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2016-04-10 11:46 6004748 Anonymous /gaygen/ (1448616578882.jpg 306x306 28kB)
Kill one, two more appear - edition Old >>6002692

1 min later 6004758 Anonymous
>>6004748 This is the better thread, posting in this one. Flag the other troll gaygen thread

2 min later 6004770 Kingrice
I choose this one.

2 min later 6004771 Anonymous
>>6004758 agreed

2 min later 6004772 Anonymous
>>6004758 I know man

5 min later 6004787 Anonymous
>>6004748 Why did the last thread get deleted?

5 min later 6004788 Anonymous
>>6004770 Did you see my post from the other thread? I think it was the Last one before thread was deleted

6 min later 6004797 Anonymous
>>6004787 /lgbt/ mods hate gay people

7 min later 6004800 Kingrice
>>6004788 Was it the defrag for the brain post? I'm assuming so pathetic janitor deleted the thread because of drug discussion.

10 min later 6004809 Anonymous
I want to bite a nice butt

11 min later 6004811 Anonymous
>>6004797 """people"""

11 min later 6004815 Anonymous
>>6004797 Trannyjannies 2 electric boogaloo

11 min later 6004816 Anonymous
>>6004800 Yes Jannies dont have the power to delete threads btw, they jus cry to mods until mods delete them

13 min later 6004826 Anonymous
>>6004811 Reptilians, reptiloids, lizard people. Pick one.

14 min later 6004831 Anonymous
>>6004811 What the fuck is up with trannies sperging out on every thread today? Holy shit

15 min later 6004836 Kingrice
>>6004816 Mods = knobs! You're correct about it giving you a defrag so to speak, after I did it I felt like life was renewed, just felt a lot more haply in general. Trouble is I really felt out of touch with reality after, it was like I'd seen the other side so to speak. I was constantly smoking weed during this time though and now I've stopped that for some time I'm feeling more myself again. ...and now I'm back here... Eh.

18 min later 6004853 Anonymous
>>6004831 says the sperg is legbutt's "trannie" pol's "jew?"

19 min later 6004859 Anonymous
>>6004853 >is legbutt's "trannie" pol's "jew?" No that's straight people.

23 min later 6004882 rabbi (01mtHJhGdC8.jpg 522x604 79kB)
>>6004859 There is literally nothing wrong with being straight.

24 min later 6004890 Anonymous
>>6004811 You have a containment board, now stop shitposting to make yourself feel better about your impotent rage at all the world keeping you down. >>>/pol/

25 min later 6004893 Anonymous
>>6004882 Aside from being dogshit.

26 min later 6004902 Anonymous
>>6004836 >Trouble is I really felt out of touch with reality after, it was like I'd seen the other side so to speak. I was constantly smoking weed during this time though and now I've stopped that for some time I'm feeling more myself again. Curious enough, tripping makes me feel "in touch". My dad and his mom are both schizophrenic, which makes me genetically inclined to be one, and while taking psychedelics should trigger latent mental problems I act more erratic if I dont do them

27 min later 6004904 Anonymous
>>6004859 This isn't tumblr dude. Straight people are okay.

29 min later 6004916 Anonymous
>>6004831 >>6004853 >h-he said i'm sperging out! >i-i'll tell him h-he's the sperg! >that'll show him!!1! ::;)))

29 min later 6004917 Anonymous
>>6004904 >Straight people are okay. NO. That's a lie and you know it.

33 min later 6004946 Anonymous
>>6004890 im gay you dumb shit

34 min later 6004949 Anonymous
>>6004904 pretty sure straight people don't shit all over this board, and pretty sure straight people don't attention whore under namefags like circe in gaygen.

34 min later 6004954 Anonymous
>>6004917 idk man most of my friends are straight

34 min later 6004955 Kingrice
>>6004902 Well to be fair I've heard reports of it being good and bad, it seems to vary from person to person from what I've read. But yeah, that's why I stopped pretty much any mind altering drugs. I still drink alcohol every so often, quite a lot lately with this new guy I've been hanging out with, he also made me try codeine once, I didn't much enjoy it though it didn't seem to do a whole lot. Until I went to bed, then I was tripping balls.

35 min later 6004961 Anonymous
>>6004946 You're gay yet you put scare quotes around people? What the fuck is your point man

37 min later 6004976 Anonymous
>>6004882 I totally agree. I'm glad there are straight people. We need breeders to make more gay people.. I just wish they would keep their disgusting and vaguely unsanitary fetish behind closed doors.

38 min later 6004981 Anonymous
>>6004961 kek please be baiting

38 min later 6004989 Anonymous
>>6004954 >most of my friends are straight >not all muslims are terrorist >not all blacks are thugs >not all mexicans are illegal >not all asians are chinese >not all men are rapists >not all women are whores Can't you see how retarded your statement is?

39 min later 6004992 rabbi (ZENPL2QVxMI.jpg 604x604 69kB)
>>6004976 all sex should be behind close doors tbqh.

39 min later 6004995 Anonymous
>>6004981 You're literally claiming to be gay yet you don't think gays are people. You're either baiting or self-loathing as fuck.

40 min later 6005002 Anonymous
>>6004955 how old are you?

40 min later 6005003 Anonymous
>>6004989 >implying there are muslims that aren't terrorists

41 min later 6005004 Anonymous (flamethrower.jpg 1406x810 179kB)
>>6004811 >>6004853 >>6004859 >>6004882 >>6004893 >>6004904 BURN the breeders

42 min later 6005013 Anonymous
>>6004995 im just funposting. youll be okay bb, calm down.

43 min later 6005019 Anonymous
>>6005013 ok cool bb as long as you aint no filthy breeder baitin scum

44 min later 6005023 Kingrice
>>6005002 23. Why do you keep asking anon?

48 min later 6005055 Anonymous
>>6005004 YESSS Do we give them an option to repent though?

49 min later 6005067 Anonymous (1457525159720.jpg 225x225 14kB)
>>6005023 Seems weird to me that someone is actually offering it to you as if it was something special literally babbys first opium derivative

52 min later 6005082 Kingrice
>>6005067 Well he held it with high praise. I don't deleve into drugs too much anymore and frankly I don't particularly want to. He's getting more again this weekend but I think I'll give it a miss to be honest.

1 hours later 6005135 Anonymous
>>6005082 When all's said and done, all recreational drugs are vastly overrated You're better off not even trying shit like codeine

1 hours later 6005141 Anonymous
I thought I'd feel less alone if I fapped but it only made me cry after I was finished what can I do for times like these?

1 hours later 6005164 Anonymous
>>6005141 Start lifting

1 hours later 6005198 Anonymous (magic wand.jpg 308x400 17kB)
So I spent today with my boyfriend at his home, he had one of these things. I'd been making due with a bulb but holy shit this tool is life changing. I really really want one. Unfortunately I'm cowardly closeted scum. My dnd group plays at my place regularly and I don't have a separate bathroom. Do you have a non-dick related excuse for needing one of these? I don't mind claiming to have a disease of some description as long as it doesn't make me have to alter my diet or fake my death.

1 hours later 6005218 Anonymous
>>6005198 wtf is that even some bottom enema tool?

1 hours later 6005246 Anonymous
>>6005218 Yes, it's a shower attachment enema... thingy. You put it in your butt and it makes you squeaky clean. And also feels really nice.

1 hours later 6005285 Anonymous (1452748905620.png 152x254 41kB)
>>6005246 So you blast your shit with water by sticking a nozzle up your ass just to make way for taking dick?

1 hours later 6005305 Anonymous
>>6005285 That's the general idea. Are you going somewhere with this?

1 hours later 6005362 Anonymous
>>6005305 Describe how it is done in full detail please I would also appreciate if you can tell me how to keep pressure inside your ass low enough to not harm your intestines tales of intestinal ruptures are also welcome haha

1 hours later 6005420 Anonymous
>>6005362 >Describe how it is done in full detail please 1) Set water to a lukewarm temperature, and activate device. 2) Insert device into anus, wait for pleasant sensation of fullness. 3) Remove device and relax anus, allow water to escape. 4) Repeat 2 and 3 until water runs clear. >I would also appreciate if you can tell me how to keep pressure inside your ass low enough to not harm your intestines The one I used had a built in valve that kept the pressure under control. But even without that it's easy enough to just not turn the faucet all the way on.

2 hours later 6005565 Anonymous (yee is kill.jpg 779x635 98kB)
tfw not sure how much more you can stand

2 hours later 6005577 Anonymous
>>6005565 tell me about it I find myself kissing thin air when I'm alone, or hugging myself to sleep I think I'm becoming sick and the problem is that nobody wants someone so needy/broken

2 hours later 6005630 Anonymous
>>6005577 >nobody wants someone so needy/broken Are you in Colorado Springs, Colorado? Or are you needy/broken enough to move cross country to meet a stranger? How are you at house work? I assume you're needy/broken enough to wear whatever I tell you, right?

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