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2012-09-23 05:51 3001977 Anonymous IF (Galatea.jpg 960x960 174kB)
I have something interesting to share, it's /lit/ related. I will skip introduction. Play with it for a while and try to figure it out for yourself. http://www.tinyurl.pl/?1F9m5D5T oh, and please use spoiler tags in replies when discussing plot. [spolier] If you're clueless then you can start with: [/spoiler] [spolier] >read placard [/spoiler] [spolier] >look at her [/spoiler]

2 min later 3001981 Anonymous
nice spolier tags

6 min later 3001986 Anonymous
>>3001981 .... shit

30 min later 3002041 Deep&Edgy
>galatea all of my feels ten fucking years ago slowpoke I need to get around to Robb Sherwin's new game some time

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