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2013-07-26 10:08 1015095 Anonymous MtF General (1345582706765.jpg 600x600 131kB)
candy is pretty delicious edition Links: http://genderal.org/index.php/Usefu l_Links Melly's make-up tutorial collection: http://imgur.com/a/JO33K#0 >No emoticons >No bullying >No hugboxing >No tumblr shit >No *actions* Let's do our best, girls!

0 min later 1015104 anon-kun
h-how trans friendly is Edmonton? pls respond

1 min later 1015106 Anonymous
Watashi needs to socialize edition

1 min later 1015107 Anonymous
>>1015104 What's Edmonton?

1 min later 1015109 Anonymous
post feet plz

1 min later 1015110 Anonymous
http://imgur.com/6EZF0IZ nth for cuties

2 min later 1015112 Anonymous (inb4 ban.jpg 500x281 41kB)
Would you let a guy fuck your feet like the vagina you wish you could have?

2 min later 1015113 The Wizard
Candy is bad.

2 min later 1015117 anon-kun
>>1015107 >>1015104 Edmonton, Canada

2 min later 1015118 Anonymous
>>1015104 No place is friendly towards degenerate mental disorders

2 min later 1015120 ufufu (kwuny.jpg 475x356 62kB)
>>1015105 really ;_;

2 min later 1015121 Anonymous
How trans friendly is Greece?

2 min later 1015122 Watashi (1353555808386.jpg 1280x720 88kB)
>>1015106 I don't like this edition.

2 min later 1015126 Epiphany
>>1015112 Is that a penis???

3 min later 1015127 Anonymous
>>1015112 yes please

3 min later 1015129 Anonymous
>>1015126 no those are feet

3 min later 1015130 Anonymous
>>1015117 I don't know, I heard Canada is like Sweden but better.

3 min later 1015134 Anonymous
>>1015126 of course not

4 min later 1015136 Blue Penguin (image.jpg 1536x2048 1436kB)
>>1015109 Don't laugh

4 min later 1015137 Anonymous
>>1015122 ur gona haff 2 deal with it

4 min later 1015142 Anonymous
>>1015122 Go outside a talk to qt boys. If you're too beta to go outside in boymode how are you going to deal with going outside as a girl for the first few times?

4 min later 1015143 lurkingftm
>>1015110 Blue's adorable. >>1015095 Aw yiss peach rings >>1015112 I've tried various foot fetish things before, for the sake of giving it a shot... I just can't really find them any more sexy than any other body part. They can be super cute though.

4 min later 1015144 Sage
>>1015112 Feet aren't sexy yo

4 min later 1015145 Trashgirl
>>1015121 >Greece They are probably all too busy occupied with being the worst country in Europe by now

5 min later 1015146 Epiphany
>>1015129 >>1015134 Oh okay, they just looked like penises for a second.

5 min later 1015147 Anonymous
>>1015136 cute :3 your feet are beautiful

5 min later 1015148 Anonymous
>>1015136 Too big.

5 min later 1015151 Blue Penguin
>>1015143 No I am not. Specially not right now... full hippy mode

6 min later 1015152 Anonymous
>>1015144 I guess you haven't seen my feet.

6 min later 1015153 Anonymous
>>1015145 maybe but are they trans friendly?

6 min later 1015155 Anonymous
>>1015152 postfeet.

6 min later 1015156 Blue Penguin
>>1015148 Duh... I hate them.

6 min later 1015157 Anonymous
>>1015146 the only penis you need to be worried about is mine you little slut

6 min later 1015158 ufufu (tumblr_mq8ro9kwtG1qzshyho1_500.png 500x475 326kB)
awwww man look at kyle maclachlan here swooning rn tbh

6 min later 1015159 The Wizard
>>1015143 >Blue's adorable This.

7 min later 1015161 Anonymous
>>1015153 Everyone is trans friendly if you pass and if you don't you'll be a freak who everyone hates, even other transgirls.

7 min later 1015163 Sage
>>1015152 I don't want to, thank you

7 min later 1015164 lurkingftm
>>1015136 >dirty barefoot-all-the-time feet >short, square foot, thick ankles We really are siblings.

7 min later 1015165 Trashgirl
>>1015153 No idea but you should move to any other country

8 min later 1015168 Blue Penguin
>>1015159 Shut up! >>1015163 Post your feet for me?!?

8 min later 1015169 Anonymous
>>1015158 >american flag on tie Why

9 min later 1015173 The Wizard
My feet are covered in bug bites.

9 min later 1015174 Anonymous
>>1015163 >implying you wouldn't kiss my delicious smooth feet with your big monkey lips

9 min later 1015175 Anonymous
>>1015169 because MERICA

9 min later 1015177 ufufu (tumblr_mq8ro9kwtG1qzshyho3_1280.png 672x738 703kB)
>>1015169 why not

9 min later 1015178 Epiphany
>>1015157 B-but I'm not a slut... >>1015168 But you are. Didn't you see, it said nth for cuties!

9 min later 1015179 Anonymous
how many hormone do you have to take before you become a qt gril

9 min later 1015180 Blue Penguin
>>1015164 My grandma laughed at me and said I inherited her fat feet. QQ

9 min later 1015181 Trashgirl
>>1015169 DIE COMMIE

10 min later 1015183 Anonymous
>>1015178 you will be my slut

10 min later 1015187 lurkingftm
>>1015151 Even in full hippy mode you're still you. >>1015169 You would not believe how many of those pins everyone wears. It's ridiculous.

11 min later 1015188 Sage
>>1015174 >implying I wouldn't rather shave potc's gorilla back.

11 min later 1015189 Anonymous (1343273987698.jpg 500x364 54kB)
>>1015177 Ok, that's pretty hot.

12 min later 1015193 Epiphany
>>1015183 I can't be two people's slut at the same time!

12 min later 1015196 Anonymous
>>1015193 I'll make you my slut. Post feet.

13 min later 1015198 A (image.jpg 600x450 38kB)
>>1015189 >shit taste this is hot

13 min later 1015199 Anonymous
>>1015193 well then I'll have to fight the other guy for you

13 min later 1015201 lurkingftm
>>1015180 I'm told I got my feet from my great grandfather. People also used to tell me I "looked just like a girl version of him", so I guess I'm going full-great-grandpa-mode now. ...Your family isn't Ukrainian, are they?

14 min later 1015202 Anonymous
>Implying I didn't add BP's feet to the album http://imgur.com/3yoFJwU

14 min later 1015205 Anonymous
>>1015202 so are you going to release this album?

15 min later 1015208 Sage
>>1015201 My girlfriend is a Uke and has tiny feet and hands.

15 min later 1015209 Trashgirl (1350804649231.png 385x920 177kB)
>>1015188 >Redirecting your own insecurities on to a poor assburger You really are a heartless bitch

15 min later 1015213 ufufu
foot fetish is shit-tier, zettai ryouiki is a far better leg fetish

16 min later 1015215 Blue Penguin
>>1015201 No we are not. I am Irish, Native American, Dutch, and French. >>1015202 You jerk face...

16 min later 1015216 Anonymous (1339476312817.gif 844x475 816kB)
>mfw the lady who is going to do my laser hair removal knows about me being a tranny and she has removed facial hair for a lot of other trannies NOPE NOPE NOPE

16 min later 1015218 Anonymous (Hyperweaponisreadyforaction.jpg 267x200 18kB)
>>1015213 Zettai? No you're talking my language.

16 min later 1015219 Anonymous
>>1015213 >foot fetish is shit-tier i can't fap to ANYTHING else than feet

17 min later 1015221 Anonymous (Icantcontrolit.jpg 1173x1600 480kB)

17 min later 1015222 Anonymous
>>1015216 so why are you upset about this?

17 min later 1015228 lurkingftm
>>1015208 Same here. Teeny hands, teeny feet, thick burly limbs. >>1015215 Ahh. Well, interesting. We still have magically twin feet.

17 min later 1015229 GoFuckYourself
>>1015216 If she's done it for a lot of others, than she's probably pretty understanding about it and knows how to act in that situation.

17 min later 1015231 Anonymous (darkpenisrises.jpg 1000x1000 99kB)

18 min later 1015233 Watashi
>>1015216 Isn't that a good thing? It means she's experienced in it.

18 min later 1015234 Anonymous (Penisplsno.jpg 1276x1920 473kB)

19 min later 1015237 Trashgirl (1354319661293.jpg 409x500 82kB)
>>1015218 >>1015221 >>1015231 >>1015234 YEEEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEES

19 min later 1015238 ufufu
hmmm i kinda wanna do zr today now but it's a little too hot for it, dang

19 min later 1015241 Blue Penguin
>>1015228 Not sure if that is a good thing... I will just add it go the list of insecurities at the bottom I think. Did you ever worry about your feel before you started to transition?

19 min later 1015242 lurkingftm
>>1015221 >>1015218 >>1015213 I am so okay with this.

19 min later 1015243 Anonymous
>>1015238 you can just go suck a dick instead

20 min later 1015244 A
>>1015238 do it anyway

20 min later 1015247 Anonymous
>>1015222 Because it's creepy. >>1015233 >>1015229 I'm still in boymode so it's not like she had to find out, this will be 10 times worse now.

20 min later 1015248 Anonymous
>>1015218 >>1015221 >>1015231 >>1015234 LSP, please. Why are you always prepared for that?

20 min later 1015249 Anonymous
>>1015205 Here you go; http://imgur.com/a/0Xh0G

21 min later 1015252 lurkingftm
>>1015241 Oh, always. I used to fuss and think they were awful and wonder why they weren't shaped like regular feet... and then I realized that in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter that much. Plus it gives me a nice tie to my family.

22 min later 1015255 Epiphany
>>1015196 I don't have nice feet... >>1015199 You can try! I think he will win though! >>1015202 Why are you making an album for??

22 min later 1015256 GoFuckYourself
>>1015247 How did she find out?

22 min later 1015257 Anonymous
>>1015255 >I don't have nice feet... plz post

22 min later 1015258 Anonymous
>>1015249 Who is the slut bending over in some public place?

22 min later 1015259 slug
>>1015249 >http://imgur.com/a/0Xh0G ;_;

23 min later 1015261 Epiphany
>>1015249 Omg slug, leeewwwwwwwdddddd!

24 min later 1015262 Blue Penguin
>>1015252 ... Damn your supportive and well thought out response! I guess it doesn't matter and if the fetishists think they are ok then I can get over it.

24 min later 1015263 Anonymous
>>1015256 My mom called her so I don't really know but this is how she explained it. >most men don't want to remove their facial hair, is there a special reason for this? >yes >ok i understand

24 min later 1015265 Anonymous
>>1015249 >http://imgur.com/a/0Xh0G why

25 min later 1015268 Anonymous
>>1015259 Is it you? >>1015258 WHAT A SLUT

25 min later 1015269 Anonymous (feet.jpg 2668x1188 147kB)
Do you like my feet? :3

25 min later 1015275 Trashgirl (2013-07-24 17-38-26.177.jpg 640x480 140kB)
>>1015249 >All these pics >Not even one of my new tie Its a really nice tie <3

26 min later 1015280 Anonymous
>>1015258 I'm trying to figure out who the person in the blue top and pink undies with their dick out is along with the one bent over in a kitchen

26 min later 1015282 Anonymous
>>1015275 >tfw no trashgirl bf

27 min later 1015284 A
>>1015249 whos the one with the spatula and the one with black lipstick?

27 min later 1015285 Anonymous
>>1015153 there was an issue recently where the police gathered up all the trannies and arrested them so no

27 min later 1015286 Anonymous
>>1015280 The one in the kitchen is obviously slug, how can one person be so slutty?

28 min later 1015290 Blue Penguin
>>1015286 >tfw you would be this slutty for a boy.

28 min later 1015291 Trashgirl (1370814321370.gif 355x200 607kB)
>>1015282 b-but I'm a grill

28 min later 1015292 Anonymous
>>1015272 Yes.

28 min later 1015294 Anonymous
>>1015286 that doesn't even look like slug

28 min later 1015295 Anonymous
>>1015286 but the girl in that picture doesn't have bags under her eyes.

29 min later 1015297 Anonymous
>>1015291 B-But you're so handsome as a boy ;_;

29 min later 1015299 Sage
>>1015209 She wants to exile me to Russia. >Idii na houy >>1015228 Are your thighs strong like hulk too?

30 min later 1015300 Anonymous (1342019188821.jpg 425x419 52kB)
>>1015294 >>1015295

30 min later 1015302 Anonymous
mah feet http://i.imgur.com/iLajYQv.jpg

31 min later 1015307 Trashgirl (Basic Manlets.png 792x808 1325kB)
>>1015297 W-When I become a grill do I have to stop wearing all my cool shirts D:

32 min later 1015309 Anonymous (viralwhat.png 450x394 167kB)
>>1015249 Well shit, someone did save that pic.

32 min later 1015312 Anonymous
>>1015309 Which one?

32 min later 1015316 Anonymous
>>1015302 10/10

33 min later 1015318 Anonymous
>>1015307 Actually you'll probably be qt as hell with a girl school uniform or something.

33 min later 1015319 Blue Penguin
>>1015302 Your skin isn't very smooth... Nice butt though

33 min later 1015320 Anonymous
tfw too scared of not passing to transition

33 min later 1015323 A
>>1015302 only kind of shoes that look like will fit is clown shoes

33 min later 1015325 GoFuckYourself
>>1015263 Oh, that sucks.

35 min later 1015334 Blue Penguin
>>1015320 Me too...

35 min later 1015336 Anonymous
>>1015309 which one are you

35 min later 1015337 Trashgirl
>>1015318 >I will probably leave school in my senior year next week I have missed my final chance to be a school girl ;_;7

35 min later 1015339 Anonymous
>>1015325 I know right, this bitch must be smart as hell.

35 min later 1015340 Anonymous
>>1015334 Your tots definitely pass.

35 min later 1015341 Epiphany
>>1015318 >tfw i have a school uniform >tfw I've never wore it for anyone yet

35 min later 1015342 Anonymous
>>1015316 :33 >>1015319 shaving bumps... still learning >>1015323 my feet are like a size 8, so perspective and shit. w/e

36 min later 1015346 Anonymous
Can I go to my school as girl?

36 min later 1015347 Anonymous
>>1015341 wear it for us

36 min later 1015348 ufufu
>>1015249 >neither my ass nor boob pics this pleases me

37 min later 1015349 Anonymous
>>1015336 The ugly one.

38 min later 1015353 Blue Penguin
>>1015340 Yeah I know that... >>1015342 Ahh ok that makes sense.

38 min later 1015359 A
>>1015342 >lying this hard even after you showed those size 13 monsters

39 min later 1015366 The Wizard
>>1015341 Skirt and everything?

40 min later 1015370 Anonymous
>>1015359 you might be autistic if: posting as A

41 min later 1015386 Anonymous
>>1015349 the fat person with the houston texans bathmat?

41 min later 1015387 Trashgirl (NHS Chairmen revise their transsexuality treatment plan.png 1280x720 816kB)
>Asked dad if he will help pay for my hair removal >Go through the NHS progress >Reminded him that by the time the NHS treat my facial hair I will have been on hormones for around 2 years

42 min later 1015389 Anonymous
>>1015341 Will you wear it for the qt boy?

42 min later 1015390 Anonymous
>>1015337 You can still wear it for qt boys and stuff

43 min later 1015393 Anonymous
>>1015353 Take a pic where you're pushing them together.

43 min later 1015394 A
your autistic if: your this guy >>1015370

43 min later 1015396 Trashgirl
>>1015341 >tfw i have a school uniform >tfw it is my male one ;_;

43 min later 1015397 Anonymous
>>1015386 Nope.

43 min later 1015399 Epiphany
>>1015347 Too lazy to get changed, plus lewd. >>1015366 It's a black dress that I pair with a white shirt, tie and thigh highs! >>1015389 More than likely.

44 min later 1015401 Epiphany
>>1015396 Just buy a skirt. Suddenly it is your female one!!

44 min later 1015402 Trashgirl (1371431196591.jpg 634x856 96kB)
>>1015390 My school uniform is shit anyway, the difference between the male and female uniform is a skirt which isn't mandatory and most grills wear trousers

44 min later 1015403 Anonymous

44 min later 1015404 Anonymous
>>1015249 I seent half of you on reddit

45 min later 1015408 Blue Penguin
>>1015393 After that album I'm not gonna post anything ever again

45 min later 1015410 Anonymous
>>1015397 well I don't think you're the demon hellspawns with the fucked up faces. So I don't know what you're talking about. >inb4 you're the blonde haired anon thats been on hrt like 5 months

45 min later 1015414 Anonymous
>>1015408 >good tit shots >good face shot >dirty feet What's wrong with that stuff? Seems fine to me.

45 min later 1015415 Anonymous
>>1015399 as if you have a problem being lewd

46 min later 1015418 Anonymous
>>1015408 the album inspiring mtfg to be photo free since 20-1-3

46 min later 1015420 The Wizard
>>1015408 I'm OK with this as long as I have exclusive rights.

46 min later 1015422 Anonymous
>tfw the only pure maiden in these threads

46 min later 1015423 Anonymous
>>1015410 >tfw I am one of those hellspawns >tfw my face is in that album

47 min later 1015425 Holic (1372973568975.jpg 1280x720 435kB)
Candy is fucking delicious especially Godiva chocolates which is I play my cards right will be my new place of employment. How is everyone doing tonight having a glass of vodka in mango and orange juice so delicious.

47 min later 1015427 Anonymous
>>1015394 >your

47 min later 1015429 Anonymous
>>1015422 I'm pure, but I'm a guy.

48 min later 1015433 Anonymous
If there's something you *really* don't want in the album, point it out and plead your case. I will remove it if you aren't just being a baby and it's a pic of you.

48 min later 1015435 Epiphany
>>1015403 Ew. At least I have now contributed feet. >>1015415 I'm never lewd, silly! >>1015422 lel, there are no pure maidens here

48 min later 1015436 Anonymous (DjjCtxu.jpg 1971x2067 777kB)
I can't quite make out the website in the corner

48 min later 1015437 Watashi ([Commie] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 12 [BD 720p AAC] [3FD774B6].mkv_snapshot_21.25_[2013.06.20_02.40.18].jpg 1280x720 148kB)
>>1015423 It's ok Anon, we can be hellspawn together.

48 min later 1015438 Anonymous
>>1015394 >your >your go back to school kid

48 min later 1015439 Anonymous
>>1015423 whatever you say

48 min later 1015440 Blue Penguin
>>1015414 I don't like it fundamentally and there is a pic I don't like. >>1015418 Inorite!?! >>1015420 I'll push them together for you if you promise to fuck them.

49 min later 1015441 ufufu
>>1015404 thank the lewd ive never posted let alone browsed any of the trans segments of reddit, seems like a good way to get way exposed

49 min later 1015443 Anonymous
>>1015436 Something about traps, but the video is here; http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/ 117191/cute-young-ts-masturbates-on -bed.html#.UfIoXW0izlZ

49 min later 1015446 UndergroundLewd
>>1015425 >Godiva chocolates ;-; I don't have any chocolate right now, y u do dis?

50 min later 1015449 Anonymous
>>1015435 ur always lewd I can't even imagine what its going to be like when I finally put my dick in you

50 min later 1015450 Patch
>>1015439 No really, it's me. The one pic I posted before I realized that deleted pics still end up in the archives. I hate my stupid face. captcha: place trancide

51 min later 1015452 Anonymous (1357859538637.gif 480x270 75kB)
>>1015435 But i'm here, not everyone is a slut like you!

51 min later 1015453 Anonymous
>>1015441 Reddit chasers are seriously the worst. If you post anything anywhere it gets posted on reddit, if a guy recognises your picture from reddit they go full fucking autism and don't have any tact. My cousin was recognised by some scumbag who saw her pictures on reddit (her ex boyfriend posted them) and in front of like 4 people at a party some drooling fedora was saying how he'd seen her picture on /r/chickswithdicks or whatever.

52 min later 1015454 Anonymous
>>1015450 oh stop it Patch, you're not ugly, not even the ugliest in that album

54 min later 1015459 ufufu
>>1015453 now there's a horror story and no mistake. eugh, fuck reddit, that place is a shithole

55 min later 1015466 Anonymous
>>1015453 fucking yikes

55 min later 1015468 Anonymous
>>1015443 cute

55 min later 1015469 Epiphany
>>1015449 Wow, you're very confident! What makes you think I'll let you put your dick in me? >>1015452 Oh please, you know you would do anything for a precum soaked penis in your face right now...

55 min later 1015471 A
>>1015453 i am from reddit, problem?

56 min later 1015477 Anonymous
>>1015471 See. Exactly the kind of scumbag I was talking about. He's probably posted half the pictures from here on reddit for le upboats.

56 min later 1015481 Trashgirl (thinken of trap.jpg 600x800 68kB)
>>1015453 This is bad!

56 min later 1015483 Holic
>>1015453 shit that's really lame if I was her I would have decked that asshole. I mean how socially retarded do you have to be to go up to someone and say huuuuuuuurrrr I saw u on t3h intrawebz? Did he think he was going to get his dick sucked that way?

57 min later 1015487 Anonymous
>>1015453 That's pretty bad. I guess autists really don't know how to handle social situations. A somewhat funny layer to that is he was probably a chaser and completely blew his shot of getting laid, if he ever had one.

57 min later 1015490 Anonymous
>>1015469 >What makes you think I'll let you put your dick in me? >I'll let you put your dick in me >I'll let you >I'll let oh honey, you aren't going to have a say in the matter.

57 min later 1015492 Anonymous (dontredditme.png 522x629 124kB)
>>1015471 le back to le leddit

57 min later 1015493 Trashgirl
How much does Electrolysis cost on average, In the UK preferably

57 min later 1015494 Epiphany
>>1015453 Something of mine got posted there once, they were trying to find out who I was but they couldn't. Silly Raddit.

57 min later 1015495 Anonymous
>>1015433 No takers?

58 min later 1015497 devou/tg/uardsman (WH_Faces_(9).jpg 700x591 109kB)
Hello ladies and gents, how are you all today/tonight?

58 min later 1015498 Anonymous (srsly-nigger.jpg 340x565 64kB)
>>1015493 >UK

58 min later 1015499 lurkingftm
>>1015299 STRONG THIGHS AND BACK TO MOVE PLOW. Yeah they're meaty as fuck, even before I gained weight. >>1015249 And it's gone. Just carried a 4v5 game as Taric. Feels good.

58 min later 1015500 slug (cring.png 165x216 32kB)
>>1015433 >>1015495 would you take that pic of me standing naked off? it's such a gross pic. I don't mind the others cause they look ok.

58 min later 1015501 Anonymous
>>1015487 >drooling fedora he didn't have a shot in hell

59 min later 1015504 Anonymous
>>1015469 W-Why would I want that? That's just lewd!

59 min later 1015506 Anonymous
Do I have to shave right before IPL? (laser hair reduction)

59 min later 1015507 Anonymous
>>1015500 Did you get fucked in a kitchen? Why did you bend over?

1 hours later 1015508 Anonymous
>>1015500 With the blacked out genitals?

1 hours later 1015509 Anonymous
>>1015500 GO TO BED SLUG.

1 hours later 1015514 Trashgirl (toplel.gif 800x786 864kB)
>>1015498 >Implying I choose my country of birth >Implying I probably won't emigrate

1 hours later 1015523 ufufu
ok i am gonna go now cuz my friend will be here any minute and she doesnt know im a trans. bye guys i luv u

1 hours later 1015524 Anonymous
>>1015514 Where are you going to move? You should move somewhere with lots of tall qts

1 hours later 1015526 Anonymous
>>1015523 Keep her off reddit.

1 hours later 1015532 Blue Penguin
>>1015433 Have Skype? >>1015499 >as taric >taric Do you even man?

1 hours later 1015533 Epiphany
>>1015490 Damn, well I would try and stop you but estrogen is making me weaker everyday... >>1015504 >W-Why would I want that? Because you are curious about what one tastes, what it feels like in your mouth. You keep trying to pretend you don't want it but more and mire everyday you crave it a little more.

1 hours later 1015535 Madison
>>1015117 Canadian here, I've never been to Edmonton but I hear it's all right towards trans people.

1 hours later 1015536 Holic
>>1015497 Hello devout not much going on with me reading the Makai Ouji listening to some music and drinking a tropical screw driver.

1 hours later 1015537 Trashgirl
>>1015524 Probably Canada, If I knew some form of European language I could have gone to a few of the nice Yuropoor countries but I am pretty limited. >'Murrica

1 hours later 1015539 UndergroundLewd
>>1015523 Bye.

1 hours later 1015540 slug
>>1015507 that's not me >>1015508 yeah. >>1015509 I am in a minute, god!

1 hours later 1015541 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1015523 Bye ufufu! >>1015536 Hello Holic, nice to hear that.

1 hours later 1015542 anon-kun
>>1015535 thanks! do you know anything bout the clinics there and stuff? i plan on moving there in two years and have no idea which doctors to visit/where2getmones etc

1 hours later 1015544 Anonymous
>>1015540 >lying

1 hours later 1015545 Anonymous (Gatekeeping intensifies.png 779x53 27kB)
>>1015532 tfw I main Galio Gatekeeper Galio.

1 hours later 1015548 Anonymous
>>1015540 If you don't get in bed within the next 10 minutes I'm getting a plane to cornwall and I'll PUT you in bed.

1 hours later 1015550 ufufu
>>1015526 well luckily i dont have any friends that browse reddit wait a sec are u gonna post my pics on reddit? is that what that means? that would be so mean anon ;_;

1 hours later 1015551 Anonymous
>>1015545 galio fucking sucks

1 hours later 1015552 slug
>>1015548 okay but you have to read me a bedtime fanfiction

1 hours later 1015553 Anonymous
>>1015552 my immortal

1 hours later 1015555 Anonymous
>>1015537 >not scandinavia rip

1 hours later 1015557 Anonymous (1342104193106.jpg 700x632 111kB)
>>1015533 Maybe if I found a qt boy who is alright with me being a tranny but that's not going to happen.

1 hours later 1015558 slug (1282517352074.jpg 600x807 241kB)
>>1015553 ok no i'm going to bed goodnight everyone

1 hours later 1015560 Trashgirl
>>1015555 >If I knew some form of European language It would be impossible for me to learn one of their ridiculous languages, I can hardly do english

1 hours later 1015561 Anonymous (potentially pedo.png 869x119 52kB)
>>1015551 say that to my winrate you wood league shitter.

1 hours later 1015562 The Wizard
>>1015558 Night slug.

1 hours later 1015564 Blue Penguin
>>1015558 Night Slug! >>1015561 >tfw you haven't played since season 2 Feels good but addiction tells me otherwise.

1 hours later 1015565 Anonymous
>>1015561 annie... is not galio pls respond

1 hours later 1015566 lurkingftm (vlr.jpg 1594x961 207kB)
>>1015532 TRULY OUTRAGEOUS. And hey, just because he's a fag doesn't mean he isn't a useful as hell champ. >>1015523 Later ufufu! >>1015545 Galio is the only champ I've ever dreamed I fucked. It was weird. Also FUCK YEAH VIRTUE'S LAST REWARD CAME IN THE MAIL.

1 hours later 1015567 Anonymous
>>1015540 Ok, I'll take that down. >>1015532 >Have Skype? Email me your concerns. Field above.

1 hours later 1015568 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1015557 Just find someone who you'll like to be with and vice versa. >>1015558 Night Slug.

1 hours later 1015569 Anonymous
>>1015560 American English is ridiculous. European languages are old and dignified, full of a culture you couldn't possibly grasp. Check your Anglo privilege

1 hours later 1015570 Madison
>>1015542 No idea about Edmonton. i'm in New Brunwick. There's quite a number of gender clinics as well as psychologists trained in gender issues. Most general practitioners can direct you to them. HRT and my therapy sessions are covered by medicare so that's nice.

1 hours later 1015571 Holic
>>1015558 night slug :3

1 hours later 1015573 Anonymous
http://i.imgur.com/L5eWwEB.jpg thighs.jpg

1 hours later 1015575 Epiphany
>>1015557 Awww, now I feel bad for giving feels. You'll find someone eventually!

1 hours later 1015577 Madison
>>1015570 New Brunswick*

1 hours later 1015578 Blue Penguin (image.jpg 2471x1536 548kB)
>>1015566 Lol yeah. >>1015567 K?

1 hours later 1015580 Trashgirl
>>1015569 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_ii xmqSBQw

1 hours later 1015585 anon-kun
>>1015570 thanks :3

1 hours later 1015586 Anonymous
>>1015560 Most Swedes speak english I think, even if their accent is terrible.

1 hours later 1015589 Anonymous (1348188608786.gif 500x281 511kB)
>>1015575 I don't think so but being alone is not that bad when i've got video games.

1 hours later 1015591 Madison
>>1015585 np and good luck!

1 hours later 1015595 devou/tg/uardsman (DAT_SHAS.jpg 361x245 28kB)
>>1015573 Dem legs. >>1015589 Just go out and you'll find someone!

1 hours later 1015597 Anonymous
>>1015589 Can you cuddle video games and then cook breakfast for them?

1 hours later 1015598 Anonymous
>>1015589 video games get boring after awhile

1 hours later 1015601 Madison
>>1015589 That feel when you beat a really good game and then realize you can't go on any more adventures with your 'friends'

1 hours later 1015607 Anonymous
>>1015589 I wish I had a qt grill to play video games with. Then I want to snuggle with her after.

1 hours later 1015610 Epiphany
>>1015586 Swedish people, actually all European Elnglsih accents make me melt.. >>1015589 >tfw I got bored of video games a year ago Have you put yourself out there? Like, make an OKC, or post in the skype threads or something. Or date this guy >>1015597

1 hours later 1015612 Epiphany
>>1015610 *english Wow, what happened there

1 hours later 1015617 Holic
>>1015598 True but I find that's only when your by yourself having a qt boy to snuggle up against while kicking ass in street fighter sounds pretty ideal to me

1 hours later 1015623 Anonymous
>>1015597 No ;_; >>1015601 I know that feel >>1015607 >qt Oh.. >>1015610 I don't think europeans use OKC

1 hours later 1015626 Anonymous
>>1015623 you might have something qt about you. Do you have good taste in vidya?

1 hours later 1015627 The Wizard
>>1015598 Buy a new one.

1 hours later 1015630 Holic (1365641194081.jpg 638x749 93kB)

1 hours later 1015631 Anonymous (a09ea22dd6bf9c8ecfcd89577c9843e6.jpg 1040x1468 503kB)
Anyone else have difficulty feeling like a girl? At this point I pass, but I just always feel like I'm a crossdresser trying to trick people. When I smoke marijuana my mind's voice changes into a girl's and I feel super feminine and start walking/holding myself realty feminine. When I'm sober I have difficulty doing that. Is it a confidence thing that will get better?

1 hours later 1015633 Anonymous
>>1015626 I like LoL, CoD, TF2, DA2, Skyrim (no other TES because booorrrrinnnnngggg) stuff like that.

1 hours later 1015636 Anonymous
>>1015610 Really? I think my accent is really stupid.

1 hours later 1015638 Epiphany (1369764090948.jpg 525x480 275kB)
>>1015633 >Skyrim (no other TES because booorrrrinnnnngggg)

1 hours later 1015639 Anonymous
>>1015633 >DA2 shit taste. Never talk to me again.

1 hours later 1015640 Anonymous
>>1015633 protip: all of TES are boring

1 hours later 1015641 devou/tg/uardsman (Does Not Support.png 500x404 175kB)
>>1015633 > Other TES boring The fuck is wrong with you? I had a blast with Morrowind.

1 hours later 1015644 Trashgirl
>>1015633 Every one of those games is absolute shit

1 hours later 1015647 Blue Penguin
>>1015631 No not really... I am not particularly girly but the reason I started transitioning is cause I already felt like I was a girl... I know that when I go out dressed up my friends feel that I act more femme but I never really noticed the difference. In your case I bet it is just confidence and inhibiting yourself cause you are scared.

1 hours later 1015650 Anonymous
troll or orc in Shadowrun Returns?

1 hours later 1015652 Epiphany
>>1015636 I don't know if I like it because of the accent, or because of the whole 'aww bless him, he's trying to speak English' but I think it's cute. I got drunk with random Polish guys partly because of this. Partly because they had nice vodka. >>1015644 Idk, Skyrim is pretty fun with mods.

1 hours later 1015653 Anonymous
>>1015578 W8n.

1 hours later 1015654 Trashgirl
>>1015652 No it isn't its still shit

1 hours later 1015656 Anonymous
>>1015640 >LoL Well, I play that, what lane and champs do you play? >CoD CAN U TEMPAH SHOT? >TF2 COUPONBUG DOT COM >DA2 Nope. >Skyrim and no other TES They are all boring as hell. Do you even D Souls?

1 hours later 1015657 Anonymous
>>1015656 >D Souls >implying i want artificial difficulty- the franchise

1 hours later 1015658 Anonymous
>tfw no tall nordic bf to make you feel small

1 hours later 1015662 Blue Penguin
>>1015650 Neither and buy it for me!

1 hours later 1015663 Anonymous
>>1015662 >Buying a game with checkpoint only saving

1 hours later 1015664 Anonymous
>>1015662 Please help me pick.

1 hours later 1015665 Holic (Persona4Arena.png 256x315 200kB)
anyone here have an opinion on persona 4 arena? I want to get golden and devil survivor as well but have never played a persona game the closest I've come to playing one is shin tegami tensei nocturne. I love fighting games though and if this is challenging enough and people actually play online I think this will be next addition to ps3 library.

1 hours later 1015668 Epiphany
>>1015631 Maybe related, but I've just been able to start thinking of myself as a girl in my head. Like if I'm thinking in first person I refer to myself as she, plus I have a girly thinking voice a lot more now. >>1015654 Nuuu, it's fun. I don't even do quests, I just walk around in the wilderness hunting things and trying to survive.

1 hours later 1015672 devou/tg/uardsman (1372860152645.png 1100x1070 1787kB)
So ladies, how many of you know how to cook actual food? I only know how to cook stuff like Pho Ramen Dim Sum Chicken Nuggets Fries Scalloped Potatoes Shepard Pie Schnitzel Irish Stew Eggrolls Spring Rolls Vietnamese Crepes Crepes Cinnamon Candy Apples Beef stew Wonton soup Fried Rice >>1015650 Glorious Human race. >>1015665 Get Strange Journey.

1 hours later 1015674 Trashgirl (Woolie_When's_Mahvel.png 639x352 311kB)
>>1015665 Shit fighting game, just stick with the Jrpgs

1 hours later 1015675 Blue Penguin
>>1015664 Orc, trolls are lame.

1 hours later 1015676 Anonymous
>>1015657 There is a difference between difficulty and challenge.

1 hours later 1015678 Anonymous
>>1015631 I feel like a girl as long as I don't look at myself in the mirror. >tfw escaping reality with video games

1 hours later 1015679 Epiphany
>>1015672 >all that yummy chinese food I can cook a gorgeous lasagne, thanks mum. Not much else though.

1 hours later 1015682 Anonymous
>>1015676 >everything kills you in one hit >instakill traps with no warning >massive powergaming required to kill things in fewer than 200 hits Artificial Difficulty.

1 hours later 1015683 Anonymous (1374786947196.png 422x426 127kB)
>>1015647 I never knew I wanted to be a girl until I was 16. Before than I just felt ambiguous and felt a few times (I wish gender didn't exist). I think I'm an autogen (as in the degree of feminization my brain has). I don't mind looking at my dick, and I like computers and programming rather than feminine stuff. I would transition again and again if I were to redo my life, I was always very sure, but I'm having trouble being truly feminine, I have to smoke weed to do it. >>1015678 Looking in the mirror is kinda reassuring, though even though I look like a girl I think I look ugly.

1 hours later 1015684 Watashi
>>1015650 >Not being a qt3.14 elf

1 hours later 1015686 Blue Penguin
>>1015672 I cook a lot of stuff. Chili, spaghetti, yaki soba, chicken, ham, all sorts of stuff. If I want something and don't know how to make it I learn. Made some killer garlic bread from scratch once.

1 hours later 1015687 Trashgirl (vee finds a copy of dark souls.png 1920x1080 2261kB)
>>1015657 neo-v please leave

1 hours later 1015689 Anonymous
>>1015675 Orc shaman maybe? Or maybe orc drone guy?

1 hours later 1015690 Lily Boo
>>1015633 awful just terrible bad sick damaged woeful dreadful

1 hours later 1015695 Anonymous
>>1015684 >tfw goth elf decker master race

1 hours later 1015696 Anonymous
>>1015683 >I never knew I wanted to be a girl until I was 16. Before than I just felt ambiguous and felt a few times (I wish gender didn't exist). I think I'm an autogen (as in the degree of feminization my brain has). I don't mind looking at my dick, and I like computers and programming rather than feminine stuff. are you me?

1 hours later 1015703 Blue Penguin
>>1015689 Orc shaman... Magic is way cooler in scifi I think.

1 hours later 1015705 Anonymous
>>1015682 >everything kills you in one hit >instakill traps with no warning Darksydephil please leave. NOTHING kills you in one hit unless you are too stupid to ever level vitality. No traps are untelegraphed if you actually pay attention to the environment, specially the dart traps.

1 hours later 1015707 devou/tg/uardsman (HERPCODEX.png 825x667 407kB)
>>1015679 Wish I knew how to cook lasagna, everyone in my family loves it. Also learning to cook Chinese and Vietnamese is easy when you're always helping at a young age. >>1015686 I'm still trying to scrounge up stuff to experiment cooking chili. I wish I could cook a lot more these days. >>1015684 >>1015695 Elves are lewd.

1 hours later 1015709 Anonymous
>>1015705 I'm not going to try and change your mind. This game's fanbase is so rabid and brainwashed there's no getting through to you. Enjoy eating that plate of shit, anon, I will stick to real games.

1 hours later 1015711 Anonymous (1372731260693.jpg 256x256 21kB)
>>1015696 I would feel this strange feeling about my stepbrother but I thought against it, and I was paranoid about turning gay and I didn't want to. I remember we had to pair up to dance, and I ended up with another guy because of the uneven amounts of gender, and we fought over who had to be 'the girl' because I really didn't want to. I became a liberal, started to like gays, all that. I saw a documentary about transsexuals and that one girl, is it candy something's voice videos and thought "Hell, I'd fuck that" and I though transsexualism wasn't morally wrong. Then I saw, one fateful day, someone's hormone stash on 4chan. I wonder if I was the type of person that turns into a hon but caught it early.

1 hours later 1015712 Anonymous
>>1015707 being pretty =/= being lewd

1 hours later 1015714 Crystal Princess
>>1015188 I don't actually have a hairy back. Either way you're disgusting and shouldn't be trying to make other insecure girls feel even worse about themselves.

1 hours later 1015716 Anonymous
>>1015714 You're not a girl. >crossdressers with autism

1 hours later 1015717 Anonymous
>>1015709 stop trolling you EA representative.

1 hours later 1015718 Trashgirl (1360783979588.jpg 400x411 32kB)
>>1015709 God damn, how hard did the asylum demon booty blast you

1 hours later 1015720 Anonymous
>>1015709 Why is Darksydephil posting on /lgbt/?

1 hours later 1015722 The Wizard
>>1015687 I thought you liked me though?

1 hours later 1015723 Epiphany (Stop-liking-what-I-dont-like.jpg 680x473 123kB)
>>1015709 It's like I'm actually on /v/ >>1015707 Teach me oriental cooking and I teach you lasagne!! Lasagne is really easy though, it's just a bolognase with white sauce.

1 hours later 1015727 Blue Penguin
>>1015707 I found that half Italian sausage and half beef is amazing and using some petite tomato chunks instead of just purée. Iirc I used garbanzo, kidney, and.... Cantonelli beans? It's very much something to mess around with and experiment.

1 hours later 1015728 Trashgirl (Mysoggyknee.png 1414x770 90kB)
>>1015722 Go fuck yourself >>1015723 >You >On /v/ Stop ruining /v/ with your shit taste >>>/vg/

1 hours later 1015729 Anonymous

1 hours later 1015730 Anonymous
>>1015718 but asylum demon doesn't kill in one hit.

1 hours later 1015735 The Wizard
>>1015728 Dick is not long enough.

1 hours later 1015736 Anonymous
>>1015729 > this image doesn't exist

1 hours later 1015739 Holic
>>1015672 I really should know how to cook really well due to my stepfather being a chef but he never let me in the kitchen while he was cooking so I didn't inherit his skills. I can cook a mean macaroni pie, shrimp Alfredo, clam Alfredo, crab leggs, Enchiladas, Tacos, Pizza, Fried oysters, spaghetti, grouper,trout, fish filets brownies, cake, etc being in the fishing industry that's where my expertise happens to lay.

1 hours later 1015742 Anonymous
>>1015736 Learn to internet.

1 hours later 1015744 Trashgirl (1369605463243.jpg 300x300 87kB)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ4z TXHqGBw Daily reminder

1 hours later 1015745 Epiphany
>>1015729 Do I really have to be at the top? >>1015728 Zip it bitch

1 hours later 1015747 Anonymous
Please check your passing priviledge.

1 hours later 1015748 devou/tg/uardsman (1374816591381.jpg 480x371 42kB)
>>1015712 All elves are sluts. They crave Human or Orc dicks. In fact, the reason why there are so much Human half breeds is because unlike other races, we're constantly in heat, hence why everyone wants to bone Human men and women. >>1015723 Okay Epip, but since we're doing Asian cooking, expect to go shirtless once the broth starts boiling. >>1015727 How about chicken and turkey? >>1015739 > Fried oysters > Clam or shrimp Alfredo Teach me your secrets.

1 hours later 1015750 Trashgirl (1373227109094.png 300x900 451kB)
>>1015745 Why don't you zip your trousers and stop cumming onto your arm warmers fucking turboslut fetishist

1 hours later 1015751 Anonymous
>>1015729 daily reminder that any image of yourself you post on the internet will stay there FOREVER.

1 hours later 1015757 Anonymous
>>1015748 >tfw can't play a racist orc or troll in Shadowrun

1 hours later 1015758 Anonymous
>>1015744 > disney accidentally creating a movie about transfeels

1 hours later 1015759 Anonymous
>>1015751 That has always been the case.

1 hours later 1015762 Epiphany
>>1015750 Jokes on you, I wasn't even wearing trousers. Who's the slut now??? >>1015748 Um, will being topless improve my cooking skills?

1 hours later 1015764 Anonymous
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPoQ ehTQZaQ Would you?

1 hours later 1015766 Trashgirl
>>1015757 >No racism Shit game 0/10 would not play Going back to Witcher 2 >>1015758 ;_;7

1 hours later 1015767 Anonymous
>>1015682 seriously, have you even played a souls game?

1 hours later 1015769 Anonymous
>>1015762 What are you wearing slut?

1 hours later 1015771 Blue Penguin
>>1015748 I want to try doing poultry so much but my concern is that both chicken and turkey don't have a lot of flavor to them so you would have to do something about that. Maybe make it spicy if you like that.

1 hours later 1015774 Anonymous
>>1015767 the only bosses I can think of from souls games that have killed in one hit are Dragon God and Bed of Chaos.

1 hours later 1015778 Anonymous
>>1015764 I love cissexist remarks from transgender people, it makes so much sense

1 hours later 1015779 devou/tg/uardsman (1371371320350.jpg 800x600 91kB)
>>1015762 It'll make it more comfortable. Having at least 2 pots of boiling water will cause you to sweat and move sluggish. What I'll be cooking, we'll be having loads of stuff going on. >>1015771 I love spicy foods. Plus would it be possible to cram as much meat as possible?

1 hours later 1015782 Anonymous
>>1015766 I know right, racism is fun in fantasy games and stuff.

1 hours later 1015783 Anonymous
>>1015774 >Bed of Chaos wow so balance great boss wow taking it all in cool sweep fire wow game is wonderful

1 hours later 1015788 Anonymous
>>1015783 great hols.

1 hours later 1015790 Trashgirl

1 hours later 1015797 Holic
>>1015748 b-but I just made an elf girl cause she's cute, it's n-not like I crave to be violated by the storm cloak resistance. I-I just joined cause they're uniform look cool. Fried oysters are pretty simple make as is clam alfredo. For clam alfredo take about 10-15 clams and bring shuck them into the pot, add basil and oregano for seasonings, or old bay whatever you have on hand. boil the noodles and when sufficiently cooked add the Alfredo sauce mix in the clams and cook for about 1hr to 30 minutes voila clam Alfredo.

1 hours later 1015799 Epiphany
>>1015769 T shirt and skinny jeans, I'm not a slut. >>1015779 Oh okay, that makes sense. What if my lower half gets too hot too?

1 hours later 1015800 lurkingftm
>>1015744 >>1015758 Oh man this song made me cry like a bitch my whole childhood. Transfeels: the movie.

1 hours later 1015802 Anonymous
>>1015799 >not pantsu and big t-shirt Shit taste, I can't even bother to get dressed

1 hours later 1015803 Lily Boo (Joan of Ark.jpg 300x222 14kB)
What kind of vidya characters does mtfg like being the most? Human - Elf - Dwarf - Goblin/Ork - Ethereal Magic - Not Magic Warrior - Rogue - Mixed Caster - Aggressive Caster (Defbuff) - Defensive Caster (Buff/Healer) Tank - Support - DPS Greatsword - Duel Wield - Sword & Shield - Bow - Mechanical (Melee) - Mechanical (Ranged) - Stave - CQC - None Maybe it's boring but I'd go with: Human / Not magic / Warrior / Tank / Sword & Shield

1 hours later 1015806 Blue Penguin
>>1015779 Possible? Yes. Advised? Not really. Beans make a lot of the taste of chilli so much so that just changing beans can change a chilli a lot.

2 hours later 1015809 Anonymous
>>1015745 >Do I really have to be at the top? bout your not

2 hours later 1015811 Epiphany
>>1015802 It's too much effort to keep putting on my jeans everytime I want to leave my room. Pantsu and t shirt are for laters.

2 hours later 1015818 Anonymous
>>1015803 Ethereal/Elemental Utility magic based tank. Dual wielding shields.

2 hours later 1015820 The Wizard
>>1015803 Elven thief. Class and race I've played for 15 years.

2 hours later 1015822 Blue Penguin
>>1015803 Human or Half-elf. Melee focused hybrid spell caster. Heavy armor. Usually my go to

2 hours later 1015824 devou/tg/uardsman (1374815126487.png 426x382 80kB)
>>1015797 You know you want loads of hot sticky jizz in you, your mouth, and all over your body. Also thanks for the tip. >>1015799 Then I must help you keep control of yourself. >>1015803 Human, not magic, Support, Mechanical Ranged >>1015806 I see. What would you recommend I use to make spicy chili then?

2 hours later 1015827 Lily Boo (Nod - Bale + Frog.gif 159x115 298kB)
>>1015818 >Dual wielding shields

2 hours later 1015828 Anonymous (1368274396170.gif 500x500 743kB)
Post pictures of trans people who started young I need hope right now I need it so badly

2 hours later 1015829 Anonymous
>>1015803 Elf Not magic Rogue 1 dagger >tfw no good rpgs

2 hours later 1015831 Trashgirl
>>1015803 Elf, Warrior with stun spells usually. Gotta have stuns!

2 hours later 1015833 Anonymous
>>1015828 http://imgur.com/a/0Xh0G

2 hours later 1015834 Epiphany
>>1015809 Yay! >>1015824 >I must help you keep control of yourself I don't think that is possible...

2 hours later 1015835 Trashgirl
>>1015828 What do you mean by young

2 hours later 1015841 Holic
Shifter Ranger Elven Thief Human Barbarian

2 hours later 1015843 Anonymous
>>1015824 >playing humans Autism detected

2 hours later 1015846 Lily Boo (Kawaii Killers.gif 256x256 1032kB)
>>1015818 >>1015820 >>1015822 >>1015829 >>1015831 >magic >rogue >fighting dirty fite me 1v1

2 hours later 1015848 Trashgirl
>>1015846 I fight you 1v1 then spam muh stuns

2 hours later 1015852 lurkingftm
>>1015827 >>1015818 Dual shields op.

2 hours later 1015853 Anonymous
>>1015828 le ufufu face http://i.imgur.com/wWuW0wN.png

2 hours later 1015856 devou/tg/uardsman (1370036912769.jpg 800x600 284kB)
>>1015834 Oh it is. I'll just have to use everything in my arsenal to keep you under control. Then when we're done, I'll let you eat some dim sum with my secret sticky salty sweet sauce.

2 hours later 1015857 Blue Penguin
>>1015824 Red kidny, Garbanzo/chick pea. When I made it with cannoli or w/e it tasted too much like beans. Started with this recipe and then played around with it. http://m.allrecipes.com/recipe/4844 9/slow-cooker-chili-ii

2 hours later 1015858 Anonymous
>>1015846 >implying I wouldn't use my high charisma to not fight you at all

2 hours later 1015860 Lily Boo
>>1015848 wel you r p stunning babe

2 hours later 1015862 Lily Boo
>>1015858 sorry I'm a boss fight and this isn't fallout

2 hours later 1015863 Anonymous
So does it actually 'get better'? I've been on HRT for 5 months now and things aren't much better. My face is a little softer but I've alienated everyone I care about and everyone thinks I'm a freak. It doesn't seem like it would be worth it to put off killing myself for another year to find out

2 hours later 1015864 Holic
>>1015824 welp that made me hot ^////^; How did you know bukake is one of my fetishes? also add a touch of vodka to add an extra kick to the flavor.

2 hours later 1015866 Anonymous (GHKOH0U.gif 480x470 1112kB)
>>1015835 Like 16

2 hours later 1015867 The Wizard (emma-stone-thumbs-up-gif.gif 500x275 506kB)
>>1015841 >Elven Thief

2 hours later 1015868 Phienchen

2 hours later 1015869 Anonymous
>>1015803 Ethereal/Magic/Mixed Caster/Support/Duel Wield

2 hours later 1015873 Anonymous
>>1015863 >I've alienated everyone I care about and everyone thinks I'm a freak Did you think when you started that this would end up with you being more popular? Hardly anyone in the world is accepting of this shit, and even fewer understand it at all. It's 10x worse than just being gay, from a social standpoint. >yfw 1 in 12 transgendered people are murdered

2 hours later 1015878 Phienchen
>>1015873 > Hardly anyone in the world is accepting of this shit actually, in the civilized world, its mostly not a problem

2 hours later 1015881 Lily Boo
>>1015869 pretty cool I would have you on my team

2 hours later 1015882 Anonymous
>>1015862 B-But..

2 hours later 1015884 Anonymous
>>1015873 >>yfw 1 in 12 transgendered people are murdered I don't think that statistic is accurate, I saw it disproven somewhere

2 hours later 1015886 Blue Penguin
>>1015863 It gets way better. >>1015868 Heya Phi!

2 hours later 1015887 Anonymous
>>1015873 >Did you think when you started that this would end up with you being more popular? No. >Hardly anyone in the world is accepting of this shit, and even fewer understand it at all. It's 10x worse than just being gay, from a social standpoint. I know.

2 hours later 1015888 Holic
>>1015867 i haven't been playing one as long as you have mabye you could give me some pointers *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

2 hours later 1015889 Anonymous
>>1015878 Yeah, if you live in one of those small areas where everything is tolerated. Which is not much of the world at all.

2 hours later 1015890 Anonymous
>>1015866 >16

2 hours later 1015892 Anonymous
>>1015878 This, living in a good european country is pretty fucking great. People may think it's weird but as long as you stay away from immigrants you're going to be fine.

2 hours later 1015893 Phienchen
>>1015886 hi sis! how's it going? did I miss anything?

2 hours later 1015894 The Wizard
>>1015868 Hey little sis.

2 hours later 1015896 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1015857 Thanks again Blue. >>1015864 Thanks again. And I knew since you clearly like jizz. >>1015868 Hi Phien.

2 hours later 1015897 Phienchen
>>1015889 >Europe >small well... thats weird.

2 hours later 1015898 Anonymous
>>1015892 >stay away from immigrants Good luck doing that in Europe anytime in the near future. You'll get stabbed by Africans and then go to prison for reporting it because that's racist.

2 hours later 1015901 Sage
>tfw too stealth to be in the MtFg imgur album Yeah baby I know it.

2 hours later 1015902 Holic
>>1015878 Heya Phien :3

2 hours later 1015904 Anonymous
>>1015901 Your ass is in there.

2 hours later 1015905 Blue Penguin
>>1015893 I posted my nasty feet but that's all really. You feeling well?

2 hours later 1015906 Lily Boo
>>1015882 blame the devs, they out-sourced the boss fights to G.R.I.P. /dxhr hoke

2 hours later 1015908 Anonymous
>>1015898 Well there are places with less immigrants and they're worst when theres a lot of them.

2 hours later 1015913 Phienchen
>>1015902 >>1015894 >>1015896 hi, hows life been for you?

2 hours later 1015915 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1015913 Good, you?

2 hours later 1015919 Blue Penguin
>>1015896 My pleasure! I really enjoy messing around with food and cooking for my friends so we should share more about cooking I think.

2 hours later 1015920 Epiphany
>>1015856 >secret sticky salty sweet sauce Why does this make me so suspicious? >>1015873 >yfw 1 in 12 transgendered people are murdered Yeah, maybe in Brazil

2 hours later 1015921 The Wizard
>>1015913 At work. But other then that OK. How's about you?

2 hours later 1015922 Phienchen
>>1015905 the dizzyness seems to leave and I just played vidyja with dear friend for a few hrs, seems to be a quiet weekend

2 hours later 1015924 Trashgirl
>>1015866 Starting at 16 you can still be a hon because 4 years of testosterone ;_;

2 hours later 1015927 Anonymous (1339006212061.jpg 541x691 79kB)
>>1015920 >Yeah, maybe in Brazil This. >mfw transgirls think tranny muder is common in 1st world countries

2 hours later 1015929 Holic (1364433788818.gif 225x199 1522kB)
>>1015901 tfw not in it at all as well

2 hours later 1015930 Trashgirl
>>1015873 >Did you think when you started that this would end up with you being more popular? Nope, but I ended up like that

2 hours later 1015931 Anonymous
>>1015799 just go naked for but an apron

2 hours later 1015933 Phienchen
>>1015915 >>1015921 see >>1015922 also: I have to do laundry ;_; at 0.30 am I cant really say I wanna do that now

2 hours later 1015937 Blue Penguin
>>1015922 Good I am glad to hear you are relaxing a little bit.

2 hours later 1015938 Sage
>>1015904 nope.png I dun check'd

2 hours later 1015939 Anonymous
>>1015930 >tfw people like you more as a girl than a boy >tfw everyone used to think you were a massive faggot

2 hours later 1015942 Epiphany
>>1015931 Too lewd. I'd still keep my pantsu on.

2 hours later 1015946 Trashgirl
>>1015939 >People think I am antisocial >Come out as trans >They hugbox me and try to include me in all their outings :^) I get to go to the beach tommorow

2 hours later 1015949 Blue Penguin
>>1015938 Want it to be?

2 hours later 1015950 Anonymous
>>1015942 >Just pants Guys always go shirtless, not lewd at all.

2 hours later 1015951 Holic
>>1015896 whaaaaat? but yeah I do love having a guy cum down my throat and all over my face tastes delicious. Secrets out I guess.

2 hours later 1015952 Phienchen
>>1015937 awwww thanks <3 yes, hope has returned

2 hours later 1015953 Sage
>>1015949 Only if you want to ruin the special-ness of my ass. ;-;

2 hours later 1015955 Epiphany
>>1015950 Yeah, but I have tiny hormone boobies too.

2 hours later 1015957 Anonymous (gayben.gif 400x272 524kB)
>>1015924 That's fine and all but I just want to see how others came out And surely by starting at this age (and wearing a corset and stuff to make muh ribcage change shape) I'd have a much better chance than most other people who start later?

2 hours later 1015960 Trashgirl
>>1015955 Post them pls

2 hours later 1015962 Anonymous (Ethereal_Plunderer.jpg 412x500 37kB)
>>1015881 Thank you. I would join if I could. >tfw you will never be an ethereal monk

2 hours later 1015965 Trashgirl (1372550325867.jpg 300x300 29kB)
>>1015957 I started at 16 and I'm pretty bad. Don't wear a corset at 16 you retard that will just fuck your development

2 hours later 1015972 Lyn
>>1015863 Yes. Eventually, it does get a bit better. You might start passing. People will start talking to you, you'll make new friends, and life will go on. You may be poor, but you'll be happier.

2 hours later 1015973 Phienchen
>>1015946 I am not surprised in your case, youre hella nice and funny person here, if you can show that off to the world, you will do great things

2 hours later 1015976 devou/tg/uardsman (1374817308097.jpg 400x400 16kB)
>>1015919 Agreed. >>1015920 Can you guess the secret sticky salty ingredient? >>1015951 And now I know what to do with you. >>1015955 Tiny boobies are kawaiii and cute enough for me to want to suck on them.

2 hours later 1015977 Blue Penguin
>>1015953 Not really... It can be my ass for a little bit longer <3

2 hours later 1015980 Crystal Princess
>>1015803 High Elf/Eladrin are fun. I like buffing and debuffing.

2 hours later 1015982 Anonymous
>>1015980 >I like buffets and eating at buffets lel.

2 hours later 1015985 Anonymous
>>1015965 >Don't wear a corset at 16 you retard that will just fuck your development Not them but certainly a loose corset would make your ribcage grow more womanlike, assuming it wasn't victorean-era tightness?

2 hours later 1015989 Anonymous
>>1015965 Post ya face

2 hours later 1015991 Holic
>>1015965 I though you just started or am I missing a joke here?

2 hours later 1015993 Trashgirl (prophet-of-doom-006.jpg 460x276 33kB)
>>1015972 Lyn plz, stop talking about unemployment, you even said it wasn't because you were trans

2 hours later 1015994 Lily Boo
>>1015980 what's the difference between an elf and an aladrin?

2 hours later 1015998 Epiphany
>>1015960 Nu. No boobs for you. >>1015976 I don't know, I always get sticky sauce with my chinese food, but I can never quite put my finger on what it is.

2 hours later 1016003 Sage (iluvu.gif 500x282 505kB)
>>1015977 <3

2 hours later 1016004 Blue Penguin
>tfw you talk about lewd things with a boy >Getting super aroused and your nipples start aching >stop taking lewd to save your sanity >nipples still achy Such good and bad feels.

2 hours later 1016005 Lily Boo
>>1015998 that sugary red sweet and sour stuff?

2 hours later 1016010 Lyn
>>1015993 No, we tend to be poor overall. Go ahead. Take a poll. How many people here in this thread make more than 25kUSD a year?

2 hours later 1016018 Holic
>>1015976 just cumming on my face and down my throat... ok :/

2 hours later 1016021 Epiphany
>>1016005 No, the sticky white one that tastes weird.

2 hours later 1016023 Crystal Princess
>>1015994 Eladrin is a 4E race that combines high elves and the Eladrin from previous editions(which were already pretty much like that). They're sorta like the Discworld Elves. My Bard is a half Eladrin. There aren't any worthwhile mechanics for it though so we went with human and rigged some stuff.

2 hours later 1016024 Trashgirl
>>1016010 That would be inaccurate as fuck because the cost of living

2 hours later 1016025 Ayana
>>1015249 Well I saw a pic of me and two pics of my tits. Not sure i should feel about this

2 hours later 1016031 Phienchen
>>1016010 while that is true, its pretty normal for people in their early 20s to not be rich I guess. most of my friends dont have more money than I have, but thats because we are all still in education

2 hours later 1016033 Anonymous
I'm going to go the therapist specialist in sexual identity or however is it called next week, and im scared as hell. How were your experiences with your therapists?

2 hours later 1016045 The Wizard
>>1015952 >hope has returned But I didn't like him in final fantasy xiii

2 hours later 1016048 Trashgirl (2013-07-26 23-41-53.474.jpg 640x480 125kB)
>>1015989 Its hard being this gorgeous

2 hours later 1016051 Lily Boo (kawaii - Binos.gif 180x180 370kB)
>>1016021 lel sounds like peen gloop >>1016023 I'm not going to lie almost all of that went over me head

2 hours later 1016053 Phienchen
>>1016045 I never played that game, stopped with 12... listened to IX soundtracks yesterday, and hellyeah the nostalgia!

2 hours later 1016055 Anonymous
>>1016048 Wait, you started at 16 What Are you still 16 or something

2 hours later 1016056 Epiphany
>>1016048 ay yo gurl u betta clap dem cheeks togetha for us

2 hours later 1016061 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1015998 Tell me, do you like that sauce? >>1016004 Play with them. >>1016018 Why not in you? >>1016048 > Glasses > Short hair Jesus, it's like you're asking for me to wank off to this.

2 hours later 1016062 Ayana
>>1015951 Who doesn't like that creamy stuff

2 hours later 1016064 Epiphany
>>1016051 >sounds like peen gloop Wait, what? >>1016061 >>1016061 Is this true?????

2 hours later 1016068 Lyn
>>1016024 Not at all. >>1016031 Yeah, but most of my friends who are my age are employed and make around 34k a year currently.

2 hours later 1016071 The Wizard
>>1016053 That feel when vi, ix, and xi soundtracks are on my regular rotation.

2 hours later 1016072 Lily Boo
>>1016064 >sticky >white >tastes weird

2 hours later 1016073 Trashgirl (1370554535660.jpg 640x480 137kB)
>>1016055 Of course not that would be breaking rules

2 hours later 1016076 Anonymous
Why do I like transgirls MtF general?

2 hours later 1016077 Anonymous
>>1016073 >>1016048 No seriously How long have you even been on hormones for

2 hours later 1016078 Lily Boo
>>1016073 B&

2 hours later 1016079 A
>>1016048 u make it look so eZ

2 hours later 1016081 Sage
Final Fantasy is and always has been awful.

2 hours later 1016083 Epiphany
>>1016072 Nuuuuu >>1016061 You have rused me

2 hours later 1016084 Lyn
>>1016073 Trashy. Time to plea the 5th and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

2 hours later 1016086 Trashgirl (1374437303973.jpg 480x640 316kB)
>>1016078 I'm 19 leave me alone

2 hours later 1016087 The Wizard
>>1016062 I don't.

2 hours later 1016089 Anonymous
>>1015946 bikini?

2 hours later 1016092 Lily Boo
>>1016081 ;-; Xii is well good mate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSyf Gm6wXgs >>1016086 u no u liek it

2 hours later 1016098 Blue Penguin
>>1016061 Nope imma be a good girl and wait for a boy to do it.

2 hours later 1016100 Crystal Princess
>>1016051 they're like elves but more fabulous

2 hours later 1016101 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1016083 You want some? >>1016098 Okay then, sit tight until I get there.

2 hours later 1016108 Anonymous
>that feel when you will never be qt because you're 5´11"

2 hours later 1016110 Lyn
>>1016101 Good evening, /tg/. How's your pathetic hobbies?

2 hours later 1016114 Blue Penguin
>>1016101 Ok but you better hurry it's like day 4 and this is killing me

2 hours later 1016117 Anonymous (b219328643.jpg 175x233 9kB)

2 hours later 1016121 Lyn
>>1016106 What kind of blockers would you be taking? Most are pretty harmless. Spironolactone has been shown to cause colon cancer if taken for decades, though.

2 hours later 1016122 Epiphany
>>1016081 FFX was like the game of my childhood. All those hours I could have spent transitioning, but no I played FFX instead. >>1016101 Ummm, yes please...

2 hours later 1016125 Trashgirl (1372551090071.jpg 654x651 59kB)
>>1016106 :^) I am always serious

2 hours later 1016126 Blue Penguin
>>1016108 Iktf but I am 5'10" and I think that is the cut off.

2 hours later 1016128 Blue Penguin
>>1016117 2 3 0 0

2 hours later 1016129 Anonymous
>>1016125 Okay, so you just started You almost gave me a fucking heart attack

2 hours later 1016139 Trashgirl
>>1016129 Add me on skype bby

2 hours later 1016143 Anonymous
Is there anything that the NHS does actually do good? We all know the srs is terrible, but do the hormones and other surgeries turn out well? Also if you do start the whole process at 16/17 how high are the chances of eventually being able to pass? Could you potentially be full stealth mode by about 21/22?

2 hours later 1016145 Anonymous
>>1016126 the cut off is 5´11"

2 hours later 1016149 Holic (tumblr_inline_mob1a6fbXd1qz4rgp.jpg 300x300 59kB)
>>1016045 Have you seen the new Final fantasy 13 trailer lightning has become Jesus. Hope has had the ever stone used on him and has devolved to a shota again Fang must have had some one gather the dragon balls cause she's back from the dead now. the dress spheres look awesome though.

2 hours later 1016151 A
>>1016139 can i?

2 hours later 1016153 Anonymous
>>1016128 >2 >3 >0 >0 what is this code?

2 hours later 1016158 Blue Penguin
>>1016145 Hells yeah!

2 hours later 1016159 Trashgirl
>>1016143 They used to do dentistry well, but now they cut off braces the entire population of Britain will have crooked teeth >>1016151 Sure bby

2 hours later 1016161 Anonymous
>>1016086 post feet

2 hours later 1016163 Blue Penguin
>>1016153 If you were nippleclamp-anon you'd get if.

2 hours later 1016164 Anonymous
>tfw you will never see trashgrills butt

2 hours later 1016172 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1016110 Good, how are you Lyn? >>1016114 Don't worry babe, it'll be over soon. >>1016122 Open your mouth. Well ladies, I'll be gone for a while. See ya.

2 hours later 1016174 Phienchen
>>1016071 confirmed for good taste >>1016122 I am tempted to say FFX was worth it, especially considering you turned out hypercute anyway

2 hours later 1016177 Phienchen
>>1016151 you have skype?

2 hours later 1016180 Holic (1373942189640.jpg 1012x716 230kB)
>Why not in you? L-L-L-EWD

2 hours later 1016184 Anonymous
>>1016180 links?

2 hours later 1016186 Epiphany
>>1016172 nom nom nom. Byeee >>1016174 >hypercute Aww, stop it! FFX was awesome though, I didn't even need to play any of the other Final Fantasy's.

2 hours later 1016191 devou/tg/uardsman
>>1016180 You know you want to feel my throbbing hard cock in you as releases my hot sticky seed in you all the while I nibble on your ear.

2 hours later 1016192 Anonymous
>>1016186 >FFX was awesome though, I didn't even need to play any of the other Final Fantasy's. Well I guess it's good you like the taste of shit since I'm going to slam your shitcunt and make you lick me clean.

2 hours later 1016195 A
>>1016177 yes i added trahy

2 hours later 1016200 Holic
>>1016172 later devout :3

2 hours later 1016207 Anonymous
>tfw will never be pretty

2 hours later 1016210 Epiphany
>>1016192 Ewww, stop saying things!

2 hours later 1016213 Holic (1368409937191.png 580x603 50kB)
>>1016191 oooooooh baby

2 hours later 1016219 Phienchen
>>1016195 >tfw Binary doesnt ask for your skype ;_;

2 hours later 1016220 Anonymous
>>1016210 >yfw my cock is so big you'll have to spend 2 days cleaning out or the tip will get covered in poo >yfw that's going in your mouth

2 hours later 1016221 F
>>1016219 no big nose germans pls

2 hours later 1016222 Blue Penguin
>>1016219 It's a good thing Phi

2 hours later 1016223 Watashi (1374096353070.png 680x680 466kB)
>>1016220 Gross Anon.

3 hours later 1016230 Phienchen
>>1016221 >tfw no big nose its a good feel >>1016222 Idk, I want to be friends with him :(

3 hours later 1016236 Epiphany
>>1016220 nonononononono

3 hours later 1016238 Anonymous
>>1016223 >>1016236 >clean out bum >no poo in mouth >don't clean out bum >mouth full of poo The choice is yours.

3 hours later 1016239 Trashgirl (1373124312414.gif 500x283 1008kB)
>>1016195 You lied to me honey! I just wanted a little convo

3 hours later 1016242 Holic (1343784397716.jpg 680x680 103kB)

3 hours later 1016250 Epiphany
>>1016238 Suddenly I'm not horny anymore...

3 hours later 1016251 Ayana
>>1016180 Going in is the only way

3 hours later 1016255 Anonymous
>>1016250 Are you that much of a slab that you can't even do a little anal prep?

3 hours later 1016261 Anonymous
>>1016259 >>1016259 NEW THREAD >>1016259 >>1016259

3 hours later 1016262 Holic (sickgrossewww.jpg 285x281 26kB)
>>1016238 coprophiliac pls go

3 hours later 1016265 Blue Penguin
>>1016250 >tfw unphased Fuck that is nasty but still feel lewd.

3 hours later 1016273 Anonymous
>>1016262 It's not as if I want that. It's a bitch's job to clean up, and I can't help it if they're too nasty to get their holes properly cleaned up before I go in.

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