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2013-07-27 01:13 1016259 Anonymous MtF General (1342012944889.jpg 450x450 43kB)
lewd things are fun edition Links: http://genderal.org/index.php/Usefu l_Links Melly's make-up tutorial collection: http://imgur.com/a/JO33K#0 >No emoticons >No bullying >No hugboxing >No tumblr shit >No *actions* Let's do our best, girls!

1 min later 1016271 Blue Penguin
Yay for paraphilias!

2 min later 1016272 Trashgirl
tfw no dildo to get lewd with

2 min later 1016276 Holic
first for please no coprophilia

2 min later 1016277 Anonymous
>>1016259 Ill never figure out how you could want to get rid of the clearly superior sexual organ

2 min later 1016281 Anonymous (trans bs.jpg 274x129 5kB)
Time for more- TRANS BS

2 min later 1016282 The Wizard
We need a no lewd edition please.

3 min later 1016284 Anonymous
Post feet plz

3 min later 1016291 Epiphany (SLAB.gif 500x363 1001kB)
>>1016255 >slab No, but still, ew. >>1016265 Yeah I lie, my horniness doesn't just disappear that quick. Still, ew.

3 min later 1016292 Watashi (1345389455839.jpg 1920x1080 82kB)
>>1016277 More holes means more room for more dicks.

3 min later 1016294 Anonymous
Xth for no guy to make me his woman. >>1016282 Lewd is life.

4 min later 1016297 Anonymous
>>1016292 I...I can't argue with that logic

4 min later 1016300 Phienchen
>>1016292 this. also: how have you been watashi?

5 min later 1016306 Anonymous
Hey you fine ladies. Post some sexy pics for me. Sexy girl in Florida I'm still fuckin down for some coffee.

5 min later 1016307 Blue Penguin
>>1016292 T-that is the best logic for SRS ever

5 min later 1016311 Holic (choosewisely.jpg 1920x1080 511kB)
>>1016272 I got u somethin

6 min later 1016317 Anonymous
>>1016292 Is it me or is Watashi getting more lewd every thread?

6 min later 1016320 Trashgirl (1373861271380.jpg 540x720 63kB)
>>1016311 I don't like how dragon dildos look plz no, I just want a regular one plz

6 min later 1016323 Anonymous (leMussoliniFace.jpg 356x480 58kB)
>tfw Mussolini will never be your bf ;_;

7 min later 1016325 Anonymous
>>1016277 Because they have a mental disease. Cross dressing but happy with a dick master race here.

7 min later 1016327 Anonymous (dragon dildo collecton 4.jpg 1280x960 350kB)

7 min later 1016328 Anonymous
>>1016320 >not liking dragon dildos Stay pleb

7 min later 1016332 Blue Penguin
>>1016291 Every time I think I am done being horny I do something and it just comes back full force. Being all angsty so I started wiggling in my chair then suddenly realized I was wiggling my butt and thought about doing in on top of a boy.

7 min later 1016333 The Wizard (1374880852339.jpg 3264x2448 1120kB)
>>1016284 Here is your foot.

7 min later 1016334 Anonymous
>>1016317 She's a huge slut.

7 min later 1016335 Trashgirl
>>1016323 >You will never plaster your face all over famous cities

7 min later 1016337 Coty (1374111318848.gif 500x281 1014kB)
How is everyone this evening? What do you look for in a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend?

8 min later 1016339 Watashi ([Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 01 [BD 720p AAC] [68E61B02].mkv_snapshot_21.22_[2013.05.10_16.36.05].jpg 1280x720 85kB)
>>1016300 Dealing with a bit of a crisis. My therapist is intent on making me stop being a hikki. I'm trying to either figure out a way not to or find things to do that aren't that onerous. >>1016317 I think I'm at the same level of lewd I've always been at.

8 min later 1016341 Anonymous
anybody in the UK near manchester besides lsp? I'm scared to get to know people around here but I'm not going to resort to the pedo.

8 min later 1016344 Trashgirl
>>1016337 My dick

8 min later 1016345 Anonymous
>>1016333 >those scabby sores >that tree trunk ankle W-what the hell dude

8 min later 1016346 Anonymous
>tfw can't buy a dildo because you live with your mom

8 min later 1016348 Anonymous
>>1016341 I *come* from Manchester, but I don't live there now.

8 min later 1016350 Trashgirl
>>1016341 GLAESGA

9 min later 1016353 Anonymous
>>1016333 >muricun Hows the diabeetus?

9 min later 1016355 Coty
>>1016344 i can't argue with that

9 min later 1016360 Phienchen
>>1016339 >My therapist is intent on making me stop being a hikki I think thats a good idea though. I dont really know why youre a hikki anyway, youre smart and funny <3

9 min later 1016361 Anonymous
>>1016346 >dildo You ain't need that

9 min later 1016362 Anonymous
>>1016337 Taller than me Uncut likes video games nice person not a beta faggot dominant lewd

9 min later 1016364 Anonymous
>>1016259 >girls

10 min later 1016367 Anonymous
>>1016360 >I don't really know why you're a hikki anyway >autism

10 min later 1016368 Holic
>>1016277 nice dubs basically a dick can only get hard and cum once usually, the male orgasm has a shorter duration than a female. A penis can not stretch to accommodate dildos penises etc. It can't get wet like a vagina unless you produce a ton of pre cum and even then it's not nearly as wet a vagina has more nerve endings and orgasm can come in multiples tend to be longer lasting. What I was told by a girl friend of mine.

10 min later 1016370 Anonymous (feels.jpg 599x637 247kB)
I want a FtM bf ;_;

11 min later 1016373 Anonymous
>>1016362 ey bby wer u frum?

11 min later 1016375 Anonymous
>>1016337 I'm doin just fine honey. You're lookin quite beautiful yourself. I look for honesty, a zest for life, and a funny personality. How bout you sweetie?

11 min later 1016377 Coty
>>1016362 good things to look for

11 min later 1016378 Epiphany
>>1016332 Sometimes I'll be sucking on my finger without realising, then I'll' realise how lewd it must look and the horniness continues. >>1016341 I'm from the East Midlands!

11 min later 1016379 The Wizard
>>1016345 Its called mosquitoes and going barefoot everywhere.

11 min later 1016380 Anonymous
>>1016367 >not being a hikki Its like you want society to sodomize you.

11 min later 1016381 Trashgirl (1372556557826.jpg 500x384 141kB)
>>1016362 That would apply to me Not sure how I feel about that

12 min later 1016389 Anonymous (1371586052436.png 420x475 104kB)
>tfw straight friends you'd like to mess around with but they probably wouldn't This one guy shows me his dick, and when he was drunk he screamed that he would fuck me if I were a girl. I've been on hormones longer and I pass now, not sure if I should ask him about it.

12 min later 1016392 Epiphany (1353859772425.jpg 202x230 7kB)
>>1016362 This right here. >>1016381 >trashy >not a beta faggot

13 min later 1016393 Anonymous
>>1016373 Not america.

13 min later 1016397 Coty
>>1016389 jump on that dick

13 min later 1016400 Anonymous
trashgirl is my least favorite name/tripfriend

13 min later 1016401 Anonymous
>>1016389 ask him

14 min later 1016407 Anonymous
>>1016400 me too

14 min later 1016408 Watashi
>>1016389 Just remind him that he said that and see how he reacts. Be prepared to get on your knees though.

14 min later 1016410 lsp
>>1016337 Around the same age, so 18-25. Mellow. Likes vidya. Smart. Shorter is better. Likes hugs. Not obsessed with sex.

14 min later 1016411 Anonymous
>>1016389 Show him you like him but don't tell him you want the D

14 min later 1016413 Trashgirl (1372862053834.png 470x625 465kB)
>>1016392 NU >>1016400 Your my least favorite anon

15 min later 1016414 Anonymous
>>1016400 I like trashgirl and there are many trips that are way worse.

15 min later 1016415 Blue Penguin
>>1016378 God this is terrible how do you deal with it? >>1016379 Manfeet/10

15 min later 1016418 Anonymous
I want to be a huge slut but I also love my boyfriend How do I cope with this while also coping with being an ugly crossdresser

15 min later 1016419 Anonymous
>>1016393 Not UK either I bet.

16 min later 1016424 The Wizard
>>1016415 >Hobbitfeet/10 Fixed

16 min later 1016425 Epiphany (epiphanydelivars.gif 300x264 1933kB)
>>1016415 By making gifs

16 min later 1016427 Anonymous
>>1016418 Be a huge slut to your BF?

16 min later 1016428 Anonymous
>>1016419 No. >island niggers

16 min later 1016432 Anonymous
I've been having the worst body dysphoria all day, I'm so tall, and my shoulders are broad, and I've got a huge ribcage, I'm just so sad. When do we get technology to swap bodies? When can I trade with the FtM's?

17 min later 1016434 Anonymous
Friday night! I'm sure you gals are gettin ready to get crazy. Post what you're wearing! I'll let you know if it's what the guys would go for

17 min later 1016435 Anonymous
>>1016425 Slut.

17 min later 1016436 Anonymous
>>1016410 >Not obsessed with sex. >Not obsessed with sex. >Not >Obsessed >With >Sex Where do you think we are?

18 min later 1016437 Blue Penguin
>>1016414 Like me!!! >>1016424 Nohair/10 fail >>1016425 I am not pretty enough for that.

18 min later 1016438 Coty
>>1016434 >baggy sweat pants and t-shirt not going out tonight >again

19 min later 1016447 Phienchen
>>1016414 hi fan! do you want to be friends?

19 min later 1016448 Epiphany
>>1016435 No u >>1016437 Yes you are! Post gif.

19 min later 1016453 Holic
>>1016389 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmCK nVaU7H0 but if he screamed that he'd fuck you chances are pretty good just get him drunk again X3

19 min later 1016454 Anonymous
>>1016437 Not him but I like you Do you have a bf/gf?

20 min later 1016458 Anonymous
>>1016425 >n-word lips

20 min later 1016459 Anonymous
>>1016437 >>1016447 Your bad trips though.

20 min later 1016460 Anonymous
>>1016378 Fuck I'm in the east mids too, near Derby Where did you go to get everything started, hormones, and such? Any therapists or doctors you can recommend? I literally have no idea who to go to who can prescribe mones and such.

20 min later 1016462 Anonymous
>>1016425 plz no

20 min later 1016467 Anonymous
>>1016425 I bet you want to suck on a penis, damn slut!

21 min later 1016470 Phienchen
>>1016459 b-but... what did I do? ;_;

21 min later 1016471 Anonymous
>>1016458 tfw DSLs TFW male

21 min later 1016473 Anonymous
>>1016438 aww I bet you make those look good though baby. I'd take you out and show you a good time. You like tall guys?

21 min later 1016474 Anonymous (1354688222247.png 1500x1241 303kB)
>>1016397 >>1016401 >>1016408 >>1016411 >>1016453 Last time we were smoking weed and he showed me a pic of it on his phone, I was like "it's alright but the head is kinda small". Am I socially retarded?

21 min later 1016475 Anonymous
>>1016459 I mean, your not bad trips.

21 min later 1016476 Anonymous
>>1016425 Into the album it goes.

21 min later 1016478 Blue Penguin
>>1016448 Nope.jpeg >>1016454 N-no?

22 min later 1016479 The Wizard
>>1016437 If you could only see the top.

22 min later 1016480 Anonymous
>>1016474 No but bad at flirting. >It looks delicious

22 min later 1016482 Anonymous
>>1016474 >Last time we were smoking weed what do you mean?

23 min later 1016484 Watashi
>>1016434 T-shirt and pajama pants. I'm sure ready for a night of vidya and anime. >>1016474 See >>1016480 . That would have been a perfect answer.

23 min later 1016487 Anonymous
>>1016474 You gotta lick the picture then yell "OISHIIIII~"

23 min later 1016490 Coty
>>1016473 thank you for the compliment, and yes I do like tall guys

23 min later 1016491 Epiphany
>>1016458 Yeah, no kidding. >>1016467 N-no, I just like sucking fingers... >>1016460 >near Derby Omg really? Same. I self med though, haven't been to the doctors about it yet. I hear we have a gender clinic thing nearby though.

24 min later 1016492 Epiphany
>>1016476 Dammit >>1016478 Yes you are! Now suck something and post results!

24 min later 1016499 Anonymous (ohyou.jpg 263x317 13kB)
>>1016492 >Now suck something

25 min later 1016501 Lyn
God damn it. My bra is too small, and the wires are poking into the sides of my boobs now. Fuck, I hate this.

25 min later 1016503 Anonymous
>>1016425 >mfw I imagine those lips sucking the bab off my bell end

25 min later 1016504 Holic
>>1016474 >the head is kind of small >kind of small >small You dun Goofd

25 min later 1016505 Anonymous
>>1016435 >butthurt detected But seriously, I don't care if she looks like a hag, I'd fuck those lips.

25 min later 1016506 Blue Penguin
>>1016492 Oh wow you're getting a little forceful...

25 min later 1016507 Anonymous
>>1016492 I can dislocate my jaw pretty confortably, I'm tempted to take a picture with a bottle shoved in my mouth.

26 min later 1016515 Coty
>>1016499 >sucking on e-cig >wishing it was penis instead why no penis. why

26 min later 1016520 Anonymous
>tfw you will never taste a precum soaked penis

27 min later 1016522 Anonymous
>>1016491 Cool I'll see if I can find the gender clinic. I wish i could self med but I still live with my parents and i don't think they would react well if a big box of oestrogen arrived at our house.

27 min later 1016524 Anonymous
>>1016520 >precum what is this?

27 min later 1016527 Phienchen
>>1016524 are you new?

28 min later 1016530 Anonymous (extra soaked.jpg 908x753 122kB)

28 min later 1016531 Anonymous
>>1016524 The most delicious thing on this planet.

28 min later 1016534 Epiphany
>>1016503 Ewwww, stop it! >>1016505 >she looks like a hag :_; >>1016506 If I was there right now there would be a dildo in your throat and we would be making lots of gifs. Is that forceful enough? >>1016507 Do it!

28 min later 1016535 Holic
>>1016425 >tfw when every girl here has cute lips and I'm stuck with my thin chapped man lips fucking hormones work faster. anything I can do to get more kissable pouty lips?

29 min later 1016537 Anonymous (1356369972848.gif 256x202 342kB)

29 min later 1016538 Anonymous
>>1016530 Isn't that just cum?

29 min later 1016540 Anonymous
>>1016530 Jesus fucking christ

29 min later 1016541 Anonymous
>>1016538 Nope.

29 min later 1016542 Blue Penguin
>>1016534 Is it bad that now I want you to be here?

30 min later 1016547 Anonymous
>>1016541 What's the difference? Do you have a wikipedia link?

30 min later 1016548 Anonymous
>>1016538 http://i.imgur.com/nLVNjpi.jpg

30 min later 1016549 Anonymous
>>1016530 And I thought I precum like a firehose

30 min later 1016550 Phienchen
>>1016542 L-LEWD!

30 min later 1016551 Watashi
>>1016538 My little Anon can't be this sheltered.

31 min later 1016553 Epiphany
>>1016522 It's in Nottingham I think. Do your parents check your mail? My mum doesn't touch anything that comes for me through the door, thank god. >>1016535 I've heard that brushing your lips with a toothbrush can exfoliate them and make them bigger. >>1016542 Depends, is your throat ready?

32 min later 1016563 Anonymous (1371499993878.gif 480x270 236kB)
>>1016548 Oh god why do you do this to me anon I-I want to taste this beast

36 min later 1016576 Blue Penguin
>>1016553 No but your forcing it down... If it was ready it would defeat the purpose.

36 min later 1016580 Holic
>>1016553 huh I read that before and thought it was bullshit going to give it a try then.

38 min later 1016589 Epiphany
>>1016576 Oh yeah, true.... I'm not good at being dominant!!! >>1016580 Well I don;t know if it works, just something I read on here.

40 min later 1016593 implying (1373052655044.gif 500x200 425kB)
>>1016548 2lewd4me

40 min later 1016595 Phienchen

41 min later 1016601 Anonymous
>>1016595 >tfw 2 months on HRT and no boobs kill me

41 min later 1016603 The Wizard
>>1016595 Ouch. Poor girl.

41 min later 1016608 Blue Penguin
>>1016589 It's ok I forgive you. I will make a gif tomorrow when I can get pretty. >>1016595 Ffff *hugs*

43 min later 1016615 Holic (IMG_0373.jpg 720x960 205kB)
>>1016530 So delicious loooking I want it in my mouth.

43 min later 1016618 The Wizard (tumblr_m7ynzjDe8y1ruc976o1_500.jpg 419x239 12kB)
>>1016608 >I will make a gif tomorrow

43 min later 1016620 Epiphany
>>1016595 >tfw I pinch nipple to see if they hurt today >they really hurt today >>1016608 Yay! >>1016609 Whore. Now go practice on a real one!

44 min later 1016623 Trashgirl
>>1016601 >tfw one and a half months on HRT and still have a penis

45 min later 1016624 Anonymous
>>1016623 >tfw one and a half months on HRT >i started at 16 >i am 19 underaged plz

45 min later 1016627 Phienchen
>>1016620 >not just gently fondling to check soreness level >jumping up regardless because of all the needles at least its a good kind of pain

45 min later 1016629 Anonymous
>>1016620 Ok, you free tomorrow?

45 min later 1016633 Blue Penguin
>>1016623 It's cause you started too late... Your penis goes away if you start before 14.

45 min later 1016634 Anonymous
How long has it been since you left the house /mtfg/? I've been inside for more than a week.

45 min later 1016635 Anonymous
>>1016624 That's the idea. She's 19. Obviously not 16. Especially seeing as she started whoremoans at 16. Surely, that'd be a bannable offence!

45 min later 1016636 Ayana
What the fuck. I trip with this in hand and this happens :(

46 min later 1016640 Anonymous
>>1016627 How long did it take until your boobs started to really hurt and grow?

46 min later 1016641 Holic
>>1016595 try hitting your boob with a tire jack it's soooo painful my dad didn't help asking me what kind of man falls on the ground from being hit in the chest ;_;

46 min later 1016642 Ayana (image.jpg 640x960 68kB)
>>1016636 Forgot pic

46 min later 1016645 Anonymous
>>1016636 no picture. >>1016609 LSP is that you? Your mouth is wasted on a straight guy.

46 min later 1016646 Epiphany
>>1016623 Never change Trashy >>1016627 They don't feel sensitive to my t shirt so I thought I would be safe. I was wrong. >>1016629 Not mine!!!

47 min later 1016648 Trashgirl (1369566345769.jpg 581x576 73kB)
>>1016624 *years

47 min later 1016649 Anonymous
>>1016642 welp, time for a new hobby?

47 min later 1016651 Epiphany (1353791540640.jpg.jpg 150x150 32kB)

47 min later 1016653 Watashi
>>1016634 Couple of weeks, think it's pretty close to a month now.

47 min later 1016655 Lyn
>>1016601 >>tfw hrt and no boobs Shut the fuck up and enjoy it while you can. Hope you like back pain and not being able to run very much... unless you end up flat chested.

48 min later 1016657 Anonymous
>>1016646 On a real what? whats real? I thought you meant to get a glass bottle or something. I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a glass bottle emporium so we can get things to put in our mouths.

48 min later 1016661 Phienchen
>>1016640 2 weeks notable differences really hurt at 3 weeks real growth started at 2 months I think. I am on lupron though, so its different >>1016641 I ran into a door a few weeks ago and nearly passed out from the pain ;_; >>1016634 had to today, was 10 days before that.

49 min later 1016665 Anonymous
For a girl, Epiphany sure talks about her cock a lot..

49 min later 1016671 Trashgirl (2013-07-27 01-03-12.155.jpg 640x480 118kB)
>>1016642 >Regular 3DS >No case Maximum plebian

50 min later 1016672 Anonymous
>>1016665 its a gay guy

50 min later 1016673 Anonymous
>>1016665 she just talks about cock in general.

50 min later 1016674 Anonymous
>>1016661 I've been on HRT for 2 month and they're just sensitive, it's not like they hurt very much. I hope they start growing for real soon.

50 min later 1016676 The Wizard
>>1016642 Oh god no.

51 min later 1016679 Anonymous (rms.jpg 460x276 9kB)
>>1016642 >3ds enjoy your DRM

51 min later 1016683 Epiphany
>>1016657 I meant cocks! You have the ability to dislocate your jaw, that mean you must fill it with cocks. I didn't make the rules... >>1016665 But I never talk about mine... >>1016673 I do not!

52 min later 1016688 Anonymous
>>1016648 >17.5 >not underaged

52 min later 1016690 Anonymous
tfw not a cis girl

52 min later 1016693 Anonymous
>>1016679 stallman pls go >>>/g/

52 min later 1016695 Anonymous
>>1016665 I've heard cisgirls talk about their metaphorical cocks many times.

52 min later 1016696 Anonymous
>>1016672 Oh... I guess that makes sense.

52 min later 1016698 Anonymous
>>1016683 >I meant cocks! >I do not! (talk about cocks all the time)

52 min later 1016699 Anonymous (gentoo.jpg 240x280 19kB)

53 min later 1016709 Anonymous
>tfw boobs aren't growing ;_;

53 min later 1016710 Anonymous (rms-trans.jpg 1500x1000 224kB)
>>1016693 but i'm trans ;_;

54 min later 1016712 Phienchen
>>1016698 10/10

54 min later 1016713 Trashgirl
>>1016688 >Putting halves in your name B-But I'm not 4

54 min later 1016717 Blue Penguin
>>1016683 What should I do in my gif? Just suck on something? I don't have a toy or any thing

54 min later 1016719 Anonymous (gentoo-low.jpg 1500x1001 470kB)

55 min later 1016728 Anonymous
>>1016717 Lick your nips.

55 min later 1016732 The Wizard
>>1016671 >case on Nintendo handheld. Ewwww no ewwwwwww

56 min later 1016741 Holic
>>1016642 Aw shit that sucks D: Is it still under warranty? maybe you can get it replaced

57 min later 1016744 implying (1374373724040.gif 400x222 281kB)
>>1016717 > >>1016683 >I don't have a toy or any thing That's sad. Everyone should have a toy.

57 min later 1016746 Trashgirl
>>1016732 >Its le nintendium guiz xDDDD The build quality on the 3DS is shit that is why the hinges always break

57 min later 1016748 Anonymous
Do we know who Epiphany is going on a date with yet?

57 min later 1016749 Blue Penguin
>>1016728 Oddly enough I can't to this... my bobs are so firm that they don't have that much give.

57 min later 1016751 Anonymous (rms-3.jpg 772x644 337kB)
>tfw rms will never fuck you ;__;

57 min later 1016752 Epiphany
>>1016698 Ok so I was talking about cocks then, but not all the time! >>1016709 At least tell me that hourglass is forming, right? >>1016717 No toy??? Go find the nearest phallic shaped object in your house. >>1016748 No.

57 min later 1016753 Ayana
>>1016679 It was a gift from my mom >>1016649 I rarely play games as is :(

58 min later 1016757 Anonymous
When do my boobs start growing for real?

58 min later 1016758 Anonymous
>>1016749 make gif of squeezing your bobs

58 min later 1016765 Trashgirl
>>1016757 When you fill them with silcon

58 min later 1016766 Anonymous
>>1016752 Who is it, then?

59 min later 1016768 Anonymous
>>1016752 >Ok so I was talking about cocks then, but not all the time! >Go find the nearest phallic shaped object in your house.

59 min later 1016772 Anonymous (sad.jpg 518x305 142kB)
>>1016753 >It was a gift from my mom now i feel sad ;_;

59 min later 1016774 Hikkikomori
>>1016757 Start loving DFC anon

59 min later 1016775 implying (1373679050098.gif 400x300 2013kB)
>>1016744 This is why I shouldn't post when I'm high. > imb4 you shouldn't post at all.

59 min later 1016776 Anonymous
>>1016752 I don't think so, the only things i've noticed is that my nipples are no longer inverted and I have a lump behind my nipples and also my orgasms has changed. I don't really look at myself in the mirror.

1 hours later 1016780 The Wizard
>>1016746 >bought day one >no broke hinges >implying some rubber condom protects a handheld.

1 hours later 1016782 Anonymous
>>1016774 >DFC >transgirl Pick 1

1 hours later 1016786 The Wizard
>>1016753 >It was a gift from my mom Oh god. Now I wanna buy you a new one. ;-;

1 hours later 1016787 Anonymous
>>1016775 you seem kinda cool. How big a thing can you put in your mouth?

1 hours later 1016788 Blue Penguin
>>1016752 Ok will try to find something. >>1016758 T-that is a good idea.

1 hours later 1016790 Holic
>>1016717 do what I do suck on a banna (unless your on spiro )or Popsicle.

1 hours later 1016798 Trashgirl
>>1016780 >Bought day one Never go full retard m8, they where selling half price after a few months

1 hours later 1016801 Epiphany
>>1016766 It's just somebody... >>1016768 Phallic shaped objects are not necessarily cocks anon! >>1016776 Same thing happened to me. What dose are you on?

1 hours later 1016804 Anonymous
>>1016717 suck your toe

1 hours later 1016805 Anonymous
>>1016801 Is it a tripfag?

1 hours later 1016806 Anonymous (lsp a slut.jpg 330x250 6kB)
>>1016790 suck on a bottle of water like this >>1016609

1 hours later 1016807 Anonymous
>>1016801 4mg estrofem and 200mg spiro

1 hours later 1016810 moko
Lewd things aren't fun.

1 hours later 1016812 Phienchen
>>1016810 hi moko

1 hours later 1016815 Anonymous
>>1016810 how are you doing moko?

1 hours later 1016817 Holic
>>1016753 nooo that sucks.

1 hours later 1016819 implying (1373505713790.gif 176x175 511kB)
>>1016787 I'm still working that out. My foot seems to fit pretty well though.

1 hours later 1016820 Epiphany
>>1016805 Maybe, who knows... >>1016807 That dose is fine, stick with it. Boobs will arrive momentarily.

1 hours later 1016821 Blue Penguin
>>1016790 Am on Spiro... We have no bananas or Popsicles >>1016804 God no!

1 hours later 1016822 Anonymous
>>1016820 I hope so ;_;

1 hours later 1016823 The Wizard
>>1016798 Implying the ambassador program didn't more than make up.

1 hours later 1016827 Anonymous
>>1016819 shieeeet, I can fit my entire fist in my mouth.

1 hours later 1016829 moko (oh my god.png 303x322 67kB)
>>1016812 >>1016815 I'm good, my friend bought me STALKER today, also I have a job. [spoiler]Not a blowjob.[/spoiler]

1 hours later 1016835 Holic
>>1016810 Hey moko *hugs* you doing better today?

1 hours later 1016836 Anonymous
>>1016829 WOOOOOOOOOOOOO what will you be doing?

1 hours later 1016837 Anonymous
>>1016827 How? Im not even close to being able to fit my fist in my mouth.

1 hours later 1016839 Anonymous (foot.jpg 1200x1800 177kB)
>>1016821 >God no! God yes

1 hours later 1016844 Anonymous
>>1016829 good to hear that things are looking up.

1 hours later 1016846 moko
>>1016836 Cleaning up poop basically mostly probably.

1 hours later 1016847 Trashgirl (1370409747591.png 570x489 416kB)
>>1016776 >nipples are no longer inverted >my nipples inverted on HRT >>1016810 You are doing it wrong >>1016823 >Implying a bunch of old games is worth over £100, even in physical form

1 hours later 1016848 Anonymous
>>1016820 So that's a yes for a tripfag. Is it LSP?

1 hours later 1016851 Anonymous

1 hours later 1016857 Ayana
>>1016786 That's sweet, but I couldn't ever accept that ever. This is just life kicking me down and I need to just deal with it for now

1 hours later 1016858 Anonymous
>>1016846 With what?

1 hours later 1016859 Blue Penguin
>>1016839 No! And that is final!

1 hours later 1016860 Anonymous
>>1016847 Well they're still inverted sometimes but usually they're pretty hard and not inverted. I've always had fucked up nipples though and it's probably not going to change much.

1 hours later 1016862 Lyn
>>1016829 Bitch, how dare you undersell me and take my job out from under me, you little whore! Haha, congrats!

1 hours later 1016864 Epiphany
>>1016810 >Lewd things aren't fun. moko pls >>1016848 I said maybe!!

1 hours later 1016866 Phienchen
>>1016829 yay <3

1 hours later 1016867 Anonymous
>>1016846 really? so whats your official title?

1 hours later 1016868 Anonymous
>>1016864 But it wasn't a no. So it must be a yes. It's LSP isn't it.

1 hours later 1016874 Epiphany
>>1016868 It wasn't a no, and it wasn't a yes, annoying person!

1 hours later 1016875 Anonymous
>>1016837 I am good with my mouth. In all honestly, I was abducted for a year and trained to be a male sexslave when I was a kid. As a result I can last for over an hour during sex, I'm good with my mouth and all that shit. However it's really hard to get passed the trauma so I find it hard to connect with people.

1 hours later 1016877 moko (pfft.png 727x304 141kB)
>>1016858 With a mop probably, maybe my tongue on the late shift, idk :( >>1016864 They aren't fun. >>1016867 Shitkicker Cityslicker

1 hours later 1016883 Holic
>>1016829 Awesome I'm really happy for you just remember even if your cleaning up crap, that work is keeping you off the streets. You found a place to stay if you have stalker which is a pc game if I'm not mistaken you must have found a good place to stay?

1 hours later 1016885 Trashgirl
>>1016877 w-why dont you get a good job ;_;

1 hours later 1016887 Long Standing Problem
>>1016874 you aren't denying that it is me. Even though it isn't me. I'll never be a girl's secret.

1 hours later 1016889 Lyn
>>1016885 You take what you can get, git.

1 hours later 1016890 Anonymous
>>1016877 oh you and your sense of humor. stable living conditions?

1 hours later 1016891 Anonymous
>>1016874 Why are you going on a date with LSP?

1 hours later 1016893 Anonymous
>>1016875 What the fuck i want more details

1 hours later 1016897 Anonymous (the-real-sanic.jpg 136x134 9kB)
>>1016859 ;_; ok

1 hours later 1016901 Anonymous
Why do some boys get underdeveloped or inverted nipples? Mine have always been super soft and fucked up.

1 hours later 1016903 Epiphany
>>1016877 You need to like, go do more lewd things and report back. >>1016875 >I was abducted for a year and trained to be a male sexslave when I was a kid Oh god, please explain. >>1016887 Shut up bitch and get back in your cage! >>1016891 Shush you!

1 hours later 1016904 Anonymous
>>1016893 please no, it still hurts to think of it.

1 hours later 1016909 Blue Penguin
>>1016897 H-how do I even make a gif? I have a webcam but beyond that I am lost.

1 hours later 1016912 Anonymous
>>1016909 SQUEEZE BOBS

1 hours later 1016913 Trashgirl (barks internally.gif 307x346 2082kB)
>>1016889 You pick the best job from the ones you can get though

1 hours later 1016915 Anonymous
>>1016909 gifpal

1 hours later 1016918 Anonymous
>>1016903 Whose cock are you gonna suck?

1 hours later 1016920 MoapChan
>>1016885 I need a name change to get a job. I need money to pay for a name change. I need a job to get money.

1 hours later 1016923 Holic
>>1016903 Epiphany there's a reason moko doesn't want to talk about l3wd things.

1 hours later 1016924 moko (wolverine.jpg 297x297 28kB)
>>1016883 Friend of a friend of a friend is letting me stay at his place for a few days, so I have to find a place fast. >>1016885 Because this was the job I could get? It's not any more demeaning than what I've been doing to get by so far. >>1016890 Yes.

1 hours later 1016925 Anonymous
>>1016901 Please respond, I don't know why I got these.

1 hours later 1016926 Anonymous
>>1016903 well, I was about 9 years old, they forced my puberty to happen early by drugging me. Look, I really don't feel too comfortable talking about it that much.

1 hours later 1016927 Epiphany
>>1016918 You really want me to say?

1 hours later 1016933 Blue Penguin
>>1016912 W/e >>1016915 Thanks!

1 hours later 1016935 implying (1374644553734.gif 500x375 790kB)
>>1016901 Idk, mine have always been oddly soft and puffy.

1 hours later 1016936 Anonymous
>>1016909 1: use the webcam 2: use a program (like ffmpeg) to convert the video to gif 3: upload ps: toe plz

1 hours later 1016937 Anonymous
>>1016926 >>1016875 what am i reading

1 hours later 1016938 moko
>>1016903 >go do more lewd things How about no?

1 hours later 1016944 Anonymous
>>1016927 might as well >>1016924 good to hear moko, get back on track and become the little gril

1 hours later 1016945 Epiphany
>>1016923 >>1016926 >>1016938 Yeah I'm gonna stop talking about things now

1 hours later 1016954 Anonymous
>>1016937 a horror story

1 hours later 1016961 Epiphany
>>1016944 I don't think I should!

1 hours later 1016963 Holic
>>1016924 Alright Evelyn congratulations. I'll post this just in case you need to find a place in the near future. http://www.transhousingnetwork.com/

1 hours later 1016969 Anonymous
>>1016961 I think you should. It'll stop people saying its LSP. It's that guy from /tg/ isn't it?

1 hours later 1016970 Anonymous
>>1016961 then why even ask us? how attention starved are you? Christ, I constantly talk to you and all you want is more, more, more.

1 hours later 1016972 Anonymous
>>1016955 That's called self hatred kayla. Accept your true female self. Those male personalities are an invention of your internalised transphobia.

1 hours later 1016974 Anonymous
>>1016926 make a greentext story please

1 hours later 1016975 Anonymous
>>1016963 >http://www.transhousingnetwork.com / Where to go if you need to find a tranny to murder.

1 hours later 1016978 Trashgirl (1372522953486.png 900x749 783kB)
>>1016963 >genderqueer POC MFA Theater Arts/Film Student looking for housing mid/late August Oh no

1 hours later 1016994 Anonymous
>>1016978 >genderqueer attention whore teenager detected

1 hours later 1016995 Anonymous
>>1016978 >MFA What?

1 hours later 1017004 Epiphany
>>1016969 No I'm not gonna say now. >>1016970 I asked one person...

1 hours later 1017006 Anonymous
>>1016998 to goddamn bad

1 hours later 1017011 Anonymous
>>1016994 >transgender attention whore teenager detected

1 hours later 1017013 Anonymous
>>1017004 >I asked one person... you asked anonymous, which happens to be quite a few people

1 hours later 1017015 Anonymous
>>1017004 Fine, you're fucking lsp. You fell into peer pressure so you're settling for a creepy, hairy, smelly pedo who can deepthroat bottles. You want him to suck your girlcock.

1 hours later 1017020 implying (1373713046800.gif 352x290 2072kB)
>>1016955 >Ok so I asked earlier and only 2 answered. Do any of you feel bad and ashamed of yourself when you get dressed up? That sucks. I can kinda relate. I feel like I'm just being stupid because I'll never be able to live up to this ideal in my head and I should just force all these feelings aside. Plus no mones so I can't really stand the sight of myself alot of the time and dressing up reminds me of what I don't have.

1 hours later 1017021 Anonymous
>>1016998 >Word for word what all my shrinks said holy shit really? Where do I get my degree?

1 hours later 1017023 Blue Penguin
>>1017004 So you have Skype!?! Please add me... I don't think imma post anything till I run it by you.

1 hours later 1017025 Anonymous
>>1017011 I'm not transgender. I'm a transsexual.

1 hours later 1017030 Epiphany
>>1017013 He's posting ITT, I was asking him. >>1017015 Nope >>1017023 Yep! In the email field.

1 hours later 1017031 Anonymous (nonfree.jpg 800x600 144kB)
>>1017023 >Skype

1 hours later 1017033 Anonymous
>>1017025 >transsexual attention whore teenager detected

1 hours later 1017036 ufufu
hiiiii every1 im back from lunch & friendtime how are yall doin

1 hours later 1017038 Anonymous
>>1017030 so it is SWG

1 hours later 1017041 Anonymous
>>1017036 >ufufu

1 hours later 1017043 lsp
>>1017015 tfw no flaccid girlcock to suck

1 hours later 1017047 ufufu
>>1017041 yes???

1 hours later 1017048 Anonymous
>>1017036 epiphany is having a gang bang with LSP, SWG, and some random fucker from the streets

1 hours later 1017051 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017036 Hello ufufu. Just finished weeding my backyard and now I'm tired. How is everyone?

1 hours later 1017053 Holic
>>1016994 haha noice I saw that too but some of the posters on there seem legit.

1 hours later 1017055 Anonymous (gentoo.jpg 1280x720 144kB)
>>1017031 name a better, open source alternative to skyype

1 hours later 1017058 Anonymous (ufufu2.png 365x479 404kB)
>>1017036 >>1017047 >le ufufu face

1 hours later 1017062 Anonymous
>>1017036 LSP showed a picture of him shoving a bottle in his mouth >>1016609 Also I think he confessed to being trained as a male sexslave.

1 hours later 1017063 ufufu
>>1017048 uhhhh huh. >>1017051 hey im good we had sushi and went to goodwill and then we drank beer mixed with lemonade. shes really fun and i had fun. >>1017058 whut

1 hours later 1017064 Epiphany
>>1017038 I'm not saying who it is! >>1017048 I am? Cool...

1 hours later 1017067 Trashgirl (1372148312512.png 545x295 141kB)
>>1017048 I want to cuddle with SWG but he doesn't want me

1 hours later 1017070 Anonymous
>>1017064 Is it devou/tg/uardsman?

1 hours later 1017075 Anonymous (rms-doom2.jpg 625x400 45kB)
>>1017055 tox, Ekiga, ... >open source http://lists.debian.org/debian-deve l/1999/02/msg01641.html >alternative https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/word s-to-avoid.html#Alternative

1 hours later 1017079 Anonymous
>>1017070 that dudes across the ocean nigga

1 hours later 1017080 Anonymous
>>1017033 >having a medical condition >being an attention whore pick one

1 hours later 1017081 Epiphany
>>1017070 Doesn't he live in the US of A?

1 hours later 1017082 Anonymous
>>1017080 >responding >not looking like an idiot Pick one

1 hours later 1017085 Ayana
>>1017036 Not good Heather, my 3ds got destroyed

1 hours later 1017086 Trashgirl
>>1017068 You can contribute to the world and do male-gendered roles if you want as a woman like I will be doing

1 hours later 1017087 Anonymous
>>1017079 maybe he lied. The fact that she won't say who it is means that it IS somebody who we would know by name.

1 hours later 1017088 Anonymous
>>1017081 you can tell them now

1 hours later 1017090 Anonymous
>>1016955 >implying you are not on hormones

1 hours later 1017095 Anonymous
>>1017088 damnit SWG, wasn't it enough you seducing Milky girl then driving her away?

1 hours later 1017096 Anonymous
>>1017087 or shes making it all up because shes fucking mental

1 hours later 1017100 Anonymous
>>1017096 with her hair style, not big surprise.

1 hours later 1017102 implying (1373740019041.gif 500x636 743kB)
>>1017068 You can be a woman and do those things so you might as well go for it.

1 hours later 1017103 Anonymous
>>1017097 If you wanna be a caricature go right ahead. Some people just act normal.

1 hours later 1017105 Anonymous
How do I make boys want me?

1 hours later 1017106 Lyn
>>1017097 You act? What? Or do you mean the masks we put on for the world in order to be perceived as human?

1 hours later 1017108 Trashgirl
>>1017097 You wouldn't be a caricature though, you can do male roles and dress masculine while presenting as female.

1 hours later 1017111 Epiphany
>>1017096 I'm talking to myself because lonely

1 hours later 1017112 Anonymous
>>1017105 step one DAT ASSSSS step two drop pens.

1 hours later 1017114 Anonymous (1296035758584.png 220x294 71kB)
>>1017097 >do male-gendered roles if you want as a woman like I will be doing >caricatures of what we perceive women to look and act like >male-gendered roles >caricatures of women

1 hours later 1017115 Anonymous
>>1017105 take your pants off and put them on your head and run around outside

1 hours later 1017117 Anonymous
>>1017111 if you were lonely you wouldn't say "BUT MUH BF" and making yourself less available.

1 hours later 1017118 Blue Penguin
>>1017105 General sluttiness and bobs

1 hours later 1017123 Epiphany
>>1017117 I don't have bf...

1 hours later 1017124 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017063 The sushi part sounded great. Gonna do it again? >>1017070 >>1017079 >>1017081 >>1017087 >>1017096 wut? I went to grab some strawberry ice cream and walked back to this. What's happening?

1 hours later 1017130 Trashgirl
>>1017114 T-There are lots of women in Civil Engineering Research and Development r-right

1 hours later 1017132 Anonymous
>>1017123 "Guy you are going to date" or whatever. If you don't have a guy you are going to date then you may as well just fuck lsp.

1 hours later 1017133 Anonymous
>tfw nobody wants to be your friend

1 hours later 1017136 Anonymous
>>1017130 civil? no, you're going to be harassed back and forth, or more likely excluded all together. environmental has more females, but the likely hood they're feminist hippies is pretty high and they may not accept you

1 hours later 1017138 Anonymous

1 hours later 1017140 ufufu
>>1017105 get sexy

1 hours later 1017141 Anonymous
>>1017133 I want

1 hours later 1017143 Holic
>>1017036 hello ufufu doing pretty good watching some tv chatting with peeps and getting drunk.

1 hours later 1017144 Epiphany
>>1017124 I blame the patriarchy and slut shaming. >>1017132 Or maybe I'll stop being such a 'slut' and fuck no one.

1 hours later 1017145 Anonymous
>>1017144 You lust for cock. We lust for knowlege.

1 hours later 1017147 Trashgirl
>>1017136 >excluded all together lulwut

1 hours later 1017148 Anonymous
>>1017144 you can't stop being a slut after you've been a slut, it doesn't work that way

1 hours later 1017150 Anonymous

1 hours later 1017151 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017144 Explain what's going on Epip lest I slap your face with my cock!

1 hours later 1017152 Anonymous
>>1017147 yeah, they'll fire you for not being a guy

1 hours later 1017157 Trashgirl (1373140763957.jpg 300x300 52kB)

1 hours later 1017158 Holic
>>1017133 I know that feel, I'll be your friend anon-chan

1 hours later 1017160 Anonymous
Can i be a MtFtM?

1 hours later 1017161 Anonymous
>>1017152 I don't think that will be a problem...

1 hours later 1017163 Blue Penguin
>>1017160 I already am~

1 hours later 1017168 Anonymous
>>1017157 sorry trashy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1 hours later 1017169 Anonymous
which of you is this? http://i.imgur.com/tPRMwWj.jpg

1 hours later 1017174 Trashgirl
>>1017168 Le lenny face

1 hours later 1017175 Anonymous
>>1017169 thats me

1 hours later 1017176 Anonymous
>>1017169 It's slug.

1 hours later 1017177 Anonymous (1371749790126.jpg 330x330 22kB)
>at home in your room >put on girl clothes >put on makeup >put on your best face >can't walk out the door

1 hours later 1017178 Epiphany
>>1017151 Can I just take the cock slap and not say anything?

1 hours later 1017179 Anonymous
>>1017170 > women should not have ANY FUCKING PLACE IN THE TECHNICAL INDUSTRY. oy vey, internalized misogyny

1 hours later 1017181 Anonymous
why every MtF has ugly dick?

1 hours later 1017183 Anonymous
>>1017181 Epiphany's isn't bad. Wanna see?

1 hours later 1017184 Trashgirl
>>1017181 >Every You haven't seen mine

1 hours later 1017185 Anonymous

1 hours later 1017188 Anonymous
>>1017178 you'd like that wouldn't you, you little slut

1 hours later 1017189 Anonymous
>>1017181 My dick is 10/10 If it was attached to someone else I would worship it

1 hours later 1017190 Anonymous
>>1017184 underaged with 1.5 months HRT, plz

1 hours later 1017194 Anonymous
>>1017169 I'd fuck her. I wouldn't let her cook for me.

1 hours later 1017195 Anonymous
>>1017183 >Wanna see? yes

1 hours later 1017196 Anonymous
>>1017191 were you from baby

1 hours later 1017198 Epiphany
>>1017183 Nuuuuuuu >>1017188 lol that's why I asked

1 hours later 1017199 Anonymous
>>1017183 if you're offering, sure

1 hours later 1017200 Anonymous
>>1017177 Don't post pictures of Ruka pls

1 hours later 1017201 Anonymous (AD.jpg 224x220 22kB)
>>1017169 >this dick ugly

1 hours later 1017202 Trashgirl (1365695910064.jpg 502x417 98kB)
>>1017190 Its still a nice penis

1 hours later 1017204 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017169 LEWD..... And if that's slug, she's a cutie. With a cute bum. >>1017177 Do it Anon, and you'll possibly find someone who'll want to shove his penor in your pooper. >>1017178 No. At least you'll have to say my name or beg for it.

1 hours later 1017205 Blue Penguin
>>1017181 Tucking doesn't help

1 hours later 1017209 Anonymous
>>1017202 Can you tell that after two years of HRT?

1 hours later 1017213 Trashgirl
>>1017209 I will have had SRS within 2 years #Education #Work #C.R.E.A.M

1 hours later 1017214 Anonymous
SWG, post the dick pics already

1 hours later 1017217 Anonymous (1339283169501.png 1382x873 56kB)
>>1017169 >http://i.imgur.com/tPRMwWj.jpg

1 hours later 1017220 Anonymous
>>1017211 So if a woman was physically qualified you'd still turn them away? There are some really beefy women.

1 hours later 1017221 Anonymous
>>1017213 >SRS why?

1 hours later 1017223 Trashgirl
>>1017211 >Civil Engineering >Physical job lel I will be working at an office desk

1 hours later 1017224 Blue Penguin
>>1017211 >implying it is hard to run equipment and that I wasn't doing that shit when I was 8.

1 hours later 1017226 Anonymous
/フフ ム`ヽ / ノ) do you even sage? ) ヽ / | (´・-・`)ノ⌒(ゝ._,ノ / ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく \ / 丶_ ノ 。 ノ、 。|/ `ヽ `ー-'_人`ーノ 丶  ̄ _人'彡ノ..

1 hours later 1017228 Anonymous
>>1017224 you must be really good with levers and knobs

1 hours later 1017229 Trashgirl
>>1017221 Because a nice Fake Vagina > Penis

1 hours later 1017230 Anonymous (1363326753439.gif 400x270 484kB)
>tfw haato's timeline made me realize it's possible to be a qt girl

1 hours later 1017233 Trashgirl
>>1017230 I love this feel

1 hours later 1017236 Blue Penguin
>>1017228 I drive a stick for sure too bad I have a automatic though

1 hours later 1017238 Anonymous
>>1017229 With a penis you can piss easyer and cleaner

1 hours later 1017240 Anonymous
>>1017211 >implying running construction equipment is hard. You're stupid.

1 hours later 1017243 Anonymous
>>1017230 >haato's timeline link plz

1 hours later 1017244 Raven
>>1017240 Forgot trip.

1 hours later 1017245 Anonymous (doushio.jpg 1280x720 71kB)
>>1017233 I feel like I super lucked out with this. Like I'm the same age now when haato started and I feel like I lucked out so hard that I found out now instead of when I'm say, 40.

1 hours later 1017246 kayla
>>1017240 >all this feminism why do I never ever see female operators then?

1 hours later 1017247 Blue Penguin
>>1017239 My dad repaired farm equipment for a ranch so he would let me drive them on occasion yeah.

1 hours later 1017248 Anonymous
>>1017230 I showed my mom haatos timeline to prove that not all transgirls are men in dresses.

1 hours later 1017249 Cathy (Untitxzxzxzled.jpg 946x720 145kB)
apparently cis people cant tell that this got a penis ~violates ur safe space and pees on ur toilet seat~

1 hours later 1017250 Trashgirl (PussyAssNigga.jpg 296x403 31kB)
>>1017238 I've only peed standing up very few times in my life, I always sit down

1 hours later 1017253 Anonymous
>>1017248 That's a really good idea actually. Especially since I'm the same age right now as when haato started, it's perfect

1 hours later 1017254 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017244 Wait...... Don't you have some weird fetish that even I wouldn't want?

2 hours later 1017256 Anonymous (1370923026131.jpg 1280x960 176kB)

2 hours later 1017259 Anonymous
>>1017249 cathy with the zingers

2 hours later 1017261 Watashi (1367507629462.jpg 2816x1499 748kB)

2 hours later 1017264 Epiphany (1374199979465.jpg 852x480 31kB)
>>1017232 >that pic

2 hours later 1017266 Anonymous
>>1017253 It worked out really well, especially since i'm younger than her. I mean I was never really worried about my age but my mom didn't know hormones could do that much. >tfw supportive mom

2 hours later 1017268 Anonymous
>>1017250 >peeing in a toilet ewwww

2 hours later 1017271 Raven
>>1017246 Most females don't want to run construction equipment? >me >feminist Not hardly. I just thought that you saying you needed to be built like a linebacker to run a piece of hydraulic equipment was dumb.

2 hours later 1017272 Anonymous
>>1017264 >tfw epiphany is 6 inches taller than you

2 hours later 1017273 Anonymous
>>1017264 >tfw 5´11" and will never experience something like that

2 hours later 1017275 Anonymous
/フフ ム`ヽ / ノ) do you even sage? ) ヽ / | (´・-・`)ノ⌒(ゝ._,ノ / ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく \ / 丶_ ノ 。 ノ、 。|/ `ヽ `ー-'_人`ーノ 丶  ̄ _人'彡ノ..

2 hours later 1017278 Trashgirl (1372209257863.gif 350x262 2791kB)
>>1017246 Because the majority of people fall into gender roles, just because the majority fall into it does not make it wrong to differ. I know a female trucker and have seen female construction vehicle operators >>1017261 ;_;7

2 hours later 1017281 Epiphany
>>1017272 You're 5'1"? >>1017273 Get really tall guy and get him to do it!

2 hours later 1017282 Raven
>>1017256 lel you never give up to you? I commend you for your persistence :D

2 hours later 1017283 Anonymous
>>1017281 5'10"

2 hours later 1017284 Watashi
>>1017272 >tfw epiphany is 6 feet taller than you

2 hours later 1017289 Anonymous
>>1017261 cool thanks :3

2 hours later 1017296 kayla
>>1017271 What you don't get is that its so much more then that. Operators have to rig chains all the time and they are fucking heavy as fuck. Plus they have to get out to clean build up of mud or other aggregate with a pick or shovel sometimes. Poor girly girls would brake a nail. Oh and if your asking who would want this shit job, it pays over $700 a day.

2 hours later 1017297 Anonymous
threadly reminder http://imgur.com/a/0Xh0G

2 hours later 1017298 Anonymous
>>1017281 How do I find a really tall guy?

2 hours later 1017299 Epiphany
>>1017283 oic... >>1017284 I also have a 7 foot cock apparently...

2 hours later 1017301 Raven
>>1017254 >>1017256 Samefag detected? And yes, I have some fetishes that are pretty out there, how is that relevant?

2 hours later 1017302 Trashgirl (1373152214558.jpg 500x360 28kB)
>>1017284 >You where born 1'6'' too tall to be a petite cutie

2 hours later 1017307 Anonymous (ur gross.jpg 550x157 21kB)

2 hours later 1017312 Anonymous
>>1017297 I would fuck dinner butt. Am I the only one?

2 hours later 1017317 Anonymous
>>1017301 >4 >6 >samefag

2 hours later 1017320 Anonymous
>>1017316 they didn't even have the pic of slug's dick.

2 hours later 1017321 Raven
>>1017296 I'm a mechanic and I work on similar equipment. Ever watched a 115 lb girl work a wrench better than half the "men" in the shop? What I'm trying to say to you is it's not about how their built, it's about if they're willing to bust their ass and work. I wouldn't want that job because I'm too damn lazy, I admit this. I'd rather type on a keyboard than work in a construction yard. One look at my dad's hands told me why.

2 hours later 1017322 Epiphany
>>1017298 Ummm, internet?

2 hours later 1017323 Anonymous (n.png 592x163 8kB)

2 hours later 1017325 Anonymous
>>1017316 what a bunch of fucking idiots to post all those images on an image board that anyone can save with a click

2 hours later 1017329 Anonymous
>>1017298 how tall are we talking?

2 hours later 1017331 Anonymous
>>1017323 6/10

2 hours later 1017332 Raven
>>1017307 I stand corrected.

2 hours later 1017336 Anonymous
>>1017322 Where though? >>1017329 taller than me I'm 5´11"

2 hours later 1017337 Anonymous
>>1017320 slugs dick is really nice. shame she is wasting it on being trans.

2 hours later 1017339 Anonymous
>>1017312 I call that one Splatula.

2 hours later 1017341 Anonymous
>>1017336 thats easy, I'm 6' 3" and have plenty of friends who are 6' 2" and up. Just open your door and throw a stone, you're likely to hit someone who is taller than you

2 hours later 1017348 Anonymous (os-media-green-giant.jpg 335x294 21kB)
>>1017341 I bet Epiphany could kick your ass.

2 hours later 1017355 Anonymous
>>1017348 I'd let her kick my ass every day of the week and twice on sundats

2 hours later 1017356 Epiphany
>>1017348 Stop bullying me! I'm 5'7"!!!

2 hours later 1017363 Anonymous
>>1017356 #stop4chanbullying

2 hours later 1017365 Anonymous
>>1017356 Bullying? I'm singing your praises, love. Now shut yer gob or I'll slap yer bollocks back to Wales, I sware on me mum.

2 hours later 1017382 Anonymous
>>1017256 Kill it with fire

2 hours later 1017395 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017356 You're shorter then me Epip. Now come here so I can pick you up and swing you around.

2 hours later 1017396 Raven
>>1017382 I've got some gasoline in my garage for molotovs. Or the vodka in my freezer should work too.

2 hours later 1017400 Patch (bbd15bad6d51c60ba1e24a306492bfa3.png 386x244 111kB)
Hey everyone. Back from my support group meeting. Pretty quiet meeting this week. Although... a friend of mine from the group has been lurking around here reading the threads... so I need to behave myself better!

2 hours later 1017402 Anonymous
So is SWG fucking Epiphaslut or what?

2 hours later 1017403 Anonymous
>>1017402 Yes.

2 hours later 1017408 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017400 Hello Patch, how are you right now?

2 hours later 1017410 haato
>>1017400 You never know who lurks these threads. One of my friends was here when all the tier stuff started happening. It was weird.

2 hours later 1017412 Patch
>>1017408 Right now? A little tired and somewhat peckish. How are you?

2 hours later 1017416 Blue Penguin
>>1017400 I have long time friend that told me I would never pass and always be a ugly freak that know my trip. I just said fuck it.

2 hours later 1017419 Crystal Princess (1374008785812.png 300x305 129kB)
>>1017249 I-I'd let you violate my safe space, Cathy... and maybe the peeing thing too.

2 hours later 1017422 Epiphany
>>1017395 Yay!! I hardly ever get picked up! My friend did it a few weeks ago, it was so fun. >>1017402 >Epiphaslut ¬¬

2 hours later 1017423 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017412 Same as you, but I'm filled with strawberry ice cream.

2 hours later 1017424 Anonymous
>tfw last three days have felt like throwing up every twenty minutes I had to call out of work tonight. I never call out of work. Ever. And I may have to call out tomorrow.

2 hours later 1017425 Anonymous
Fuck I want some huge man clitty up in my boipussy

2 hours later 1017426 Anonymous
>>1017416 >told me I would never pass and always be a ugly freak No way... They actually said that?

2 hours later 1017427 Anonymous
>>1017400 You going to show us your sweet little ass again or are you going to wait until your friend leaves?

2 hours later 1017431 Anonymous
>>1017400 Do a cam show for us again.

2 hours later 1017432 Patch
>>1017423 Filled with strawberry ice cream? You mean like a pinata? Hold on, let me get a blindfold and stick...

2 hours later 1017433 Epiphany
>>1017425 Hi Binary!

2 hours later 1017434 Crystal Princess
>>1016978 What's wrong with that? Do we really take a shit on anyone who isn't binary identified here?

2 hours later 1017436 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017422 Okay sweetie, then it'll be straight to bed with you. >>1017432 You can grab ma stick. wink wink nudge nudge.

2 hours later 1017439 Anonymous
>>1017419 Wow, you're such a pathetic faggot. You really do need to kill yourself. >Body type: Curvy

2 hours later 1017440 Trashgirl (1357074816972.jpg 1116x1200 550kB)
>>1017434 Yeah

2 hours later 1017445 Crystal Princess
>>1017400 How did it go aside from being quiet? Do you like the people in the group?

2 hours later 1017446 Anonymous

2 hours later 1017447 Watashi ([Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 07 [BD 720p AAC] [55C9ABF8].mkv_snapshot_03.04_[2013.06.12_20.45.31].jpg 1280x720 137kB)
>>1017427 >>1017431 Patchy did a cam show?

2 hours later 1017450 Epiphany
>>1017436 Okay! And you come too right?

2 hours later 1017451 Anonymous
>>1017447 Yes. He showed us his boyhole amongst other lewd things.

2 hours later 1017452 Anonymous
>tfw you get kicked out of trans support group for breathing too loud every time and "disturbing the more sensitive members" >tfw you're crystal princess

2 hours later 1017455 Anonymous
>>1017451 >>1017447 There was also a toy involved. I came instantly.

2 hours later 1017457 Patch
>>1017447 Not that I know of... I think they must be thinking of someone else...

2 hours later 1017461 Anonymous
>>1017447 She sucked on a dildo too l o l.

2 hours later 1017462 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017450 Yep, pretty tired and sleepy right now. We could cuddle and everything.

2 hours later 1017464 Anonymous
>>1017457 Was it the kitchen slut?

2 hours later 1017466 Crystal Princess
>>1017452 what what do people think I'm like IRL, seriously?

2 hours later 1017468 Anonymous
>>1017447 >inb4 patchy denies it because her friends here

2 hours later 1017469 Patch
>>1017436 Oh you~ >>1017445 Went alright. The people in the group are pretty nice, it's casual, everyone's friendly.

2 hours later 1017471 Anonymous
>>1017466 A walking storm of autism. Much like you are online as well.

2 hours later 1017472 Anonymous (endang015.jpg 550x361 30kB)

2 hours later 1017475 Anonymous
New thread time? We're almost at 500 posts.. Maybe we can have a thread where we post pictures and stuff! Bragging rights threat!

2 hours later 1017476 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1017469 Can't blame a guy for trying.

2 hours later 1017478 Trashgirl (770447964_69818.gif 400x255 364kB)
>Watching some mother fucking Trashman >Profanity episode >Mork and Mindy had it right >Instead of cussing you can use shazbot >SHAZBOT SHAZBOT SHAZBOT >mfw

2 hours later 1017479 Patch (patch_hrmph.jpg 500x846 99kB)
>>1017468 Playing like that isn't fair!

2 hours later 1017483 Anonymous
>>1017478 trashman? Penn and Teller's bullshit?

2 hours later 1017484 Anonymous
>>1017469 Tell us again how you think everyone at the meeting is an old fetishists and how they try to hit on you, it was hilarious.

2 hours later 1017489 Blue Penguin
>>1017426 Yeah he was always a dick with a tranny fetish so the joke is on him.

2 hours later 1017491 Trashgirl (Goyim~ I....jpg 681x829 84kB)
>>1017483 Yup, Its nice to watch an episode or two late at night.

2 hours later 1017492 Epiphany
>>1017462 Oooo even better, I'm like addicted to cuddles and snuggles etc >>1017475 That sounds like a good recipe for a shitstorm

2 hours later 1017493 Anonymous

2 hours later 1017495 Patch
>>1017484 >hitting on me See, now no one will believe you.

2 hours later 1017497 Anonymous
>>1017496 >>1017496 new thread

2 hours later 1017512 Anonymous
>>1017492 >I'm like addicted to cuddles and snuggles etc >etc >ETC

2 hours later 1017525 Crystal Princess (1299610857859.png 362x240 129kB)
>>1017471 I come off as eccentric at worst. I'm not a mouth breather and I'm not even that obviously autistic. Seriously you've nothing to back up that shit and even if you compare my posts to more severe autists it's pretty obvious I'm just a bit weird as opposed to full blown socially incompetent. I don't actually stand out that much and I'm not this ridiculous autistic manwomanbaby you want to make me into. 2 minutes in a voice chat would show this. Let it go. >>1017469 Good. My local one is sort of shit to be honest.

2 hours later 1017534 Crystal Princess
>>1017493 >ALL OF THE RIDERS ARE BASED ON FRUIT This is actually confirmed? I don't know how I feel about this, lol. Though technically Den-O/Momotaros was based on a peach.

2 hours later 1017556 Anonymous (crepe.gif 245x243 352kB)
>>1017419 cathy is straight. stop sexually harrassing her.

2 hours later 1017576 Crystal Princess (1373972879125.jpg 881x960 109kB)
>>1017556 It's a joke, kid. Plus I can have my fantasies.

2 hours later 1017596 Anonymous
>>1017576 only sexually frustrated teenagers joke like that

2 hours later 1017631 Anonymous (1373063494802.jpg 621x621 323kB)
>>1017419 I thought you only liked cis scum

3 hours later 1017637 Crystal Princess
>>1017596 >sexually frustrated teenagers you'd know from very close and intimate personal experience then. not like you're gonna get it from anyone else.

3 hours later 1017640 Anonymous (1334549870143.jpg 800x968 227kB)
>>1017434 Non-binary people don't exist, at least not from a medical standpoint

3 hours later 1017689 Crystal Princess
>>1017640 But the "Medical standpoint" here is one that's pretty conservative and outdated and influenced by idiots like Blanchard. It's also medically very difficult to know how to treat non-binary people so that's not really where you'd look for advice on it.

3 hours later 1017764 Anonymous
>>1017637 of course i know from experience, haven't we all been 15 before? lmao

3 hours later 1017977 Anonymous
>>1017764 not trashy or yume

4 hours later 1018176 Anonymous
>>1017689 >non-binary lol okay POTC. Why do you keep coming here you supreme autist?

12 hours later 1020253 Anonymous
>>1017640 >Non-binary people don't exist, at least not from a medical standpoint But ... that's totally wrong. Intersex people can introduce all forms of ambiguity, medically.

15 hours later 1020585 Anonymous
>>1017640 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inter sex

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