)
/lit/, are you a bad enough dude to name some books, or pieces of poetry, that could be easily analysed from a feminist perspective?

1 min later 3002173 Anonymous
The Handmaid's Tale

12 min later 3002205 Anonymous
Twilight 50 Shades of Grey The Hunger Games

14 min later 3002206 Anonymous
What academic level is this for?

19 min later 3002218 Anonymous
>>3002206 Year 13 >>3002205 u r funny guy >>3002173 'fraid I can't do that. My teacher has disallowed anything he construes as 'too obvious'.

21 min later 3002225 Anonymous
>>3002169 All fiction. Do you not into feminist analysis?

22 min later 3002231 Anonymous
>>3002169 Pick a book you like. Feminist critique is like pyschoanalysis, you can do it on anything.

22 min later 3002234 Anonymous
>>3002218 Fairy tales. There's a fuck-tonne of feminist aalysis of Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood etc. Some of it's pretty good too.

23 min later 3002235 Anonymous
Pick a bit of blason poetry, very easy to talk about objectification there.

24 min later 3002237 Anonymous
>>3002225 I appreciate that. But I imagine there are particular pieces of literature in the Western canon that are easier to analyse with regard to this particular topic than others, or if not easier, then more obvious.

24 min later 3002239 Anonymous
>>3002218 >u r funny guy But those can all be analysed using the feminist lens, you idiot.

27 min later 3002247 Anonymous
>>3002231 Yeah, I originally did that. I went with 'The Name of the Rose', given that it's my favourite book. But its such a complicated novel that finding even one overtly feminist aspect of the book to analyse proved a chore. I should probably also say that I can just analyse a single chapter of a book if I want.

28 min later 3002249 Anonymous
>>3002239 Well yes, but I don't want to look like a fucking faggot, and I'd like to actually do a good book. I appreciate the suggestion and I don't wish to seem ungrateful, but no.

30 min later 3002253 Anonymous
>>3002249 You just said 'easy' books in the OP.

32 min later 3002257 Anonymous
>>3002253 I can deal with difficult books. Easy was referring to how covert/overt the feminist themes are, and how easy it would be to write 3000 pages about them.

34 min later 3002261 Anonymous
>>3002247 >Name of the Rose Eh, that´s easy, you just focus on the part with the woman Adso has sex with and who is later burnt at the stake (if I remember it correctly) and write about the perception of women the male characters have, their treatment of her, etc. Bar that, go for Virginia Woolf.

35 min later 3002265 Anonymous
>>3002237 Wait, do you only want Western canon? Because there are many, many Eastern works great for analyzing from a feminist perspective. Naomi by Junichiro Tanizaki, for example.

36 min later 3002268 Anonymous
>>3002257 Just name some of your favourite books and we'll point out the feminist angle.

37 min later 3002270 Anonymous
>>3002261 I have a copy of Orlando, which I have not read. I will give it a read. Thank you. >>3002265 Sorry, I am not entirely sure why I said 'western canon'. It can be from any area in the world.

39 min later 3002274 Anonymous
>>3002268 The Name of the Rose, The Trial, The Castle, Pale King, The Wasp Factory, The Odyssey, to name a few.

43 min later 3002283 Anonymous
>>3002169 Narnia books - after all the kids die, Aslan fucks Susan over because she's become a woman and not a girl, into nylons and so forth. There's that Neil Gaiman story about it as well, for extra credits.

44 min later 3002287 Anonymous
>>3002283 >extra credits >in England No such thing.

47 min later 3002293 Anonymous
>>3002274 The Odyssey might be fun, role of women in washing men, views of Penelope, Athena as male, killing of the handmaids and all.

52 min later 3002301 Anonymous
>>3002293 That's very true, thank you.

1 hours later 3002388 Anonymous
You can do this with pretty much anything nowadays.

6 hours later 3003360 Anonymous
Grapes of Wrath (ending).

10 hours later 3003918 Anonymous
Silence of the lambs Contempt- Moravia Madame Bovary

10 hours later 3003921 Anonymous
tear apart the heteronormativity of that song bart and michael jackson wrote for lisa's birthday

10 hours later 3003927 Anonymous
any work ever

11 hours later 3004113 Anonymous
Atlas shrugged

12 hours later 3004157 Anonymous

13 hours later 3004224 Anonymous
>any book written by a woman >any book with a female character >any book with characteristics associated with femininity are you even trying

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