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2012-09-23 06:27 3002050 Anonymous (1300018174826.jpg 863x1944 256kB)
Dubs decide what audiobook I put on my iPod for work this Monday.

4 min later 3002057 Anonymous
How to Return to >>>/b/

13 min later 3002080 Sunhawk
Excellent pictures. Can you explain the story behind them, if they're yours (or not)?

20 min later 3002099 Anonymous
>>3002080 Not mine, make me laugh each time I see them though.

24 min later 3002109 Anonymous
bumpity. explain pic.

37 min later 3002139 ╬▓Pictorishawk
>>3002080 >>3002109 It's a fetish, people get off showing their penis to girls. Other people get off to videos or pictures of other people showing their penises to girls, and the original people also get off to people getting off to their pictures of showing their penis to girls. Vicarious and honest exhibitionism all around, not too hard to get.

38 min later 3002143 ╬▓Pictorishawk
>>3002139 of them showing their penis to girls*

44 min later 3002155 Anonymous
if you like those pics go on tubegalore and click on the 'flashing' section.

45 min later 3002156 Anonymous
did they see it? Girl in grey looks like she saw it. bump for answers

50 min later 3002164 ╬▓Pictorishawk
>>3002156 They both saw it, they're just trying their hardest to disbelieve that this fat, teenaged jackass has actually got his cock out. Go watch porn, this isn't actually interesting.

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